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What does color purple mean in the dream?

What does color purple mean in the dream?

The color purple is often associated with royalty, nobility, luxury, power, and ambition. In dreams, the color purple can have different meanings depending on the context and your personal associations. Generally, purple is thought to represent feelings, the supernatural, spiritual awareness, and the subconscious. Seeing the color purple in your dreams may reflect thoughts, emotions, or situations in your waking life that relate to these themes.

Meanings Associated with the Color Purple

Here are some common meanings associated with seeing the color purple in dreams:

Royalty and Nobility

Purple is historically associated with royalty, nobility, and high status. Dreaming of the color purple can symbolize feeling prestigious, accomplished, ambitious, or being honored. It may relate to aspirations of improving your status and influence.

Spirituality and Mysticism

Purple has spiritual and mystical connotations. Seeing purple in a dream may reflect spiritual thoughts, experiences, or a connection with a higher power. It can also represent the esoteric, magical, or supernatural elements of life.

Creativity and Imagination

Purple evokes creativity and imagination. Dreaming in purple can mean you are embracing your creative potential or exploring imaginative ideas. It may encourage creative self-expression.

Wisdom and Enlightenment

As a blend of red and blue, purple represents a balance of passion and calm. It is thought to signify wisdom, insight, and enlightenment. A purple dream may indicate the discovery of an inner truth or meaningful lesson.

Independence and Individuality

Purple’s uniqueness relates to free thinking, individuality, and visionary leadership. A purple dream reflects your desire to forge your own path and express your independence.

Compassion and Sensitivity

The soothing qualities of purple denote compassion, sympathy, and sensitivity. Dreaming of purple can represent getting in touch with tender feelings and supporting others.

Common Purple Dream Scenarios and Their Meanings

Here are some common dream scenarios involving the color purple and potential meanings:

Purple Objects

Dreaming of purple objects like clothes, flowers, cars, or jewelry, may simply reflect your preference for that color. Alternatively, it can symbolize embracing the meanings associated with purple. Pay attention to the object and other contextual dream details.

For example, dreaming of a vivid purple gemstone may indicate awakening mystical abilities or need to get in touch with your spiritual side. A purple car could represent a desire for more prestige and status.

Purple Sky

A purple sky is highly symbolic, suggesting magical or spiritual forces at play. It may reflect your awakened imagination or sense of possibility. Or it can mean an issue requires compassion and spiritual guidance.

Purple Room

Being in an all-purple room symbolizes fully immersing yourself in what purple represents based on the room’s characteristics. For instance, a purple music studio stimulates creative energy, while a purple library reflects pursuit of wisdom.

Purple Animals

Purple animals like dogs, cats, snakes, or elephants act as spirit guides for the dreamer. Pay close attention to the animal’s behavior for a message. For example, a purple elephant may indicate the need to develop strength, patience, and compassion to handle an issue.

Purple Food and Drink

Eating or drinking purple foods like grapes, candy, juice, or wine suggests taking in and benefitting from the attributes purple represents. It may reflect longing or actively cultivating these qualities.

What It Means When Purple Is Paired With Other Colors

When purple appears with other colors in a dream, they mix symbolism in different ways:

Purple and Red

This dynamic combination amplifies passions, romance, ambition, courage, and action. It may signify embracing your drive, desires, and power.

Purple and Blue

Blending purple and blue enhances the spiritual, wise, sensitive, and imaginative meanings of each. It reflects deepening understanding and connection between your logical and mystical sides.

Purple and Green

Paired together, purple and green represent the union of creativity, compassion, and growth. Your dream encourages you to nurture your talents, ideas, and relationships.

Purple and Gold

This regal pairing emphasizes luxury, prestige, enlightenment, and divine guidance. It may symbolize amplifying your ambition or seeking meaningful wisdom.

Purple and Black

When purple and black combine, the dream takes on a mystical, exotic, or secretive tone. It may relate to the unknown, mystery, solitude, or facing unconscious matters.


In dreams, the color purple often symbolizes imagination, creativity, wisdom, compassion, spirituality, and the mystical side of life. However, the exact meaning depends on the shade of purple, what it is associated with, and other dream circumstances that reveal your personal connections with the color. Pay attention to the purple-related feelings and situations present in the dream and how they may relate to activities or issues in your waking life. This can provide further insight into the meaningful message your subconscious mind is conveying through your purple dream. Recording dreams with purple and reflecting on the insights and guidance they offer can empower you to make positive changes aligned with your truth.