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What tie goes with grey and black suit?

What tie goes with grey and black suit?

A grey and black suit is a versatile and stylish choice that can be paired with many different tie colors and patterns. The key is choosing a tie that complements the suit while adding visual interest. When selecting a tie for a grey and black suit, it’s important to consider the formality of the occasion, your personal style, and current fashion trends. With so many options, you can always find the perfect tie to complete your stylish suit.

Matching Tie Color

One of the easiest ways to choose a tie for a grey and black suit is to select a tie color that matches one of the colors in the suit. For example, a solid grey or black tie will seamlessly integrate with the suit colors. Ties that incorporate both grey and black in stripes, checks or other patterns can also coordinate well. Other options include choosing a tie with a subtle pattern or texture in grey or black. This allows the tie to complement the suit while adding a bit of flair.

Some examples of ties that match the grey and black suit colors include:

  • Solid grey tie
  • Solid black tie
  • Grey and black striped tie
  • Black and grey checked tie
  • Grey tie with subtle woven texture
  • Black grenadine tie

Matching tie colors are a foolproof way to pull together a polished, coordinated look. The suit’s grey and black palette gives you flexibility to select a tie in either color.

Contrasting Tie Color

While matching tie colors are one option, a contrasting tie color can also look very stylish with a grey and black suit. The neutral grey and black canvas serves as an ideal backdrop for ties in brighter, bolder hues. Contrasting colors help the tie pop and stand out. They also add welcome visual interest to balance the suit’s more subdued tones.

Some top contrasting tie color choices for a grey and black suit include:

  • Burgundy red
  • Forest green
  • Royal blue
  • Tan or golden brown
  • Plum purple
  • Coral pink

These richer colors complement the grey and black nicely without overpowering the suit. You can choose a solid tie in one of these hues or select a patterned tie that incorporates contrasting colors. Just be sure the overall tie palette aligns with these bolder secondary shades.

Tie Patterns and Textures

In addition to color, don’t overlook the impact of different tie patterns and textures. Ties come in a wide array of stripes, dots, checks, paisleys and more. Texture-wise, options range from smooth silks to textured fabrics like wool, linen or knits. When pairing ties with a grey and black suit, stick to these guidelines:

  • Small-scale patterns like dots, thin stripes and subtle jacquards keep the look refined.
  • Bolder wide stripes or large plaid patterns can overwhelm the suit.
  • Shinier silk ties match the suit’s sleekness, while matte textures like wool or linen add interest.
  • Knit ties complement the suit for a casual vibe, while jacquard silk ties elevate the formality.

Use these considerations to select ties with patterns and textures that work with your suit style. For example, a navy grenadine tie adds refined interest to a business suit while a grey wool tie dresses down the suit for more casual wear.

Tie Width and Length

Finding a tie with complementary colors and patterns is key. But don’t overlook the importance of proper tie proportions. Follow these guidelines when selecting tie width and length:

  • Width – medium width ties from 3 to 3.5 inches wide work well. Skinny or extra wide ties can be distracting.
  • Length – extend the tip of the tie to just above or right at the belt buckle for ideal proportions.

Achieving the right tie width and length helps maintain a balanced, proportional look. The standard medium tie width suits the grey and black suit palette. For length, follow the belt buckle measurement rule for a tailored appearance.

Formality Considerations

The formality of the occasion should guide your overall tie choice. Consider these recommendations:

Occasion Recommended Tie Styles
Formal business Solid or subtly patterned silk tie
Professional office versatile solid or striped silk tie
Business casual wool, knit or printed silk tie
Casual/weekend knit or casual cotton tie

Formal events call for a refined solid or jacquard silk tie. For the office, choose a classic striped, dotted or grenadine silk tie. Knit ties or casual patterns work for more relaxed business casual needs. And knits or cotton ties complement the suit on the weekends.

Current Fashion Trends

Beyond the basic style considerations, keep current fashion trends in mind when selecting a tie. Some current patterns, colors and styles that work well with grey and black suits include:

  • Micro-patterns like small checks or herringbones
  • Skinny ties and shrunken tie knots
  • Textured wool, linen or knitted ties
  • Tonal suit and tie combos (different shades of similar hues)
  • Burgundy and forest green ties

Incorporating these trendy touches allows you to stay current. But focus on choosing a tie style that flatters your body type over following trends that don’t suit you.

Tie Tips for Different Body Types

Your individual body type should factor into your tie choice. Follow these recommendations to select tie styles optimized for your build:

  • Athletic build: go for medium width ties with simple stripes or patterns.
  • Tall/thin build: choose thicker ties up to 3.75″ wide to add visual weight.
  • Shorter build: medium width ties work best, avoid overly bold patterns or skinny ties.
  • Stocky build: medium width ties with subtle patterns help elongate your upper body.

Finding a tie width, length and knot style suited for your body type ensures your tie flatters rather than overwhelms you. Using these tie tips, identify flattering tie choices to complement your specific build.

Tie Etiquette Tips

Beyond style considerations, follow proper tie etiquette guidelines:

  • Make sure the tip of the tie extends to your belt buckle for ideal length.
  • Wear ties with a simple four-in-hand, half-Windsor or Windsor knot.
  • Select a tie made from high-quality materials like silk, wool or linen.
  • Tie the knot neatly each time for a crisp symmetrical appearance.

Learning how to properly tie a tie, pairing it with dress shirts with the right collar and maintaining your tie are all important etiquette tips. Follow them to always look polished and professional.


A grey and black suit provides the ideal versatile backdrop for many stylish tie choices. Consider the occasion, your personal taste, body type and current fashion when selecting a complementary tie. Whether you opt for a solid grey, textured black, colorful paisley or herringbone wool, the right tie can make your suit outfit truly complete. Use these tips to dress sharply by expertly pairing ties with your versatile grey and black suit.