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What colors go with navy and pink?

What colors go with navy and pink?

Navy blue and pink are classic color combinations that look great together. When selecting additional colors to pair with navy and pink, you’ll want to consider colors that complement both hues. Certain colors will emphasize the brightness of pink while muting navy, and vice versa. With some strategic color pairing, you can make navy and pink really pop.

Quick Answers

Here are some quick answers to common questions about what colors go with navy and pink:

  • White – Crisp, bright white complements both navy and pink.
  • Red – From bright cherry red to deeper burgundy, red pairs beautifully with navy and pink.
  • Coral – Vibrant coral adds a bright pop of color to balance navy and pink.
  • Mint green – Cool mint green helps soften the vibrancy of pink.
  • Gold – Metallic gold adds glamour and shimmer to navy and pink.
  • Cream – Soft cream or beige helps tone down navy for a more neutral palette.
  • Gray – Charcoal, slate, or heather gray nicely bridge navy and pink.
  • Yellow – Sunny yellow boosts the energy of pink and contrasts navy.
  • Purple – From pale lilac to fuchsia, purple complements both navy and pink.

Choosing Colors that Complement Pink

Since pink has a bright, lively energy the key is choosing colors that enhance its vibrancy. Cooler tones like mint, purple, and coral perfectly highlight pink’s brightness. Bolder reds and oranges also make pink pop. To create a softer look, pair pink with neutral creams, taupes, or lighter grays. Here are some top color combinations that complement pink:

Coral and Pink

Vibrant coral added to pink packs a bright, lively punch. The palette evokes mermaids and tropical sunsets. For maximum contrast, pair a hot pink with a true red-orange coral. Or choose a dusty rose pink with a peachy coral for a softer look. Coral’s warmth alongside pink’s coolness creates visual interest.

Purple and Pink

Pretty pink and purple are feminine complements. Light pinks pair delicately with pale lilacs or lavenders. Fuchsia and magenta make vibrant partners for bold purples. To add depth, introduce some navy. A palette of navy, fuchsia pink, and amethyst purple provides rich, regal color.

Cream and Pink

Cream or ivory serve to soften pink’s brightness. Pair a buttery cream with a dusty rose pink for a vintage romance vibe. Or couple a pale pink with ecru for an airy, ethereal look. Cream and pink also pop against navy. A palette of navy, pale pink, and cream is crisp and nautical.

Mint and Pink

Mint green’s cool brightness highlights pink’s cheerful color. Pair mint with soft pink for a pastel look. Or create more contrast by mixing mint with fuchsia. Add navy to craft a preppy palette with nautical versatility. Mint, navy, and pink evoke summertime on the coast.

Choosing Colors that Complement Navy

Since navy has a darker, moodier vibe, the goal is to lift it up with brighter accent colors. Pink already provides contrast, so focus on lighter neutrals, metallics, and sunny tones to balance navy’s depth. Soft beiges, creams and taupes offset navy’s boldness, while yellow, gold, white and red enliven it. Here are some top navy color pairings:

White and Navy

Crisp white beautifully complements rich navy, creating a classic nautical palette. Add soft pink for additional flair. White makes navy pop in stark contrast, lending a polished, preppy style. White also expands navy’s versatility from daywear to formal occasions.

Yellow and Navy

Sunny yellow energizes and uplifts navy’s serious mood. For maximum impact, pair navy with bold lemon or goldenrod hues. Soft dandelion and buttery yellows also complement navy nicely. Yellow and navy evoke cheerful summertime vibes perfect for warm weather wardrobes.

Gold and Navy

Metallic gold dazzles against dark navy, creating sophisticated style with shine. Pair navy with true gold, bronze and copper for high-contrast glamour. Softer pewter grays also complement navy for an elegant, refined look. Navy and gold combinations add flair for upscale events and celebrations.

Red and Navy

Punchy reds give navy a bold jolt of color. Bright cherry red makes navy pop while deeper burgundy tones add vintage flair. Pink is already a navy complement so add red for extra spice. Red, navy and pink evoke nautical Americana or collegiate prep.

Best Color Combinations with Navy, Pink, and a Third Color

To craft a more complete color palette, adding a third coordinating color to navy and pink provides further visual interest. Here are some pleasing trios:

Color Palette Mood
Navy – Pink – Yellow Bright, playful
Navy – Pink – Red Bold, lively
Navy – Pink – White Crisp, nautical
Navy – Pink – Mint Preppy, spring
Navy – Pink – Gold Luxe, formal
Navy – Pink – Cream Soft, vintage
Navy – Pink – Gray Muted, sophisticated

These trios provide enough variety for versatile styling. Having a darker neutral like navy, a bright in pink, and a third accent color covers a mix of moods from bold to soft.

Putting Together Full Navy-Pink Color Palettes

When designing complete color schemes based on navy and pink, follow these helpful guidelines:

  • Use navy as your foundational neutral – it pairs with nearly everything and anchors brighter colors.
  • Add pink as your primary accent color to contrast and lift navy.
  • Incorporate lighter tints of navy for dimension and depth.
  • Include neutrals like white, cream, tan, or gray to balance vibrancy.
  • Add one or two bright colors like red, yellow, mint or coral for pops of color.
  • Consider metallics like gold, rose gold or silver to add shine.
  • Limit to 5-6 total colors for a cohesive palette.

Here are some examples of full color schemes using navy, pink and coordinating hues:

Nautical Navy-Pink Palette

  • Navy – deep navy base
  • Sky blue – softens navy
  • Pink – bright accent pink
  • Red – bold complementary red
  • White – clean contrast
  • Ivory – warm neutral

This palette has classic nautical style with crisp brights and cool neutrals.

Regal Navy-Pink Palette

  • Navy – deep navy base
  • Royal purple – jewel tone accent
  • Fuchsia pink – bright complementary pink
  • Lavender – soft pastel purple
  • Silver – cool metallic
  • Pearl – soft shimmery neutral

With rich jewel tones and pearlescent metallics, this scheme has an elegant, upscale regal mood.

Retro Navy-Pink Palette

  • Navy – anchor neutral
  • Dusty pink – muted retro pink
  • Salmon – peachy pink accent
  • Sea foam – gray green pastel
  • Buttercream – soft warm neutral
  • Dove gray – heathered neutral

Featuring vintage-inspired hues in peach, sea foam green and heather gray, this palette has a retro charm.


Navy and pink are such versatile colors that they pair beautifully with a wide range of accent hues. Choosing colors that complement both the richness of navy and brightness of pink creates stylish, balanced palettes. Lively accent colors like coral, yellow and red enliven the duo while softer neutrals in cream, white and beige add subtle contrast. With the right supporting colors, navy and pink make endlessly chic combinations.