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What are all the care bears called?

What are all the care bears called?

The Care Bears are a group of multi-colored bears that were originally created in the early 1980s. Each Care Bear has their own special power based on their personality. There have been many different Care Bear characters introduced over the decades across various TV shows, movies and product lines. Answering the question “what are all the Care Bears called?” requires looking at the full history of the Care Bears franchise.

Original 10 Care Bears from 1982

The original 10 Care Bears first appeared on greeting cards from American Greetings in 1982. These 10 Care Bears are considered the “classic” Care Bears and have stayed consistent throughout the history of the franchise. The original 10 Care Bears are:

Bedtime Bear A bear that helps people sleep
Birthday Bear A bear that helps celebrate birthdays
Cheer Bear A bear that promotes cheer and happiness
Friend Bear A bear that helps friendship
Funshine Bear A bear that promotes play and jokes
Good Luck Bear A bear that provides good luck
Grumpy Bear A bear that is grumpy but cares
Love-a-Lot Bear A bear that gives out love
Tenderheart Bear The bear that cares the most
Wish Bear A bear that grants wishes

These original 10 Care Bears would go on to be featured in the very first Care Bears movie in 1985 as well as the first Care Bears TV series in the mid-1980s. Their colors and symbols helped establish the trademark look and feel of the Care Bears.

The Next 10 Care Bears from 1983-1984

After the huge success of the initial 10 Care Bears, American Greetings introduced 10 more Care Bear characters in 1983 and 1984. These 10 Care Bears joined the original 10 as the main cast of Care Bears characters across TV, movies and merchandise in the 1980s. Here are the second wave of 10 Care Bears:

Baby Hugs Bear A playful baby bear
Baby Tugs Bear A playful baby bear
Champ Bear A bear that is athletic and competitive
Daydream Bear A bear that daydreams
Harmony Bear A bear that likes peace
I Love You Bear A bear that says “I love you”
Secret Bear A bear that keeps secrets
Share Bear A bear that shares
Surprise Bear A bear that surprises others
True Heart Bear A bear that has lots of love

Like the original batch of 10 Care Bears, this second group helped round out the cast of colorful bears and provide more diversity of personalities and abilities. Several of these Care Bears, like Champ Bear, Harmony Bear and Share Bear, would remain prominent characters in future Care Bears incarnations over the next few decades.

Care Bear Cousins from 1984-1985

In 1984 and 1985, American Greetings introduced another set of plush characters affiliated with the Care Bears – the Care Bear Cousins. Unlike the bears, the cousins were other animals like lions, rabbits and penguins. Here are the first 11 Care Bear Cousin characters:

Brave Heart Lion A courageous lion
Bright Heart Raccoon A smart raccoon
Cozy Heart Penguin A warm and cozy penguin
Gentle Heart Lamb A soft and cuddly lamb
Lotsa Heart Elephant A playful elephant who forgets
Loyal Heart Dog A loyal and true dog
Noble Heart Horse A wise and noble horse
Playful Heart Monkey A silly monkey
Proud Heart Cat A proud yet kind cat
Swift Heart Rabbit A speedy rabbit
Treat Heart Pig A bear that gives treats

The Care Bear Cousins joined the bears as regular cast members in the 1980s Care Bears cartoons and films. They added more diversity in terms of species and personalities to the Care Bears franchise. Many of the Cousins like Brave Heart Lion, Bright Heart Raccoon and Lotsa Heart Elephant remain popular characters today.

Later Additions in the 1980s-2000s

After the initial batch of Care Bears and Cousins were introduced in the 1980s, more characters continued to be added to the Care Bears family over the next two decades:

2000s Additions
America Cares Bear A patriotic bear
Bashful Heart Bear A shy bear
Best Friend Bear A friendly bear
Do Your Best Bear A bear that does their best
Heartsong Bear A bear that sings songs
Hopeful Heart Bear A hopeful bear
Laugh-a-Lot Bear A silly bear
Smart Heart Bear A brainy bear
Sweet Dreams Bear A bear that brings sweet dreams
Take Care Bear A helpful bear
1980s-90s Additions
Amigo Bear A Spanish-speaking bear
Best Friend Bear A friendly bear
Grams Bear A grandmotherly bear
Perfect and Polite Panda Polite panda twins
Romantic Heart Skunk A romantic skunk
Sea Friend Bear A bear who helps sea animals
Smart Heart Bear A brainy bear
Sweet Sakura Bear A Japanese cherry blossom bear
Thanks-a-Lot Bear A grateful bear
Work of Heart Bear A hard working bear

Over 20 more bears and cousins joined the gang during this period, expanding the world of Care-a-lot and providing new opportunities for storytelling and lessons about emotions. While not all of these additions remained major characters, it shows how the Care Bears franchise continued evolving over time.

The Newest Care Bears and Cousins

In the 21st century, new Care Bears and Cousins are still occasionally introduced. Here are some of the most recent additions to the Care Bears family:

Wonderheart Bear A curious bear
Great Giving Bear A charitable bear
Do Your Best Bear A bear that does their best
Laugh-a-Lot Bear A silly bear
Smart Heart Bear A brainy bear
Sweet Dreams Bear A bear that brings sweet dreams
Ultimate Bear A strong, athletic bear
Shine Bright Bear A star-loving bear
Work of Heart Bear A hard working bear
Silly Heart Llama A goofy llama cousin

Even in recent years, unique new Care Bears are still occasionally added to provide fresh stories and expand the citizens of Care-a-lot. While not all of them have staying power, it’s interesting to see the brand continue to grow even after 40 years.

Special Limited Edition Bears

In addition to the regular roster of Care Bears and Cousins, there have also been numerous limited edition bears released over the years. These are bears that were only available for a short time:

America Cares Bear 2002
Bunny Bear 2019
Crowned Heart Bear 2006
Forest Friend Bear 1985
Pink Power Bear 2003
Rosey Heart Bear 2005
Rainbow Heart Bear 2004
St. Patrick’s Day Bear 2003-2005
Winter Fun Bear 2019

Part of the appeal of collecting Care Bears is tracking down these unique limited edition bears that were only available for a short period of time or for a specific holiday. They make great additions for serious Care Bears collectors.

The Most Popular Care Bears

While there are now well over 50 Care Bear characters if you include all the limited editions, some of the bears definitely stand out as the most popular, iconic and well-known. Here are 5 of the most popular Care Bears of all time:

Cheer Bear
Funshine Bear
Love-a-Lot Bear
Bedtime Bear
Grumpy Bear

These classic bears from the very beginning of the franchise are the ones that most people think of first when imagining Care Bears. They appeared heavily in merchandise, cartoons and movies and became ingrained in pop culture of the 1980s and beyond.

The Villains

Lastly, throughout Care Bear history there have been various villain characters that the bears and cousins have had to face. Here are the major Care Bears villains over the decades:

Professor Coldheart A mad scientist
Frostbite Ice beast assistant to Coldheart
Dark Heart An evil spirit
Shreeky Niece of No Heart
Beastly Dimwitted assistant to No Heart
No Heart The Bears’ main nemesis
Grizzle Villain in 2000s series

These infamous villains provided antagonists and threats for the caring, kind heroes to overcome through the various TV series and films over the decades. No Heart, in particular, stands out as the most dastardly opponent to the peace and good vibes of the Care Bears.


So in conclusion, since the Care Bears debuted in 1982, there have been over 50 primary Care Bear characters that make up the world of Care-a-lot. From the original iconic bears like Cheer Bear and Bedtime Bear to more recent additions like Wonderheart Bear, the Care Bear family continues to expand. For devoted collectors, the full roster provides many different lovable bears and cousins to find, appreciate and add to their collections. The core message of caring and sharing remains consistent even as new characters arise. For many children of the 80s, Care Bears bring back fond memories. And new generations continue discovering these adorable, multi-colored plush bears that want nothing more than to spread love throughout the world.