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What is the app that tells you to mix colors?

What is the app that tells you to mix colors?

Color mixing apps have become quite popular in recent years as useful tools for artists, designers, and anyone looking to experiment with color combinations. These apps allow users to input different colors and see what shades result when they are mixed together. This can help inspire creativity, allow for color exploration, and assist in color selection for various projects. But with many color mixer apps available, which one is the best and most full-featured?

Popular Color Mixing Apps

There are a variety of great color mixing apps to choose from, each with their own unique features and interface. Here are some of the most popular and highly-rated options:

Adobe Color – A free app from Adobe that allows you to try out color combinations using various color models like RGB, CMYK, LAB, and more. You can browse thousands of themes and color schemes for inspiration or create your own palettes from scratch.

Color Blender – This app lets you mix colors in real time by sliding your finger across the color wheel. You can adjust the shade and brightness as desired. Color Blender also includes complementary, triadic, tetradic, and analogic color schemes.

Color Wheel – A simple but useful app that mixes colors on a traditional color wheel interface. You can input hex codes or select colors visually to see how they blend. Color Wheel also provides shade variations and color scheme options.

Chroma – Chroma features a unique color mixing studio where you can drag and drop colors to combine them. It provides real-time blending with the ability to adjust opacity and save your palettes. Chroma also includes gradient tools.

Colormind – An AI-powered app that will automatically generate color palettes for you based on images, themes, or color codes. Colormind comes up with unique color combinations you may not have thought to try.

Key Features of Color Mixing Apps

The best color mixing apps include certain key features that provide a robust mixing experience:

Interactive color wheels – Most apps feature a color wheel that lets you visually blend colors and see the shades created. This provides an intuitive mixing interface.

Multiple color inputs – You’ll want the ability to input colors through hex codes, RGB values, eye-dropper tools, or by selecting swatches. This allows flexibility.

Color model options – The app should mix colors using various models like RGB, CMYK, LAB, HSL, etc. Each models yields slightly different results.

Shade adjustment – Options to adjust brightness, saturation, and light/dark shade variations give more control over mixing.

Palette saving – Saving your mixed color palettes is essential for accessing them again later.

Harmony rules – Apps that provide color harmony guidance like complementary, analogous, triadic recommendations produce appealing palettes.

Export options – The ability to export your palettes as image files, PDFs, or import into other apps expands usefulness.

Top Color Mixing Apps

Based on the key features and capabilities outlined above, here are some of the top, full-featured color mixing apps available today:

Adobe Color – As the app from the leader in creative software, Adobe Color is incredibly robust while still being user-friendly. It offers most everything you could want in a mixer.

Chroma – Chroma’s innovative drag and drop studio provides seamless blending and gradient tools you won’t find in other apps. It’s great for experimenting.

Color Wheel – Sometimes simple is best. Color Wheel nails the basics with an intuitive mixing interface and useful harmony guides built-in.

Colormind – The AI-powered features of Colormind make it stand out from the crowd. If you want unique inspiration, it delivers.

Color Blender – Blending colors in real-time by sliding your finger gives Color Blender a natural, paint-mixing feel.


While there are many great options, the apps that allow you to blend colors on an interactive wheel, save and export palettes, and give guidance on appealing color schemes deliver the most robust mixing experience. Adobe Color, Chroma, and Color Wheel seem to have the best balance of features for most users. But exploring the variety of color mixing apps can open up new creative possibilities and inspire your next color masterpiece. Don’t be afraid to try different ones to find your perfect match!


App Name Key Features
Adobe Color Interactive wheel, harmony rules, multiple inputs, exports, robust
Chroma Drag and drop mixing, gradient tools, shade adjustment
Color Wheel Intuitive wheel, basic mixing, harmony guidance
Colormind AI-powered, unique palettes
Color Blender Real-time finger mixing, color wheel