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What color season is JLO?

Jennifer Lopez, affectionately known as JLO, is one of the most glamorous and stylish celebrities. She is known for her glowy skin, honey highlights, and preference for neutral and earthy tones. But what color season is she? Let’s break down JLO’s coloring and style to determine her best color palette.

What Are Color Seasons?

The color seasons theory helps categorize people into one of four color palettes based on their natural hair, eye, and skin coloring. The seasons are:

  • Winter – Cool, icy colors like bright white, icy blue, fuchsia, emerald green
  • Summer – Cool, delicate colors like pastels, sky blue, lavender, peach
  • Spring – Warm, light colors like coral, lemon yellow, jade green, peach
  • Autumn – Warm, earthy colors like terracotta, hunter green, camel, rust

The color seasons help guide clothing, makeup, and accessory choices to harmonize with your natural coloring. Certain palettes are more flattering than others depending on your undertones and contrast level.

Determining Undertones

The first step in finding your color season is determining your undertones. Undertones are the subtler tones that underly the surface color of your skin, hair, and eyes. There are three main undertones:

  • Warm undertones – golden, peach, yellow
  • Cool undertones – pink, red, blue
  • Neutral undertones – neither warm nor cool, an even mix

Here are some ways to determine your undertones:

  • Veins – Green veins indicate warm tones, purple veins mean cool undertones
  • Silver vs gold – Silver is more flattering with cool tones, gold with warm
  • Red lipstick test – Orangey, coral reds are better with warm, blue-based reds with cool

JLO’s Undertones

When determining JLO’s undertones, her veins appear greenish which indicates warmth. Gold jewelry is also very flattering on her, rather than silver. And her gorgeous glow pairs best with peachy reds rather than blue-toned reds. So JLO is definitely warm-undertoned.

Contrast Level

The next factor in seasonal color analysis is contrast, which refers to the amount of difference between your hair, eye, and skin tones. There are two main levels of contrast:

  • High contrast – stark difference between hair, eyes, and skin (dark hair/pale skin)
  • Low contrast – similar shade between features (medium brown hair/hazel eyes/tan skin)

High contrast individuals tend to look best in clear, highly saturated colors with sharp contrast. While low contrast people suit soft, muted shades.

JLO’s Contrast Level

JLO has medium to tan olive skin, warm medium brown eyes and wears her hair in warm brown and caramel highlights. Because her features share similar depths of color, she is considered low contrast. Therefore, she looks best in softened, earthy colors rather than high contrast shades.

What Season is JLO?

Taking into account JLO’s warm golden undertones and low contrast level, her best color season is…


The earthy, muted Autumn palette perfectly enhances JLO’s coloring. The warm, terracotta hues make her olive skin glow while the softer shades complement her low contrast features. Here are some examples of how JLO shines in Autumn colors:

Autumn Colors JLO Outfits
Warm brown JLO in brown dress
Terracotta JLO in orange dress
Olive green JLO in olive green outfit
Rust orange JLO in rust dress

JLO’s affinity for earth tones, neutrals, and warm metallics perfectly aligns with the Autumn color palette. The muted warmth enhances her olive skin and dark blonde hair without being overpowering. She can pull off the deeper Autumn colors better than the soft Summers or bright Winters. Overall, JLO exemplifies how stunning the Autumn color season can be!

Best Colors for Autumns Like JLO

Here are some of the most flattering shades for Autumns:

  • Camel
  • Khaki
  • Rust
  • Olive
  • Terracotta
  • Mocha
  • Brown
  • Forest green
  • Golden yellow
  • Pumpkin orange

Autumns look best in clothing, makeup, and jewelry that picks up the warm, earthy tones in their coloring. Stay away from icy pastels and bright winter shades and instead embrace rich, muted hues.

Worst Colors for Autumns Like JLO

Some shades that are unflattering for Autumns include:

  • Neon anything
  • Pure black or white
  • Royal blue
  • Magenta
  • Coral
  • True red
  • Hot pink
  • Orange-red
  • Lavender

These clear, highly saturated colors overwhelm the Autumn coloring. Stick to earthy, muted versions of these shades instead.

Makeup Tips for Autumns

For makeup, Autumns should also steer towards warmer, muted shades. Here are some tips:

  • Eyeshadow – Matte browns, coppers, olives, muted purples
  • Eyeliner – Bronze, espresso
  • Blush – Peach, mauve
  • Lipstick – Terracotta, burnt orange, mocha, rosewood

Again avoid icy pinks, frosty highlights, neons, and bright berry shades. Opt for matte finishes over shimmer. And stick to warmer browns and bronze rather than cool grays for contour.

Hair Color Tips for Autumns

Autumns should enhance their warm locks with golden highlights and glossy finishes. Some flattering options include:

  • Golden blonde
  • Honey brown
  • Auburn
  • Chestnut
  • Caramel highlights

Stay away from ash and platinum blonde and blue-black hues. Instead, stick to warm, muted brown and blonde shades.

How JLO Embraces her Autumn Palette

Here are some ways JLO stylishly embraces her Autumn seasonal coloring:

  • Favors warm metallics like gold over cool silvers
  • Chooses olive, khaki, brown for red carpet gowns
  • Wears mocha, terracotta lipstick shades
  • Enhances her glow with bronzed makeup
  • Has honey blonde highlights on brown hair

JLO avoids harsh neons, icy pastels, and bold primaries. She instinctively knows her complexion is flattered by earth tones. The resulting look is luminous and regal.


In summary, Jennifer Lopez is a perfect example of a flattering Autumn palette. Her olive skin, golden undertones, and preference for muted, neutral colors aligns perfectly with the Autumn seasonal profile. JLO embodies how stunning warmer neutrals can look by wearing shades like mocha, terracotta, olive green, and rust orange. Her makeup and hair also sticks to the earthy Autumn tones. So when looking for inspiration on rocking the Autumn color season, look no further than the always glamorous JLO!