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What pattern goes with leopard print?

Leopard print is a bold, fierce, and fun pattern that can spice up any outfit. But pairing it with the right complementary patterns and textures is key for creating a stylish look. Here is an in-depth guide on how to wear leopard print and what patterns go best with it.

Solid Colors

One of the easiest ways to make leopard print look chic is by pairing it with solid colors. Solid hues act as a neutral base that ground the leopard print while allowing it to stand out. Black, white, gray, navy, and red are perfect solid options.

Black clothing makes an ideal backdrop for leopard print. The bold black helps the exotic pattern pop while also appearing elegant and sophisticated. Try a leopard print skirt with a simple black top or black jeans with a leopard print jacket.

White has a similar effect, making the leopard print look vibrant. A white button-down shirt dresses up a leopard pencil skirt. Or pair leopard print shoes with an all-white outfit for a punch of pattern.

Gray is also an ideal neutral for leopard print. Mix a gray sweater with a leopard print scarf or rock gray trousers with leopard print sneakers. The muted gray acts as the perfect foil.

Navy blue makes leopard print look nautical and posh. Try a leopard print dress with a navy blazer or mix a navy shift dress with leopard print heels.

Red and leopard print is a bold combination. But it works well for creating a powerful statement look. Pair a red trench coat with a leopard print top or mix red jeans with leopard print booties.

Animal Prints

While mixing animal prints used to be a fashion faux pas, it’s now on trend when done right. Pairing leopard with other wild prints like zebra or snakeskin creates fun contrast.

Zebra print is a natural complement to leopard. For an eclectic look, wear leopard print pants with a zebra print top or zebra print shoes with a leopard coat. Just be sure the patterns have enough contrast in size and color.

Snakeskin is another edgy print option. Try teaming a leopard print skirt with snakeskin boots or wearing a snakeskin belt with a leopard blouse. The textures give the look depth.

Tiger print also pairs nicely with leopard. A tiger print dress with leopard print heels makes a fierce fashion statement. Or liven up a neutral outfit with a tiger print scarf and leopard bag.

Cow and dalmatian prints can look great with leopard too. Just opt for prints that share a similar color palette and scale for cohesion.

Polka Dots

While very different prints, polka dots and leopard complement each other beautifully. The playful polka dots soften the fierceness of leopard for a fun look.

Pair a black and white polka dot blouse with a leopard print skirt for retro vibes. Or rock leopard print pants with polka dot sneakers or heels. Polka dot tights also add whimsy to a leopard dress.

Try mixing leopard and polka dot prints that share the same color for coordination. Like a red polka dot top with red leopard print shorts. Or blue polka dots with blue leopard.

Floral Prints

Florals may seem an unlikely pairing for exotic leopard. But the two prints can look chic when styled right. Opt for graphic or abstract florals rather than busy floral prints.

A graphic floral dress in shades of black, gray, and white pairs attractively with leopard print booties or a handbag. Or rock a leopard print skirt with a black and white floral top.

Large abstract florals in red, blue, or pink also complement leopard’s wild vibe. Just be sure to pick floral prints with solid backgrounds to avoid clashing busy patterns.


Plaid’s graphic lines pair perfectly with the dotty spots of leopard print. For the best look, opt for plaids with some black and white elements that coordinate with classic leopard colors.

A black and white buffalo plaid coat worn over a leopard print dress or skirt has lots of stylish contrast. Or layer a red plaid button-down under a leopard print cardigan or jacket.

Pair leopard print pants or leggings with casual plaid shirts. Or mix plaids and leopard prints in shades of blue for a playful patchwork effect.


Camouflage prints blend right in with leopard’s wild style. The two patterns share earthy color palettes that effortlessly coordinate.

Try rocking camo print pants or leggings with a leopard print top. A camo jacket looks edgy worn over a leopard dress. Or mix camo print booties with a leopard bag for an eclectic finish.

Opt for camo prints in olive, tan, brown, black, or gray colors to match the natural leopard print palette.


From nautical Breton stripes to retro varsity stripes, all kinds of stripes pair attractively with leopard print.

Bold black and white horizontal stripes complement leopard’s graphic dots. Rock a striped tee with leopard print jeans or layer a striped cardigan over a leopard dress.

Thin pinstripes or brightly colored stripes also look chic with leopard. Try a pinstripe blazer with leopard shorts or vivid striped heels with a leopard bag.

Just avoid overly matchy-matchy looks by picking stripes and leopard prints in contrasting colorways.


Much like plaid, gingham, tartan, windowpane, and other check prints pair nicely with leopard’s spotty vibe.

A black and white gingham skirt with a leopard tee balances the patterns beautifully. Or rock a leopard pencil skirt with a checked blazer in coordinating shades of black, gray, and white.

Liven up a neutral leopard coat with vibrant red or pink checked accessories. Or pair a green and black tartan dress with leopard print tights or booties for an edgy style.


Leopard print may be bold, but it’s surprisingly versatile. Tone it down by pairing it with neutral solids like black, white, navy, or gray. Or ramp up the exotic vibes by mixing with other animal prints like zebra or snakeskin.

For a bit of whimsy, blend leopard with polka dots or graphic florals. And graphic prints like plaid, camo, stripes, or checks make edgy complements to leopard’s fierce look.

With endless chic combinations, you can rock leopard print with patterns year-round. Just keep the patterns in similar color palettes with contrasting scales. Then get ready to unleash your inner wild style.

Here are some key takeaways for pairing patterns with leopard print:

  • Solid colors like black, white, navy, gray, and red make ideal bases for leopard print.
  • Mix with other animal prints like zebra, snakeskin, or tiger for exotic contrast.
  • Polka dots and graphic florals soften leopard’s fierce vibe.
  • Plaids, camo, stripes, and checks add graphic punch.
  • Opt for prints in similar color palettes with contrasting scales.
  • Avoid overly busy or matching prints for visual interest.

With the right complementary patterns, leopard print can easily go from the safari to the streets in style. Have fun unleashing your inner wild side with fierce and fabulous leopard print pairings.

Leopard Print Complementary Pattern Outfit Idea
Leopard print skirt Black top Leopard print skirt with black fitted turtleneck top
Leopard print coat Plaid scarf Leopard coat with red plaid blanket scarf
Leopard print heels Polka dot dress Black and white polka dot fit and flare dress with leopard print pumps
Leopard print bag Camo pants Olive camo utility pants with neutral top and leopard print crossbody bag
Leopard print jeans White button-down Leopard print skinny jeans with oversized crisp white button-down shirt

With endless stylish combinations, leopard print can add a bold and fearless edge to your look. Have fun experimenting with complementing patterns and textures for fashion-forward outfits that unleash your wild side!