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Do beige and maroon go together clothes?

Do beige and maroon go together clothes?

Quick Answer

Beige and maroon can work well together in an outfit when paired appropriately. Both are neutral earth tones that complement each other. The key is balancing the tones and textures to create a harmonious look. Maroon has a deeper, richer red-brown hue that can make beige pop. However, too much maroon with beige can look dull or washed out. When combining them, aim for beige as the dominant color with maroon accents in smaller pieces like shirts, scarves or shoes. This allows the beige to stand out while the maroon adds visual interest. Overall, beige and maroon can make a stylish color pairing with the right balance.

Exploring Beige and Maroon

Beige and maroon are both versatile neutral colors that work with a variety of skin tones and settings. Here is an overview of each shade:


– A pale brown color that can range from peachy undertones to yellowish tan hues
– Considered a neutral background color that is easy to pair with other shades
– Associated with natural, earthy and sophisticated style
– Works well in clothing that will be layered or combined with prints/patterns
– Flatters most complexions as a softer alternative to bright white


– A darker red-brown color with a hint of purple
– Deeper and richer than lighter tans but not as bold as true red
– Considered a neutral that provides subtle color without being overwhelming
– Associated with elegance, luxury and fall/winter fashion palettes
– Works well paired with beige, cream, black, gray and other earth tones
– Flatters cooler skin tones best

With their complementary earthy hues, beige and maroon can create simple yet eye-catching color combinations. Their rich, natural tones make them ideal for clothes like sweaters, trousers, skirts, dresses, coats and more. When styled well together, they convey classy polish.

Guidelines for Wearing Beige and Maroon

When pairing beige and maroon clothes, follow these guidelines to get the look right:

– Use beige as the main color and maroon for accents. Too much maroon can overpower beige.

– Balance textures like soft knits with sleek silks or add maroon leather shoes to a beige linen dress. This creates visual interest.

– Coordinate clothing pieces in similar color depths. A pale beige works better with muted maroon versus deeper shades.

– Anchor an outfit with beige bottoms and add a maroon top or sweater. Or vice versa for a maroon skirt with beige blouse.

– Accessorize with a maroon scarf, handbag or hat to make beige outfits pop. Resist overloading on too many maroon pieces.

– For prints and patterns, choose small-scale maroon florals, plaids or polka dots to complement solid beige pieces.

– Stick to a minimalist aesthetic. Beige and maroon work best in simple, clean silhouettes without loud prints or embellishments.

Beige and Maroon Color Combinations

Here are examples of beige and maroon pairings for women’s, men’s and formal outfits:

Women’s Outfits

– Beige trench coat with maroon sweater and jeans
– Maroon blouse tucked into a beige midi skirt
– Beige knit dress with maroon belt and heels
– Flowy maroon tank top with beige shorts
– Beige jumpsuit with maroon kimono jacket

Men’s Outfits

– Beige chinos with a maroon button-down shirt
– Maroon trousers paired with a light beige sport coat
– Beige sweater over a maroon polo shirt
– Beige suit with maroon tie
– Maroon crewneck tee with beige bomber jacket


– Beige evening gown with maroon shawl
– Maroon cocktail dress with beige heels and clutch
– Beige tuxedo with maroon bow tie
– Maroon suit paired with beige dress shirt
– Beige bridesmaid dresses with maroon floral accents

Tips for Wearing Beige and Maroon

– Soften an all beige outfit with maroon shoes or bag
– Add pops of maroon to beige with jewelry like earrings or a statement necklace
– Try a beige pantsuit with maroon heels for the office
– Layer a maroon turtleneck under a beige dress
– Mix textures like beige knit with maroon leather or suede
– Anchor neutral outfits with a maroon overcoat or topper
– Choose beige denim on bottom with a maroon sweater on top
– Pair a beige maxi skirt with maroon sandals in summer
– Mix maroon and beige prints for an eclectic look


Beige and maroon can create sophisticated, polished looks when combined tastefully. The key is using beige as the main neutral base and maroon as the accent. Focus on harmonious color depths and sleek silhouettes. When balanced correctly, this earth tone pairing oozes understated elegance. From casual weekend outfits to formalwear, beige and maroon effortlessly complement each other.