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Will the Fantasia be in color purple?

Whether the upcoming live-action remake of Disney’s Fantasia will feature the color purple is a question many fans are wondering. As one of Disney’s most iconic and groundbreaking animated films, expectations are high for the new Fantasia to capture the magic of the 1940 original while also feeling fresh and modern.

The original Fantasia featured purple

In the 1940 Fantasia, purple makes several memorable appearances throughout the film’s animated segments set to classical music compositions. Most notably, purple is a predominant color during Night on Bald Mountain, the spooky sequence featuring demonic creatures that culminates in a battle against the forces of good. The Purple Sorcerer, an ominous hooded figure, commands winged demons in this segment. Purple lightning repeatedly cracks across a night sky laden with sinister green, purple, and black clouds. The Purple Sorcerer’s ghostly purple hair and robes are key symbols of the creepy atmosphere of the sequence.

Purple also makes an appearance during the Nutcracker Suite segment set to music from Tchaikovsky’s ballet. Here, purple flowers bloom along with red, pink, blue, and yellow blossoms as fairies, fish, leaves, and mushrooms dance under a rainbow sky.

The color purple was not used randomly but was chosen deliberately by Fantasia’s artists to help create mood and atmosphere during these segments. The ominous, ghostly purple of Night on Bald Mountain invokes a sense of gloom, danger, and the supernatural. By contrast, the warm, rich purple hues of the Nutcracker Suite suggest a dreamy, fantasy realm.

Using purple could connect to Fantasia’s legacy

Since purple took on symbolic significance in the original Fantasia, the live-action update could meaningfully incorporate the color as a nod to the classic movie. Using purple would immediately forge a visual connection between the old and new, showing respect for Fantasia’s legacy.

Purple could be featured in the new film’s most fantastical or magical sequences as a callback to the Nutcracker Suite. It could also amplify the darkness and intensity of ominous or villainous moments as a parallel to Night on Bald Mountain.

Even using purple in something as simple as the new Fantasia’s title text or logo would establish an artistic link between the remake and the groundbreaking animated masterpiece from 1940.

But the new film will likely have a modern color palette

However, there are also good reasons why purple might not figure so prominently in the new live-action Fantasia. As a remake trying to modernize a classic, using the original Fantasia’s exact color palette risks feeling dated or unoriginal.

The filmmakers may opt for a more contemporary color scheme to give the new Fantasia its own unique look and feel. While this could mean less purple, it could result in a visually refreshing take on a timeless story.

Additionally, advances in special effects and CGI technology give the new Fantasia access to a much wider spectrum of colors and visuals than was possible for a hand-drawn animated film in 1940. The creators may take advantage of an expanded color palette that downplays specific signature colors like purple but offers new ways to showcase the film’s boundless magic and imagination.


Ultimately, the degree to which the color purple features in the new live-action Fantasia remake remains to be seen. It could certainly be used thoughtfully as an artistic choice to honor the original film while also allowing the new version to develop its own distinct aesthetic.

But purple may take a back seat to a more contemporary palette that differentiates the remake and shows it wasn’t beholden to replicating the animated Fantasia’s exact visual style. The creators are likely striving to strike the right balance between nostalgia and innovation.

While purple may not dominate the new film, fans would surely be delighted to see some nods to the color for continuity with Disney’s animation classic. Subtle purple accents here and there could thrill longtime Fantasia aficionados.

But a lighter touch on purple overall may be wise to make the new movie feel like a fresh reimagining worthy of standing on its own. The live-action Fantasia doesn’t need to be anchored to the past. Its magic should distinguish it as a spectacular new vision while also celebrating the spirit of the original masterpiece that started it all.