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What does 3 white roses mean?

What does 3 white roses mean?

White roses have long been a symbol of purity, innocence, secrecy, humility, youthfulness, and heavenly perfection. They are associated with new beginnings, sympathy, remembrance, everlasting love, and honor. The meaning behind white roses depends on the context and can vary based on the number given. The gift of three white roses in particular carries very specific symbolism and meanings.

Meaning of the Number Three

The number three has significant meaning in many cultures and belief systems. It is considered a symbolic number that represents balance, harmony, growth, expansion, the trinity, and completeness. Gifting three of something, including roses, taps into the energy and symbolism of the number three. Here are some of the common meanings associated with the number three:

Unity Three represents the union of two opposite forces to create a third as a combination of dualities.
Trinity In Christianity, the Holy Trinity of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Three is seen as divine.
Past, Present, Future The triad of time – yesterday, today, and tomorrow.
Birth, Life, Death The three stages of existence.
Beginning, Middle, End The parts that form a complete cycle.

The number three brings balance, harmony, completeness, and stability – traits that make it an auspicious number cross-culturally.

Meaning of White Roses

Before diving into the specific meaning of three white roses, it’s important to understand the symbolism of white roses in general:

Purity White is the color of purity, virginity, and innocence.
New beginnings The color white represents a blank slate and new starts.
Remembrance White roses are used at funerals and memorials.
Humility White blooms represent humbleness and reverence.
Heavenly The color white is associated with the divine and paradise.
Youthfulness White roses convey a youthful love.
Secrecy Giving white roses signals confidentiality.

White roses set the stage of purity that layers on additional meaning when given in a set of three.

Meaning of 3 White Roses

Bringing together the symbolism of the number three and white roses, presenting someone with three white roses most commonly means:

I’m Thinking of You

Gifting three white roses expresses that you are thinking of someone with sweetness and pure intentions. It’s an elegant way to let someone know they are in your thoughts and you care for them deeply. The three roses convey your heart is completely open to them.

Forever in My Heart

Three white roses communicates eternal, everlasting love. The trilogy of roses promises someone that they will remain in your heart forever. It’s a romantic gift suggesting your love is temporal – having lasted for the past, present, and promising a future together.

Eternal Love

White roses alone represent an everlasting love. Bringing them as a gift of three emphasizes the eternal, seamless nature of your love and affection. The three roses assure your loved one of a love that has no beginning or end.

I Miss You

A classic meaning behind three white roses is a message that you miss someone dearly. The roses convey your heart is aching and longing to see someone again soon. It communicates an innocence and purity behind your intentions.


Since white roses signal remembrance, three white roses are commonly given at funerals and memorial services. They convey sympathy, respect, remembrance, and are considered appropriate for expressing condolences to the grieving.


The white rose’s association with secrecy and confidentiality becomes amplified when given as a triplet. Three white roses can signal discretion – a silent promise to keep a secret or maintain privacy.


Seeking forgiveness? Offering three white roses demonstrates a pureness in asking for forgiveness and a wiping of the slate clean. The white roses place emphasis on new beginnings, giving the relationship a fresh start.

Celebration of Baby Girl

For a baby shower or birth of a girl, three white roses marks the occasion as a symbolic gift celebrating the trinity coming together – the baby girl, mother, and father.

Honoring a Woman

Three white roses given to a woman are considered an honorable gift. The roses convey respect, recognition, care, and can signify she is held in the highest esteem.

3 White Roses in Other Cultures

While three white roses commonly express “I’m thinking of you” sentiment in the U.S., other cultures attribute different meaning to the trio:

Russia Significance as a symbol for womanhood and motherhood, given as a sign of deep respect.
China Given as a gift for weddings, saying farewell, or celebrating birth of a child.
Korea Symbolizes women and the struggles they overcome in life.
India Represents the Trimurti – Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva as the trinity of supreme divinity in Hinduism.
Germany Given as a romantic declaration of “Ich liebe dich” meaning “I love you.”

Cultural interpretations provide additional layers of meaning to three white roses. But across cultures, the roses gift retains its essence of expressing deep love, appreciation, care, and goodwill.

When to Give 3 White Roses

Three white roses are appropriate to give for these occasions:

Valentine’s Day For romance, devotion, and remembering your sweetheart.
Anniversaries Celebrating years together and everlasting love.
Birthdays Wishing someone a beautiful birthday with pure intentions.
“Thinking of You” Letting someone know you miss them and they’re often on your mind.
New beginnings Marking a transition like a graduation, move, or new job.
Condolences Expressing sympathy at a funeral or memorial service.
Forgiveness Making amends in a relationship, asking for a clean slate.
Women’s Day Honoring a woman with respect and admiration.

Gifting a trinity of white roses is fitting for any occasion centered around love, celebration, remembrance, or new starts.

How to Present 3 White Roses

Three white roses can be gifted in several elegant ways:


Give three white roses together in a small bouquet wrapped with ribbon in the color white or another shade like pink or red for romance. Baby’s breath or greenery like ferns accent the bouquet.

Single Stem

Present each stem individually for a very romantic feel. Handing three single-stemmed roses to someone face-to-face has an intimate, sincere quality.


Place the trio of roses in a box, like a hat box, and tie with a ribbon. Add a handwritten card sharing your message of love, thinking of someone, or another personal note.


Arrange the three white blooms attractively in a clear glass vase. A slim cylindrical vase keeps the focus on the simplicity and elegance of just three roses.

Preserved Roses

For long-lasting white roses, choose preserved options that can be arranged in a box, vase, or floating frame. The roses will maintain their beauty and shape for years.

3 White Roses & Baby’s Breath Bouquet

A popular presentation for three white roses is pairing them with baby’s breath in a small bouquet. Here is a step-by-step guide:

  1. Gather 3 fresh white rose stems with blooms in fully open form.
  2. Trim 2-3 inches off the bottom of the stems and strip away foliage.
  3. Tie stems together with a white ribbon, leaving a tail for hanging.
  4. Add 6-8 stems of baby’s breath filler around the roses.
  5. Wrap another ribbon around the vase portion of stems and tie into a bow.
  6. Trim bottom of stems at an angle and place in a vase of water.

For added romance, spray with a light mist of perfume. Or write a personalized card sharing the meaning behind this gift of pure, eternal, heartfelt love represented by three white roses and baby’s breath.


A gift of three white roses has profound meaning. It beautifully conveys messages of thinking of someone, honoring them, celebrating new life, grieving a loss, or declaring eternal devotion. The roses express the purest intentions and emotions. Presenting the three roses together multiplies the symbolism, creating an amplified meaning of completeness in love or remembrance. With its rich history, delicate beauty, and layered symbolism, three white roses form a concise yet intricate gift that touches the heart and soul.