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Who does Mila Kunis hair?


Mila Kunis is an American actress best known for her roles in films like Black Swan and television shows like That ’70s Show. She is considered one of Hollywood’s most beautiful and stylish celebrities. As such, there is a lot of interest in who is responsible for styling Mila Kunis’ gorgeous locks. Her hair often steals the spotlight on red carpets and magazine covers. Discovering the stylist behind her famous hairstyles provides insight into how she achieves her signature looks.

Mila’s Signature Hairstyles

Throughout her career, Mila has rocked various hairstyles from long and wavy to short pixie cuts. Some of her most iconic looks include:

  • Long, loose waves – This is perhaps her most recognizable look, seen on red carpets and films like Friends with Benefits. Her chocolate brown locks are styled in soft, touchable waves that frame her face.
  • Textured pixie cut – For films like Jupiter Ascending, Mila chopped her hair into an edgy pixie cut. The short style showed off her elegant bone structure.
  • Sleek updo – At formal events, she often opts for a twisted bun or chignon, allowing her glamorous jewelry and makeup to shine.
  • Beachy waves – For more casual appearances, she wears her hair down in natural, beachy waves with a cute fringe.

Whatever the style, Mila’s hair always looks flawless and camera-ready thanks to her talented team of hair stylists.

Her Long-Time Stylist

For over a decade, Mila Kunis’ go-to hair stylist has been Renato Campora. Based in Los Angeles, Renato is one of the most sought-after stylists for celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Scarlett Johansson, and Halle Berry. He works with Mila to create her various styles for events, photoshoots, and film premieres.

In interviews, Mila has expressed how much she trusts Renato’s vision when it comes to transforming her look. They often collaborate on creating unique styles based on the specific event or character Mila is taking on. Their close working relationship is evident in the consistently beautiful results.

Techniques and Products

So how exactly does Renato Campora create Mila Kunis’ picture-perfect styles? According to interviews, he relies on a few key techniques and products:

  • Blow drying into shape – After washing her hair, he relies on round brushes and targeted blow drying to smooth hair into the desired shape.
  • Curling irons – To create soft waves or touchable curls, he uses irons of various barrel sizes customized to the look he envisions.
  • Products for texture – To add volume and texture, Renato uses salt sprays, texturizing mousse, and dry shampoo.
  • Moroccanoil – His go-to product for smooth, shiny styles is Moroccanoil. He cites this as Mila’s favorite product for conditioning and protection.

By using these methods, Renato is able to adapt Mila’s hair to everything from sleek updos to undone beachy waves. The options are endless!

Highlights from the Red Carpet

Some of Mila Kunis’ most show-stopping beauty looks have been created by Campora for awards shows and premieres. A few memorable examples include:

  • 2011 SAG Awards – For this vintage-inspired look, he curled her hair in soft waves and topped it with a crystal hairpiece.
  • 2013 Oscar Awards – Her gorgeous updo complemented the pale pink Dior gown, with braided accents framing her face.
  • 2016 Billboard Music Awards – She looked like a bronze goddess with beachy waves and smoky bronze eye makeup.
  • 2018 CinemaCon – For the event in Las Vegas, he styled her hair in a curled half updo and retro-inspired fringe.

Renato clearly has a sixth sense for what hairstyles will make Mila shine on the red carpet. His creativity and expertise ensure she looks like a star every time.

The Importance of a Consistent Stylist

Having one go-to stylist like Renato Campora allows celebrities like Mila Kunis to feel confident and comfortable when getting ready for high-profile events. Renato understands her hair texture, versatility, and preferences. Their strong relationship has developed over many years of working together. As a result, Mila can trust him to create a look that flatters her best.

The consistency also allows her hair to thrive. Having the same hands style it prevents damage from over-processing. Renato knows which products and techniques work best for her hair. By sticking with him long-term, Mila ensures her hair always looks healthy and shiny.

Collaborating for Killer Looks

Of course, Mila Kunis’ overall style requires more than just a great hairstylist. She works with a full glam squad for major events:

  • Makeup artist – Scott Barnes or Tracey Levy often handle her makeup.
  • Stylist – Ilaria Urbinati picks out gorgeous gowns and outfits for Mila to wear.
  • Manicurist – Lisa Logan paints her nails to perfection.

By partnering with Renato and other top experts in their fields, Mila can show up to events knowing every part of her look will be flawless. The combination of great hair, makeup, fashion, nails, and accessories is key to nailing glamorous red carpet style.

Advice for Finding Your Signature Stylist

Not all of us can have exclusive celebrity hair stylists, but Mila Kunis’ relationship with Renato Campora does offer some helpful lessons:

  • Ask around for recommendations and do your research to find an experienced, reputable pro.
  • Stick with the same stylist long-term so they really get to know your hair.
  • Communicate your style vision and preferences clearly.
  • Be open to the stylist’s ideas – they know trends and can identify what flatters you best.
  • Come prepared with inspiration photos when trying a new look.
  • Discuss a maintenance plan so your hair stays healthy between appointments.

Finding the right stylist takes time but it’s well worth it. Your hair can help express your personal style when it’s in the hands of a true expert.


Over the years, celebrity hairstylist Renato Campora has proved integral in creating Mila Kunis’ signature hairstyles. Their strong working relationship built on trust and consistency enables Mila to feel confident that her hair will look flawless for any occasion. While we can’t all have an exclusive stylist, Mila’s example does offer inspiration for finding the perfect stylist to enhance your personal look. With strategic collaboration, communication and care, almost any hair can go from drab to red carpet fab.