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Is Tickle Me pink a Crayola color?

Is Tickle Me pink a Crayola color?

Crayola is one of the most iconic and well-known brands of crayons and colored pencils in the world. With a history dating back to 1903, Crayola has produced over 3 billion crayons to date and currently manufactures around 3 million crayons every day in Easton, Pennsylvania.

Over the years, Crayola has introduced many unique and creative color names beyond the basic colors like red, blue, and yellow. Names like Radical Red, Laser Lemon, and Wild Watermelon have become part of Crayola’s branding. This has left many wondering about the origins of color names like Tickle Me Pink. Is Tickle Me Pink actually one of the official Crayola crayon colors? Let’s explore the history and find out.

History of Tickle Me Pink

Tickle Me Pink first emerged in the year 2000 as part of Crayola’s Heads ‘n Tails product line. This line was meant to appeal to “tweens” and featured 40 duo-ended crayons with unique color names and combinations.

Some of the color names in this line included Purr-ple, Peach Fuzz, Punk Rocker Pink, and Tickle Me Pink. Tickle Me Pink was formulated by Crayola as a vibrant pinkish-orange hue. The name evoked a sense of cheerfulness and fun.

The Heads ‘n Tails line and the Tickle Me Pink color were quite popular at the time of release. However, Crayola retired the full Heads ‘n Tails lineup, including Tickle Me Pink, just a few years later in 2003.

Was Tickle Me Pink Part of the Official Crayola Lineup?

Even though Tickle Me Pink was only available for a short 3 years, it was formulated and released as an official Crayola crayon color under the Heads ‘n Tails product line.

During its production run from 2000-2003, authentic Tickle Me Pink crayons bore Crayola branding and were only manufactured by Crayola. So Tickle Me Pink was indeed an official, trademark Crayola color name and original Crayola crayon formulation during this window.

However, since the retirement of the full Heads ‘n Tails lineup in 2003, Tickle Me Pink has not been available from Crayola and is no longer considered a current or active Crayola crayon color name. Authentic Tickle Me Pink Crayola crayons are now only found as novelty collectibles or vintage items from the early 2000s period.

Current Status of Tickle Me Pink

Here is a summary of the current status of Tickle Me Pink as of 2023:

Year Introduced 2000
Year Retired 2003
Number of Years in Production 3
Part of Crayola’s Current Lineup? No
Still Manufactured by Crayola? No
Color Family Pinkish-orange

As we can see, Tickle Me Pink was an official Crayola color for 3 years in the early 2000s as part of the Heads ‘n Tails lineup. However, since 2003, it has been retired and discontinued.

While Tickle Me Pink crayons are no longer produced by Crayola, some rare unused old stock may still be found online or in specialty vintage shops. But most Tickle Me Pink crayons available are now from the period when it was originally introduced and branded as a Crayola color.

Similar Current Crayola Colors

Even though Tickle Me Pink itself is retired, Crayola still produces many similar pink, pinkish-orange, and coral crayon colors in its current lineup:

Salmon Vivid pink-orange
Wild Watermelon Bright pinkish red
Pink Sherbert Pale muted pink
Pink Flamingo Bright luminous pink

While not exact matches, these currently available colors are the closest to capturing the spirit and hue of the retired Tickle Me Pink. So Crayola fans still have very similar color options to enjoy.

The Appeal and Legacy of Tickle Me Pink

In its short production span, Tickle Me Pink made quite an impact and built up endearing nostalgia. The color itself was vibrant, fun, and eye-catching. And the name Tickle Me Pink evoked feelings of cheer, spontaneity, and joy.

For those who grew up with Tickle Me Pink crayons in the early 2000s, the color represents treasured memories. And even today, Tickle Me Pink has an aura of novelty, individuality, and whimsy that endears it to Crayola fans and collectors.

While Tickle Me Pink was only around for a few years, it remains a color that made its mark. And it continues to be sought after online by nostalgic millennials who remember the clever Heads ‘n Tails crayons of their childhood. Tickle Me Pink may be retired, but its legacy still endures.


In summary, here are the key facts about Tickle Me Pink:

– It was an official Crayola crayon color from 2000-2003 as part of the Heads ‘n Tails lineup

– Tickle Me Pink has been retired since 2003 and is no longer manufactured by Crayola

– It was named by Crayola and exclusively produced as a Crayola crayon during its 3 years of existence

– Vintage Tickle Me Pink crayons today are collectibles from the early 2000s period of production

– Several current Crayola colors like Salmon and Pink Flamingo are similar in hue

– Tickle Me Pink developed a nostalgic legacy and appeal in its short lifespan

So while Tickle Me Pink is not currently available, it occupies a memorable niche in Crayola history having been one of their creative color formulations and names, even if only for a fleeting period in the early 2000s. For those who remember it fondly, Tickle Me Pink represents a delightful part of the Crayola experience.