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Can I mix green and black paint?

Can I mix green and black paint?

Can I mix green and black paint?

Yes, you can mix green and black paint to create a darker green shade. When mixing paint colors, the resulting color is determined by the ratio of paints you use. By adjusting the amounts of green and black paint, you can create custom green shades ranging from dark forest green to olive green.

Mixing paints is an easy way to create new colors without needing to purchase pre-made shades. Learning some basic color theory can help you predict what color you will get when blending two paint colors together. Here is some key information on mixing green and black paint.

How Green and Black Paint Mix

Green and black are considered complementary colors on the color wheel. This means they are directly opposite each other. When blended together, complementary colors create a muted, neutralized shade.

Pure green is a secondary color made by mixing blue and yellow. The more blue used, the cooler or more emerald-toned the green will be. With more yellow, the green takes on a warmer, lime-like appearance. Black is the absence of color and adds darkness and shade.

When green and black paint are combined, the green becomes much darker and more neutral. A little black goes a long way in darkening the green shade. The resulting color may also appear less vibrant or intense compared to the original green.

Tips for Mixing Green and Black Paint

Here are some tips to help you successfully mix custom green and black paint shades:

  • Start with a base green paint close to the shade you want. You can darken emerald, forest, lime, or other greens with black.
  • Add black paint slowly and mix thoroughly. Just small amounts of black will dramatically darken the green.
  • Test your mixed color on a piece of cardboard first. Adjust the ratio of green to black paint as needed.
  • Remember the drying color may look slightly different than when wet. Allow a test swatch to fully dry before painting.
  • Mix enough paint for your entire project at once. Recreating the exact custom color again can be difficult.
  • Store mixed paint in an airtight container and use within a few days for best results.

Dark Green and Black Paint Color Mixing Ratios

As a general guide, use these mixing ratios to create different shades of dark green paint:

Original Green Paint Color Black Paint Added Resulting Mixed Color
Lime green 10% black Dark muted lime green
Emerald or forest green 20% black Dark emerald green
Sage green 30% black Dark sage, olive green
Yellow-green 40% black Dark mossy green

For a very deep forest green, start with a darker emerald green and mix in up to 50% black paint. Increase the ratio of black for an almost-black shade of green.

What Colors Make Green and Black Paint

Instead of buying pre-mixed green paint, you can mix your own custom green starting from primary colors. Here are some options:

  • Yellow + Blue = Green – Mixing equal parts blue and yellow makes a bright lime green. Adjust the ratio to create olive or emerald greens.
  • Yellow + Blue + Black = Dark Green – Add a small amount of black to darken the green.
  • Yellow + Blue + White + Black = Green – White paint lightens the shade while black darkens it.
  • Cyan + Yellow + Black = Dark Teal Green – Mixing cyan, yellow, and black results in an earthy, dull olive color.

Test different blending ratios to obtain your perfect green. Add black gradually until you reach the darkness desired.

Can You Mix Green and Black Acrylic Paint?

Acrylic paints blend very well together to create custom colors. You can successfully mix green and black acrylic paint to achieve many deep green shades.

Follow the same general techniques as mixing regular green and black paints. Acrylics dry a bit lighter than when wet, so account for this when mixing up your custom color. Adding a touch of white acrylic paint can help lighten or brighten the color too.

Acrylic paint dries quickly, so be sure to work efficiently and mix enough paint for the entire project at one time. Remixing the exact shade can be challenging once dried.

Can You Mix Green and Black Oil Paint?

Oil paints are also suitable for blending to create dark green shades. Mixing green and black oil paint follows the same principles as mixing acrylics or regular paint.

Black oil paint is very potent, so you only need to use a little bit to darken green oil paint dramatically. Test out ratios on a canvas first to match the desired green shade.

Oil paints take much longer to dry compared to acrylics. This gives you more time to refine the color mixing if needed. Thoroughly mix the oil paints together for seamless blending.

Can You Mix Green and Black Watercolor Paint?

Watercolor paint has some unique characteristics, but you can still blend green and black watercolors. The very fluid, transparent nature of watercolors allows colors to mix directly on the paper surface.

Start by wetting the paper, then add small amounts of green and black watercolor paint. Let them mingle and watch the shades change as they blend. For darker colors, add more layers after drying.

It can be tricky matching the same watercolor mixing ratios twice. Practice first on scrap paper to learn how your green and black watercolors interact when blended wet.

How to Paint with Mixed Green and Black Paint

Here are some tips for working with homemade paints mixed from green, black, and other colors:

  • Test on scraps first to ensure the color is as desired before painting the final surface.
  • Apply paint in smooth, even coats and maintain consistent thickness for uniform coloring.
  • Let each coat fully dry before adding another layer of paint.
  • Prime surfaces first for enhanced paint adhesion and vibrancy.
  • Store mixed paint in sealed containers and use within a few days for best quality.
  • Clean brushes thoroughly after each use.

Mixed custom paints allow you to easily expand your color palette for any painting project. With the right blending techniques, you can mix green and black paint to create gorgeous rich dark green tones.


Mixing green and black paint lets you easily create darker green shades for painting projects. By adjusting the ratio of green to black paint, you can make forest green, olive, emerald, and other rich greens.

Follow basic color theory with complementary colors to predict the resulting blended tone. Add just small amounts of black paint at a time to darken the green gradually. Test your custom colors first before painting the final surface.

Mixing your own green and black paint is a simple, affordable way to obtain the exact shades you need. With some practice, you can learn to blend paints together for beautiful, custom color results.