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What compliments blue in a bathroom?

What compliments blue in a bathroom?

Choosing colors for a bathroom can be tricky. With blue as the dominant color, it is important to find shades that complement it well. The right color palette can create a soothing, spa-like atmosphere. This article will explore what colors go well with blue in bathroom design.

Neutral Tones

Pairing blue with neutral tones like white, beige and grey is a safe, classic combination. These muted shades allow the blue to really pop while keeping the space feeling airy and open. Here are some tips for integrating blue and neutrals:

  • White subway tile is a timeless backsplash option that lets your blue walls or tilework take center stage.
  • Light grey cabinets keep the look modern while contrasting nicely off blue walls.
  • Beige granite or quartz countertops warm up the space and complement both blue and white.
  • Use white towels and shower liners to keep your blue tile or accents looking crisp.

Neutral shades are easy to work into any style of bathroom, from traditional to contemporary. They create a blank canvas that lets the blue tones shine.

Earthy Hues

Natural, earthy colors like terra cotta, moss green, sand and slate also make elegant partners for blue in the bathroom. These grounded shades add subtle texture and dimension. Ideas for integrating blue with earth tones include:

  • Terra cotta floor tiles that contrast beautifully against blue walls or shower tile.
  • Sage or olive green towels that bring out the green undertones in blue paint or accessories.
  • Brown basketweave tile as an accent in a walk-in shower with blue mosaic tilework.
  • Slate stone vessel sinks with metallic blue faucets for an organic look.

Earth tones keep the bathroom feeling grounded and natural. They also pick up on greener shades in vibrant blue hues.

Metallic Accents

For some shimmer and shine, metallics like gold, silver, bronze and copper work magic with blue. Mixing these luxurious materials creates an elegant, glamorous look. Metallics to consider include:

  • Oil-rubbed bronze faucets, showerheads and lighting fixtures.
  • Silver, gold or copper mosaic tile as an accent in the shower or backsplash.
  • Gold frame for the bathroom mirror.
  • Metallic blue glass or stone tile for a dual metallic color scheme.

Metallics add eye-catching style and a bit of luxury. Use them sparingly against blue walls or tilework to really make them pop.

Vibrant Accent Colors

While neutral tones play it safe, you can use splashy accent colors to make a bold blue bathroom statement. Vibrant shades like coral, mint green, violet and yellow create an energizing, lively space. Accent color ideas include:

  • Coral artwork, vases or decorative towels.
  • Mint green walls or shower tile for a refreshing spa vibe.
  • Violet hand towels or bath mats to tie in blue and add femininity.
  • Sunny yellow ceramic bathroom accessories.

Have fun mixing and matching different accent colors. Stick to one vibrant shade or create a colorful collage for eclectic charm.

Variant Shades of Blue

Playing with different shades and tones of blue is another attractive option. Lighter sky blues pair airily with navy or royal blues. Mixing glossy and matte textures also adds interest. Ideas for working in blue variants include:

  • Navy vanity with sky blue walls.
  • Royal blue shower tile with baby blue shower curtain.
  • Glossy teal ceramic bathroom accessories against a matte blue vanity.
  • Distressed denim blue walls with bright azure accents.

Having a monochromatic blue scheme creates unity while still allowing contrast through tone and texture.


When designing a blue bathroom, the possibilities are wide open. Neutrals, earth tones, metallics, accent colors and different shades of blue all make stylish partnerships. Keep these tips in mind:

  • Stick with 2-4 complementary colors for the most appealing palette.
  • Neutral backdrops let the blue really stand out while earth tones add subtle depth.
  • Metallics and bright accent colors liven up the space for a bolder look.
  • Vary tones and textures within blue for cohesive style.

With so many options, you’re sure to find a color scheme that brings out the best in your beautiful blue bathroom. Have fun exploring different pairings and create a space you love coming home to.

Color Scheme Examples
Neutrals White subway tile, light grey cabinets, beige granite countertops
Earth Tones Terra cotta floor tile, sage towels, slate stone sinks
Metallics Oil-rubbed bronze fixtures, silver mosaic tile accents, gold mirror frame
Vibrant Accents Coral artwork, mint walls, violet towels, yellow accessories
Blue Variants Navy vanity with sky walls, glossy teal with matte blue