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What things are blue like the sky?

What things are blue like the sky?

The sky on a clear day is a beautiful light blue color. Many natural and man-made objects share this calming, cool shade of blue that reminds us of being outdoors on a sunny day. In this article, we will explore common things that are blue in color like the daytime sky.

Bodies of Water

Some of the most notable things that appear blue like the sky are large bodies of water, such as oceans, seas, lakes, and rivers. Water reflects the blue light from the sky above, causing it to take on a similar hue.

The ocean is perhaps the most iconic blue body of water. On a sunny day when you’re standing on the shore, the vast ocean extends out to the horizon in shades of deep, rich blue. Lakes and rivers appear blue for the same reason – the water reflects the sky’s color.

Some examples of famous bodies of water that are blue like the sky:

  • The Pacific Ocean
  • The Atlantic Ocean
  • The Caribbean Sea
  • The Mediterranean Sea
  • Lake Tahoe in California and Nevada
  • Crater Lake in Oregon
  • Lake Louise in Alberta, Canada
  • The Saint Lawrence River in Canada
  • The Danube River in Europe

When you’re enjoying the view of any large body of water on a clear day, you can see why people describe the color as “sky blue.”

Blue Gemstones

Many precious and semi-precious gemstones naturally occur in various shades of sky blue. These blue gemstones are prized for their resemblance to the serene color of a cloudless daytime sky.


Sapphire is a precious gemstone known for its deep blue hue. The most coveted and valuable sapphires have a rich, intense blue color like the midday sky. Sapphires can be found in lighter blue shades as well. Famous royal jewelry pieces like Princess Diana’s engagement ring featured large sky blue sapphires.

Blue topaz

Topaz is a semi-precious gemstone that is frequently cut to display a light sky blue color. The pale blue shades of topaz gems complement the deep blue sapphires nicely. Topaz with a naturally blue color is relatively rare, so most blue topaz gems are created through treatment processes.

Blue zircon

Zircon is another semi-precious gemstone found in an attractive range of sky blue colors, from very pale blue to more vivid shades. Blue zircon has a fiery brilliance that makes it a popular and affordable substitute for blue sapphire.

Blue tourmaline

Tourmaline grows in a variety of mineral colors, and sky blue tourmaline is one of the most desirable shades. It ranges from pale to vivid blue hues that evoke the colors of the sky. Like sapphires, blue tourmaline commands high prices, especially for gems with intense, saturated color.

So whether you prefer a striking rich blue sapphire or a soft pale blue topaz, the blue gemstone world offers sky blue hues to match any preference.


Many species of birds display plumage with sky blue colors on some portion of their feathers. The sky blue coloration helps provide camouflage when the birds are flying high in the sky or perched against a blue backdrop. Here are some examples of birds with sky blue plumage:

Bird Sky Blue Features
Blue jays Bright blue feathers on back and wings
Bluebirds Pale blue head, wings, back, and tail
Scrub jays Pale blue feathers on throat, belly, and tail
Indigo buntings Bright indigo blue feathers on head, wings, back
Blue-footed boobies Sky blue feet and legs

The blue plumage on these birds ranges from powdery pale blues to dramatic deep indigo shades. But they all have blue coloring inspired by various blue sky tones to help them thrive in their natural habitat.


A diversity of insects also feature blue colorings similar to a clear sky. Like birds, the blue or iridescent markings help insects camouflage and protect themselves. Here are some insects with vivid sky blue colors:

  • Blue morpho butterfly – Bright iridescent blue wings
  • Blue dragonfly – Blue patches on wings
  • Blue Dasher dragonfly – Bright sky blue eyes
  • Western bumble bee – Blue-black bands on abdomen
  • Blue bottles fly – Metallic blue abdomen

Insects use their sky blue camouflage to blend in with foliage and avoid predators when resting and in flight. The blue offers protection and helps them safely go about essential tasks like seeking food and finding mates.


Many flower blossoms prominently display vivid sky blue petals and hues. Here are some examples of plants and flowers featuring the light blue color of the sky:

  • Bluebells – Clustered bell-like sky blue flowers
  • Bluebonnets – Iconic blue flower of Texas
  • Bird of paradise – Prominent sky blue stamen
  • Morning glory – Trumpet-shaped sky blue blooms
  • Hydrangea – Can produce pale to vivid blue petals
  • Iris – Known for its light to mid-blue blossoms
  • Lobelia – Tiny sky blue flowers
  • Russian sage – Delicate clusters of light blue flowers

The blue pigments in these flowers serve to attract pollinating birds and insects. Their vibrant sky blue colors stand out and signal to pollinators that they are a good food source.

Man-Made Items

Many everyday man-made items are also colored or painted shades of sky blue due to its positive association with the peacefulness and openness of the sky. Some examples include:

  • Blue denim jeans
  • China or glassware with blue designs
  • Blue bicycles and scooters
  • Blue mugs, vases, and other home goods
  • Canvas shoes like Converse Chuck Taylors in blue
  • Tiffany & Co’s iconic robin egg blue colored boxes

Product designers frequently utilize various calming sky blue tones to evoke feelings of harmony and tranquility in consumers. The blue coloring makes these everyday items feel more bright and uplifting.


The clear daytime sky has inspired the natural coloration of many animals, plants, and insects as well as man-made designs. Sky blue tones represent peacefulness, stability, and growth. The next time you see the rich blue of a jay’s wing or a blooming hydrangea, think of how nature pays tribute to the atmosphere that sustains all life on Earth. Sky blue truly is one of the most meaningful colors the natural world has to offer.