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What do different color roses mean chart?

What do different color roses mean chart?

Roses have been a symbol of love and romance for centuries. The color of a rose can convey different meanings, with red roses being the most traditional symbol of romantic love. However, roses come in a variety of colors and each color has its own special meaning.

When you want to send someone roses, it is important to understand the symbolism behind each color so you select the right ones to express the sentiment you want to convey. This guide will explain the meanings behind different colored roses to help you choose the perfect bouquet.

Meanings of Common Rose Colors

Here are the meanings behind some of the most popular rose colors:

Rose Color Meaning
Red Red roses are the symbol of romantic love and enduring passion. Giving a red rose communicates your deep affection and desire. Red roses are perfect for expressing your romantic love on Valentine’s Day, an anniversary, or any occasion when you want to declare your passionate feelings.
Pink Pink roses express gentleness, joy, elegance and grace. They can convey admiration, platonic appreciation and sympathy. Light pink roses indicate sweetness while dark pink conveys gratitude and appreciation.
White White roses represent purity and innocence. They are traditionally used in weddings to symbolize new beginnings. White roses can also be used to convey respect, humility and secrecy.
Yellow Yellow roses evoke warmth and care. They are symbols of friendship and show joy, delight and welcome. Yellow roses can also indicate jealousy or the desire to start over.
Orange Orange roses communicate enthusiasm and passion. They can be used to express intense romance, attraction and fascination.
Lavender Lavender roses convey enchantment and mystical charm. They represent love at first sight and are associated with splendor and regal majesty.
Blue Blue roses represent mystery and longing to attain the impossible. They can symbolize the desire for the unattainable.
Black Black roses indicate farewell and endings. They can represent sadness and farewell or deep devotion.

As you can see, rose colors have very specific meanings attached to them. It’s important to consider these symbolic associations when gifting roses.

Meanings of Rose Color Combinations

You can also give roses in combinations of colors to convey a more nuanced message. Here are the meanings behind some popular rose color pairings:

Rose Color Combo Meaning
Red and White Red and white together symbolize unity, showing these two opposites can go together. They convey the message of being united in love.
Pink and White Pink and white roses express love, fondness and admiration, tempered by the white roses’ association with humility and innocence.
Red and Yellow Red and yellow roses together signify happiness, celebration and excitement for life. They can express cheer, delight and a sense of optimism.
Pink and Yellow Pink and yellow roses convey friendship, joy and carefree warmth. They express appreciation for someone who brings lightness and positivity to your life.
Red and Orange Red and orange roses exude energy and passion. They symbolize a fiery, intense attraction and romance.
Orange and Yellow Orange and yellow roses together represent the free spirit, hope and sunshine. They express a sense of delight and general positivity.

Mixing rose colors allows you to share a more layered, nuanced message of love, friendship or other sentiments.

Meanings of Other Rose Colors

In addition to the common colors, roses can be found in many other hues. Here are the symbolic meanings behind some other rose shades:

Rose Color Meaning
Peach Peach roses convey gentleness, sincerity, modesty and gratitude.
Coral Coral roses express desire. They can signify passion and romantic interest.
Burgundy Burgundy roses imply unconscious beauty and represent lovely charms.
Moss green Moss green roses indicate balance and harmony with nature. They can represent fertility.
Purple Purple roses symbolize majesty, fascination and adoration. Darker shades convey deep magnetism and love at first sight.
Multicolored Multicolored roses represent diversity and inclusion. They express warmth and affection for the unique.

There are even more exotic rose shades out there with their own special meanings. Discovering new colors just adds to the enjoyment of learning rose symbolism.

Rose Meanings in Different Cultures

While the general meanings described above are widely recognized, rose symbolism can also vary across cultures. Here are some differences in rose color meanings to be aware of:

Culture Different Meaning
Latin America Yellow roses symbolize death or farewell instead of friendship.
Britain Pink roses indicate grace and happiness rather than gentility.
Eastern cultures White roses signify loss rather than purity.
Victorian era Deep crimson roses conveyed mourning.

It’s a good idea to learn what colors might mean in the cultural context you are giving roses in to avoid sending the wrong message unintentionally. The meanings can vary across time periods as well.

Types of Roses and Their Meanings

In addition to color, the type of rose also has symbolic value. Here are what some rose varieties represent:

Rose Type Meaning
Tea rose Tea roses signify remembrance and grace. They are named for their tea-scented fragrance.
Single petal rose Single petal roses convey simplicity. They represent innocence and purity of feelings.
Thornless rose Thornless roses indicate love at first sight. They can represent an amorous and fast connection.
Red climbing rose Red climbing roses signify beauty and passion. They convey ongoing, unwavering desire.
White climbing rose White climbing roses represent ambition and aspiration. They communicate a drive to succeed.
Miniature rose Mini roses express youth, small treasures and appreciation of the little things in life.

Even roses of the same color can take on different meanings when the type, size or bloom shape is distinct.

Rose Number Symbolism

The number of roses also has symbolic meaning:

Number of Roses Meaning
Single rose Expresses deep devotion and gratitude (“you are the one”).
Two roses Symbolize mutual love and affection between two people.
Three roses Communicate powerful and complete feelings (“I love you”).
Six roses Signify the need to be loved or cherished.
One dozen roses The ultimate expression of love and admiration.
Thirteen roses Represent a “secret admirer”.
Twenty-five roses Congratulatory gesture for an achievement or anniversary.
Fifty roses Unconditional and abundant love.
One hundred roses The ultimate devotion, dedication and commitment to someone.

Gifting a specific rose number can help you share the depth of your feelings and affection.

How to Choose the Right Color Roses

Now that you know what each rose color represents, you can easily look up the meaning to find the perfect hue to communicate your feelings. Here are some tips:

– For romantic love, always go with classic red roses. A dozen red roses expresses your passionate feelings. Add a few thornless roses if it’s love at first sight.

– To convey friendship, appreciation or support, opt for yellow, pink or orange roses. Mix colors for a warm, cheerful message.

– White roses nicely express new beginnings, sympathy or remembrance. Work well at formal events like weddings.

– Make sure you know any culturally based meanings before selecting colors. Pick appropriately for the recipient’s background.

– Mix rose varieties and colors together for a visually stunning bouquet that conveys a nuanced, layered message.

– For a casual, low-key gift, you can’t go wrong with a classic red rose or a modern rainbow mix of colors.

– If you don’t know their favorite hue, play it safe with elegant white or softly romantic pink roses as a gift.

With the vast range of rose color meanings, you can always find the right tone to eloquently speak your heart and mind through these special flowers. Just put a little thought into the sentiment you want to share.


Roses have developed rich symbolic associations through the years that give each color rose its own unique significance and message. Red roses represent passionate romance, pink roses convey gentle joy, white roses symbolize purity, yellow roses evoke friendship, and orange roses exude excitement. Mixing rose colors together allows you to express more nuanced sentiments. Beyond color, the type, variety and number of roses also carry meaning. With so many options, you can find the perfect roses to give anyone you care about to eloquently convey your feelings. The next time you gift roses, take a moment to consider the meaning behind the colors and select the hue and number that will share exactly what you want to say through these special blooms.