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What is Sherwin Williams version of Kendall charcoal?

Kendall charcoal is a popular dark gray paint color that has been used in many homes. If you like the look of Kendall charcoal but want to use a Sherwin Williams paint, there are several similar shades in the Sherwin Williams catalog that serve as good alternatives. In this article, we’ll explore what Kendall charcoal is, look at some comparable Sherwin Williams colors, and help you determine which Sherwin Williams paint is the closest match to Kendall charcoal.

What is Kendall Charcoal?

Kendall charcoal is a rich, dark gray paint color that has undertones of black and brown. It creates an enveloping, cozy feel and pairs well with shades of white and lighter grays. Kendall charcoal is often used in living rooms, bedrooms, and dining spaces.

The name Kendall charcoal comes from the brand Behr, which produces a popular line of interior and exterior paints. Behr’s Kendall charcoal is one of their Marquee interior paint colors. It has a deep, nearly black appearance when applied to walls while still retaining enough gray to avoid looking too dark.

Comparable Sherwin Williams Colors

Since Sherwin Williams doesn’t make a direct equivalent of Kendall charcoal, we need to look at similar dark gray paint colors in their catalog:


Peppercorn SW 7674 is one of the closest matches to Kendall charcoal in the Sherwin Williams line. Like Kendall charcoal, it has a very deep charcoal gray appearance that can read as nearly black in some lighting. Peppercorn is part of Sherwin Williams’ Neutral palette.

Grizzle Gray

For a slightly lighter and warmer take on Kendall charcoal, Grizzle Gray SW 9065 could work well. It has more brown undertones compared to Peppercorn. The color is modern yet natural.


Caviar SW 6990 is a nicely saturated, inky charcoal gray paint color. It’s nearly black, though not quite as dark as Peppercorn. Caviar has a classic, sophisticated look.

Black Fox

Black Fox SW 7020 is another deep charcoal option from Sherwin Williams that’s slightly lighter and brighter than Peppercorn. It has more noticeable gray undertones.

Tricorn Black

Tricorn Black SW 6258 is one of the darkest grays from Sherwin Williams. It’s richer than Peppercorn with a green-black finish.

Library Pewter

Library Pewter SW 7646 is lighter than Kendall charcoal but could work well if you want a soft, warm dark gray. It has beige undertones.


Cityscape SW 7067 is a dark, cool neutral that evokes concrete and granite. It’s slightly greener and lighter than Peppercorn.

Comparing Sherwin Williams Colors

To get a better sense of how these Sherwin Williams colors compare to Kendall charcoal, here is a table showing their basic details:

Sherwin Williams Color Code Finish Undertones
Peppercorn SW 7674 Matte Neutral, slightly warm
Grizzle Gray SW 9065 Eggshell Warm, brown
Caviar SW 6990 Satin Neutral, slightly cool
Black Fox SW 7020 Semi-gloss Neutral, gray
Tricorn Black SW 6258 Flat Cool, green-black
Library Pewter SW 7646 Matte Warm, beige
Cityscape SW 7067 Eggshell Cool, gray-green

As you can see, Peppercorn is probably the closest overall match to Kendall charcoal in depth of color and neutral undertones. But colors like Caviar, Black Fox, and Tricorn Black also share similarities if you want something more warm, cool, or saturated.

Choosing Your Kendall Charcoal Alternative

When deciding which of these options is the best Sherwin Williams version of Kendall charcoal for your needs, take into account:

  • Room type – Consider the room you’ll be painting. For bedrooms, the warmer tones of Grizzle Gray or Library Pewter are soothing. For living spaces, Peppercorn and Caviar have versatility.
  • Lighting – The amount of natural and artificial light in the space affects how dark the paint will look. Go slightly lighter for well-lit rooms.
  • Your color palette – If you’re matching existing decor, choose the option that fits best with accent colors. Peppercorn is easy to match.
  • Personal taste – Samples can help you decide if you prefer subtle gray, green, brown, or beige undertones.

Be sure to get samples painted on walls so you can view the Sherwin Williams colors in your actual lighting and next to furnishings. Colors appear differently on sample strips.

Complementary Paint Colors

The deep shade of Kendall charcoal can feel bold on walls. You may want to balance it out by repainting the trim or ceilings in a lighter color or using brighter accent shades. Here are some complementary colors to consider:

  • Bright white
  • Soft gray
  • Cream
  • Navy blue
  • Camel
  • Light brown
  • Gold
  • Rust
  • Forest green

You’ll notice these colors include neutral shades as well as some punchier, warmer tones. The rich drapes, pillows, and accessories in these colors will make the dark Kendall charcoal or Peppercorn walls feel cozy instead of gloomy.

Tips for Painting with Kendall Charcoal

Here are a few tips if you’ll be painting your space in one of these deep, dark charcoal gray paint colors:

  • Prime walls first for smooth, even coverage. A tinted primer in a similar gray shade helps hide imperfections.
  • Do samples. It’s the only way to truly see if the color matches your vision before committing to a whole room.
  • Use flat or eggshell finishes to minimize flaws in walls and ceilings.
  • Add lots of lighting. Strategic light fixtures prevent dark colors from feeling dreary and disorienting.
  • Accent with metallic finishes like bronze hardware and mirrors to add dimension and sheen.

Dark gray paint colors like the popular Kendall charcoal can create a comfortable, enveloping space when done right. By choosing the closest match from Sherwin Williams like Peppercorn and complementing it with plenty of lighting and accent colors, you can achieve a stylish, cozy look.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Peppercorn the same as Kendall charcoal?

Peppercorn SW 7674 by Sherwin Williams is the closest match to Kendall charcoal, but it is not exactly the same color. Kendall charcoal is made by Behr while Peppercorn is a Sherwin Williams original color. However, they are extremely similar dark charcoal gray paint colors.

What colors go well with charcoal gray walls?

Light neutrals like off-white, soft gray, and cream pair beautifully with charcoal gray walls, as do metallic finishes like bronze and gold. Navy blue, camel, forest green, and rust orange can also complement charcoal gray as accent colors.

What finish should I use with dark gray paint?

Flat or eggshell finishes are best for dark shades like charcoal gray. They minimize imperfections in the walls and ceiling better than glossy finishes. Satin or semi-gloss works well for trim in bathrooms and kitchens when paired with flat or eggshell walls.

Why does my charcoal gray look blue?

Some gray paints take on a blue cast. This can happen with darker shades in rooms with a lot of natural daylight. Blue-gray paint colors like Sherwin Williams Cityscape may also read more blue than expected. Adding warm accent colors can offset a blue undertone.

Is Sherwin Williams or Behr paint better?

Sherwin Williams and Behr are both quality mid-range paint brands. Sherwin Williams paints frequently rank higher in customer satisfaction due to their rich pigments and wide selection of colors. However, Behr also makes quality interior and exterior paints at a more affordable price point.


Kendall charcoal is a sophisticated, neutral dark gray that makes a beautiful interior wall color. For a similar look from Sherwin Williams, choices like Peppercorn, Caviar, and Grizzle Gray offer comparable deep, darker charcoal gray tones. Be sure to get samples before committing to the full room. Accent with plenty of lighting and cozy warm metals and fabrics to get the most out of your charcoal gray palette.