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What does a clear aura indicate?

What does a clear aura indicate?

Having a clear or transparent aura is generally seen as a positive sign spiritually. It can indicate that someone is in a healthy state physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. A clear aura shows that energy is able to flow freely around the person without blockages. Here’s a closer look at what qualities and states may lead to someone having a clear aura.

Physical Health

When someone has robust physical health, it supports having a clear aura. Their energy body is vibrating at a high, healthy frequency without distortion when the physical body is functioning well and free of illness or imbalance. Some signs of good physical health that promote an unfettered aura include:

  • Good circulation and blood flow
  • Proper nutrient absorption
  • Effective oxygenation of cells
  • Healthy organ function
  • Strong immune system
  • Lack of pain or disease
  • Physical flexibility and mobility
  • Sufficient vitality and stamina

With physical vitality, the energetic body can also operate at peak performance. When the body is compromised by injury, malnutrition, toxicity, or illness, it disrupts the energy field.

Mental Clarity

Mental clarity and focus also support an untainted aura. When the mind is clear, our energy flows freely. Thought patterns directly impact the aura, so being present and focused, as opposed to scattered and confused, keeps the energy field clean, smooth, and transparent. Signs of mental clarity that enable a pure aura include:

  • Ability to focus and concentrate
  • Being fully present and mindful
  • Calm awareness without agitation
  • Making sense of perceptions
  • Understanding situations rationally
  • Recalling memories easily
  • Making decisions intuitively
  • Problem solving effectively

With cognitive composure, our energy field can maintain its integrity. When the mind is clouded by stress, negativity, or jumbled thoughts, it creates static and opacity in the aura.

Emotional Balance

Being in an emotionally stable state also enables a person to have a clear, vibrant aura. When emotions are running high or out of control, it disturbs the energy field. Signs of emotional equilibrium that support an unpolluted aura include:

  • Feeling content and grounded
  • Handling life’s ups and downs gracefully
  • Expressing feelings constructively
  • Releasing negativity and anger freely
  • Coping well with triggers and stress
  • Having healthy self-esteem
  • Feeling love, joy, and serenity often
  • Letting go of fear, worry, and anxiety

With affect regulation, energetic flow remains smooth. When we’re overwhelmed by difficult emotions, it creates wrinkles and shadows in the aura.

Spiritual Openness

Being spiritually awake, curious, and perceptive also supports having a transparent aura. When we’re receptive to subtle energetic realms, it aligns us with our highest frequencies. Signs of spiritual openness that enable a lucid aura include:

  • Feeling connected to something greater
  • Practicing meditation, breathwork, or prayer
  • Feeling guided by intuition and inner wisdom
  • Being aware of synchronicities and spiritual messages
  • Pursuing mystical or metaphysical interests
  • Believing in inter-connectivity and oneness
  • Resonating with high-vibration crystals or symbols
  • Seeking truth through self-inquiry

With an awakened consciousness, we access clearer dimensions of energy. When we’re closed off to spiritual perceptions, it creates blurriness in the aura.

Loving Kindness

Embodying loving kindness and compassion for others also enables a pure aura. When our heart center is open and we emanate love, it elevates our vibration. Signs of a loving spirit that benefit the aura include:

  • Being friendly, helpful and caring
  • Expressing gratitude and forgiveness
  • Seeing the goodness in people
  • Volunteering or donating to charity
  • Treating all beings with respect
  • Spreading joy, laughter, and cheer
  • Practicing random acts of kindness
  • Sharing wisdom compassionately

With a loving attitude, our energy becomes refined. When we’re closed off emotionally, judge others, or emanate hostility, it clouds the aura.


In summary, a clear aura generally indicates someone who is balanced and aligned physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. When the body, mind, heart, and soul are operating in harmony, it creates a transparent, vibrant energy field. Expressing humanity’s higher qualities like mindfulness, stability, intuition, and compassion enables the aura to shine at its brightest. By developing ourselves in these areas, we can cultivate a lucid personal energy field.