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What colour can match with gold dress?

What colour can match with gold dress?

Gold is a versatile neutral color that can complement a wide range of outfit colors. When selecting colors to pair with gold, it’s important to consider the shade and tone of the gold as well as the color palette and occasion. Warm metallics like copper and bronze tend to pair well with gold, as do neutral earth tones, black, white, soft pastels, jewel tones, and even bright bold hues. With some thoughtful color matching, gold can add a touch of glamour to any look.

Matching Colors for Gold Dresses

Here are some top color options to complement a gold dress for different occasions:


Neutral colors like black, white, gray, tan, and brown work beautifully with gold dresses. They create a sophisticated, elegant look. Specific shades to try:

– Black – Stark black paired with shiny gold creates visual contrast and a bold, dramatic aesthetic. An elegant choice for evening events.

– White – Crisp white looks elegant and fresh next to warm gold tones. Perfect for daytime weddings and garden parties.

– Nude – Soft nude or tan shades blend seamlessly with lighter gold hues. A refined option for formal day events.

– Camel – Rich camel or milk chocolate brown complements darker antique gold tones. An earthy combination for casual daywear.


Soft powdery pastels flatter and feminize the look of a gold dress. Specific pastel shades that work well:

– Powder blue – A pale sky blue looks ethereal and romantic next to shimmering gold.

– Dusty pink – Subtle and sweet, a ballerina pink flatters most skin tones alongside gold.

– Lavender – Light purple with a hit of grey has a vintage vibe when paired with metallic gold.

– Mint green – Crisp and clean mint green gives off refreshing springtime vibes with gold.

Jewel Tones

Vibrant jewel tones make bold statements when combined with gold dresses. Good options include:

– Ruby red – A true red with a touch of blue energizes a gold outfit with its rich intensity.

– Emerald green – Deep green has an opulent look beside golden hues, evoking gems and jewelry.

– Sapphire blue – From bright to navy, blue in the jewel tone family pops against gold.

– Amethyst purple – Vibrant purple with ruby undertones shimmers regally next to gold.


Pairing metallic shades is a fashionable way to make gold dresses shine. Go for:

– Rose gold – A soft pinkish gold flatters lighter skin tones and adds warmth.

– Bronze – A brownish metallic tone adds an earthy, natural vibe.

– Copper – Fiery copper makes a bold, glamorous contrast against brighter yellow gold.

– Pewter – Cooler silver tones complement yellow gold in an eclectic mix.

Bright & Bold

Vivid brights also hold their own against gold dresses for a fun, flashy look. Top colors to try:

– Royal blue – An electric true blue commands attention next to shiny gold.

– Magenta – Vibrant pinkish purple with a neon vibe energizes a gold outfit.

– Lime green – Loud lime green paired with gold is playful, fun and makes a statement.

– Orange – Bright orange pops against gold, perfect for festivals and summer.

Choosing Colors by Gold Tone

The specific shade and tone of gold can shift which colors pair best. Light, bright yellow gold suits lighter, softer hues. Deeper antique gold works with richer, darker shades. Rosery gold tones match well with pinks and reds. Here are some pairing suggestions based on gold tone:

Gold Tone Best Matching Colors
Bright yellow gold Soft pastels like pearl pink, mint, lilac
Antique gold Deep jewel tones like emerald, ruby, sapphire
Rose gold Blush pinks, grape purple, scarlet red

Choosing Colors for Formal vs. Casual Wear

Whether a gold dress outfit is for a formal occasion or casual daywear makes a difference in color pairing too.

Formal Event Colors

For evening events, black tie weddings, and formal occasions, go for these sophisticated color pairings:

– Black – Always appropriate for formal events, black suits any gold dress.

– White – Crisp white conveys elegance when contrasted with formal gold gowns.

– Red – From cherry to burgundy, red dresses are complemented by gold accessories.

– Royal blue – A dark formal blue pops against gold cocktail dresses or embellished gowns.

Casual Daywear Colors

For more relaxed daytime affairs, try these fun color combinations with gold dresses:

– Denim blue – Faded blues pair well with casual gold shift dresses or skirt sets.

– Olive green – An earthy tone that works for picnics, brunch, or walking in the park with gold.

– Coral – Vibrant orangey coral is playful and summery with a casual gold sun dress.

– Lavender – Soft purple matches with an easy gold maxi dress for running errands.

Coordinating Outfit Pieces

When wearing a gold dress, accessories and other outfit elements can also be coordinated color-wise for full cohesion.


Match metallic footwear like rose gold or bronze heels. Black, white, tan, and nude shoes also work for versatility. Red shoes make the outfit pop.


Echo the dress’s gold in jewelry pieces like chain necklaces, hoops, and stacked bangles. Pull in colors like black, clear stones, or red gems for extra flair.


A black, white, red, or metallic evening clutch bag tie the look together. Or match the clutch to your shoe color.

Lip Color

Neutral makeup suits most gold outfits. But for fun, try a bold red, pink, plum, or orangey-red lip when your dress is gold.


Go for a classic French manicure, nude nails, or metallic rose gold polish with a gold dress. Crimson red and orchid purple are eye-catching too.


Gold dresses allow for lots of creativity and versatility when it comes to color pairings. Neutrals like black, white, and tan make ideal basic combinations that are always stylish. Soft pastels, jewel tones, and bright bold hues like red and purple are fun for making the gold shine. The tone of the gold itself guides what colors complement it best. Formal occasions call for luxurious colors like black, red, and deep blue with gold. While casual daytime affairs can incorporate more playful shades like denim, coral, and lavender. With the right color combinations, gold dresses can transition seamlessly from day to night in elegant style.