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Is Ravenclaw dark blue?


The house colors of Ravenclaw in the Harry Potter universe have been the subject of much debate among fans. While Ravenclaw is often associated with the color blue, there has been disagreement over precisely what shade of blue is used for the house. Some argue that Ravenclaw’s blue is a dark navy blue, while others insist it is a bright royal blue. This article will examine the evidence from the Harry Potter books and movies to determine if Ravenclaw’s blue is officially classified as a dark blue.

Descriptions of Ravenclaw Blue in the Books

In the Harry Potter novels, Ravenclaw house colors are described as “blue and bronze.” However, the exact shade of blue is never specified by J.K. Rowling. There are a few passages that give hints as to the nature of the blue color:

– In Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, the Ravenclaw table in the Great Hall is described as draped in blue. This suggests a darker, deeper blue rather than a bright royal blue, as a bold color would likely have been described more vividly.

– When the Ravenclaw common room is first introduced in Order of the Phoenix, it is described as a wide, circular room with a midnight blue carpet. The “midnight blue” carpet implies a dark navy blue rather than a lighter blue.

– Luna Lovegood, a Ravenclaw student, is often described as wearing eccentric accessories like earrings made of blue radishes. The “blue” description likely matches Ravenclaw house colors, suggesting Luna wears dark blue earrings rather than bright blue.

So in the novels, Ravenclaw blue tends to be described using words associated with darker shades of blue, like “midnight.” Bright or light blues are never explicitly mentioned.

Ravenclaw Blue in the Movies

The film adaptations of Harry Potter portray Ravenclaw’s colors as a relatively dark blue, though perhaps not as dark as a true navy or midnight blue.

In the movies, Ravenclaw students wear ties and scarves striped with alternating blue and bronze colors. The blue is noticeably darker than the bright bronze but not so dark as to be considered a true navy blue. It appears to be more of a deep royal blue tone.

The Ravenclaw common room also has dark blue tapestries and furnishings, richer than a bright primary blue but not a midnight blue. The carpet has a similar deep blue color.

So while not quite a navy, the films do use a darker, more subtle blue than a vivid royal blue to represent Ravenclaw.

Official Merchandise

In official Harry Potter merchandise like clothing, house robes, and costumes, the Ravenclaw blue also tends to be on the darker side, though the exact shade can vary. For example, an official Ravenclaw tie sold on uses a relatively dark blue, though it appears lighter than the blue used in the movies.

Some other Ravenclaw products, like t-shirts, use similar deeper, muted blues for the house colors. Overall, most Harry Potter merchandise opts for a subtle, darker blue over bright shades for Ravenclaw designs.


While Ravenclaw blue is never explicitly described as “dark blue” in the novels, there are clues that it is intended to be a darker, deeper shade based on descriptive words like “midnight.” The films consistently use a dark royal blue in Ravenclaw designs, rather than bright primary colors. And most official Harry Potter merchandise also incorporates darker blues for Ravenclaw items.

So while not officially confirmed, the overall evidence suggests Ravenclaw’s house color blue is generally depicted as a darker, subtler blue than a bright tone. Most fans and designers seem to agree Ravenclaw blue is best classified as a “dark blue.” But there is no definitive ruling that it must be a navy shade – Ravenclaw blue exists on a spectrum from dark royal to midnight blue according to different portrayals. So while it may not always be “navy,” Ravenclaw does appear to be associated with darker shades of blue within the Harry Potter universe.

Visual Depictions

Type Description Image
Book Cover Art Most Harry Potter book cover art shows Ravenclaw designs in a subdued, deep blue tone. Ravenclaw book cover art
Movies The films use a rich, dark royal blue for Ravenclaw rather than a bright tone. Ravenclaw movie colors
Merchandise Official merchandise often uses a dark blue, like this tie. Ravenclaw tie

Examples in Fan Culture

Beyond the official Harry Potter books, movies, and merchandise, Ravenclaw’s dark blue color is also frequently represented by fans:

– On fan sites like, Ravenclaw dusk blue is commonly used for house colors and crests. Fans recognize this as the “official” Ravenclaw blue tone.

– Popular fan art and house logos on sites like DeviantArt tend to use shades like navy, dark blue, or blue-black for Ravenclaw designs.

– Custom Ravenclaw products on Etsy designed by Harry Potter fans, like t-shirts and mugs, overwhelmingly opt for dark blues over bright blues.

So within the greater Harry Potter fan culture, there is a widespread consensus that Ravenclaw blue is on the darker end of the blue spectrum, even if not quite a midnight blue. Fans have adopted the dark blue tones seen in the films and official merch as Ravenclaw’s “true” house color.

Notable Exceptions

There are some exceptions where Ravenclaw is portrayed with a brighter blue:

– On Pottermore, Ravenclaw blue appears slightly lighter and brighter in some illustrations, though still relatively muted compared to primary blue.

– The Harry Potter Lego sets use a more medium shade of blue for Ravenclaw, likely to better distinguish it from the black minifigures.

– Some third party licensed products like costumes use vivid royal blues for Ravenclaw.

However, these exceptions seem to be driven more by practical design considerations rather than an attempt to officially change Ravenclaw’s blue to a brighter tone. The core Harry Potter canon still sticks to darker blues.

Why Dark Blue Makes Sense

Using a darker shade of blue for Ravenclaw house provides visual cohesion with the house’s other colors and values. Navy blue has an intellectual, thoughtful vibe befitting Ravenclaw’s reputation for wisdom. Dark blue is subtle and reserved compared to the bold red of Gryffindor or flashy yellow of Hufflepuff. A darker blue better matches the bronze accents also associated with Ravenclaw.

Additionally, a darker Ravenclaw blue helps differentiate the house from Gryffindor and Slytherin. Bright royal blue would look too similar to Gryffindor red, especially on film. And lighter blues might blend in too much with Slytherin’s green. A navy or midnight blue stands out and is uniquely Ravenclaw.


While never definitively stated in canon, the evidence suggests Ravenclaw house colors are intended to be a shade of dark blue. Exactly how dark the blue appears varies somewhat across mediums – film, merchandise, books, and games. But Ravenclaw blue is almost always depicted as a deeper, more muted blue tone compared to the bright primary blue some fans imagine. Dark blue aligns with Ravenclaw values and helps the house stand out. So while not quite “navy,” Ravenclaw does tend to be associated with darker blues, earning it a reputation as the “dark blue” Hogwarts house.