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What is the color code for charcoal GREY metallic?

What is the color code for charcoal GREY metallic?

Charcoal grey is a popular neutral color that works well in many contexts from home decor to automotive paint. When referring to the specific charcoal grey metallic paint color used on cars and trucks, there is a specific color code used by manufacturers to produce a consistent shade across vehicle models. Understanding this color code can help when researching or shopping for a vehicle in this shade.

Defining Charcoal Grey Metallic

Metallic paint contains small flakes of metal to give the finish a sparkling, shimmery appearance. Charcoal grey metallic paint has a dark grey base color with flecks of silver or aluminum mixed in. This creates a sophisticated look that is slightly warmer than a flat charcoal grey tone.

Charcoal grey metallic paint works well on many vehicle types ranging from sedans to SUVs to trucks. It has an upscale vibe but is still neutral enough to not stand out too much. The metallic flake pops nicely in sunlight while the dark grey base color minimizes the appearance of dirt.

Color Codes for Automotive Paint

In the automotive industry, manufacturers use color codes to consistently identify paint colors across different models and model years. This allows parts and components from different vehicles to be well-matched if repairs or replacements are needed.

Each automaker has their own coding system. Colors may be identified by a short alphanumeric code or a longer code with both letters and numbers. These codes are generally printed on a sticker or plate inside the driver’s side door jamb of each vehicle.

Some common color code formats include:

– GM WA-# (e.g. WA-586M)
– Ford W# (e.g. W1)
– Chrysler PR# (e.g. PRH)
– Toyota #P0 (e.g. 1G3)

Automakers frequently reuse color codes across model years if the same paint color is offered. But the name associated with a code may vary year to year.

Charcoal Grey Metallic Color Codes

Here are some examples of charcoal grey metallic color codes used by major automotive manufacturers:

Manufacturer Color Code(s) Color Name
GM GAZ, GJI Shadow Gray, Neutral Gray
Ford UM Magnetic
Chrysler PSC Steel Gray
Toyota 1G3 Magnetic Gray
Honda NH-700M Polished Metal

As you can see, charcoal grey metallic may be marketed under different names by different makes, but the color codes stay consistent.

Manufacturers also have internal paint codes used during production. These lengthy codes (e.g. WA586M) tell the factory mixing rooms the exact formulas needed to reproduce the color. But for general identification, the shortened codes are used.

Finding Your Vehicle’s Code

The easiest way to find the color code for your specific vehicle is to check the code sticker in the driver’s side door jamb. You can then compare it to reference charts for that make to identify the marketed color name.

If the door jamb sticker is missing or unreadable, you can also find color codes through:

– The vehicle title or registration paperwork
– Service records from a dealership
– The VIN (less exact but may indicate interior/exterior colors)
– Owner’s manuals and model specifications
– Calling a dealership service department with your VIN

Websites like and have extensive OEM color code databases you can also search through if needed.

Using Color Codes for Repairs

Charcoal grey metallic is prone to visible scuffs, scratches, and chips due to its dark color. Knowing your exact OEM color code allows you to accurately match automotive paint for repairs and touch-ups.

Some examples where the code comes in handy:

– Touching up small paint chips and flaws
– Repainting a replacement body panel
– Finding an accurate paint match for repairs after an accident

Metallic paints require special techniques and paint mixes to replicate properly. The color code gives repair shops a reliable starting point to color match to your existing finish.

Shopping for Vehicles

Knowing the name and code for charcoal grey metallic paint can help streamline shopping for a new or used vehicle. You can search dealer inventories specifically for models available in the color. This avoids having to sift through myriad shades of grey and silver.

When inspecting vehicles in person, you can quickly confirm the exterior color by checking the paint code instead of just relying on the description or sales photos. Test driving the actual color you want helps envision yourself owning that vehicle.


Charcoal grey metallic is a versatile neutral automotive paint color that has been featured across many makes and models. Each manufacturer identifies this color using their own specific code for production continuity. Common codes for charcoal grey metallic paint include GAZ, UM, PSC, and 1G3. Knowing your vehicle’s paint code makes it easier to confirm the color, make repairs, and shop for similar vehicles. With hundreds of shades of grey paint available, the color code removes any guesswork and ambiguity.