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What color bra should I wear with a see through shirt?

Quick Answers

See-through shirts come in many different fabrics, colors and styles. When picking a bra to wear underneath, consider complementing the color of the shirt or creating an intentional contrast. Look for bras with minimal lines and seem detailing. Nude, white and black bras tend to work well under light colored or sheer shirts. Peach, blush and grey bras can provide a neutral base without being stark white. Bright colored bras in similar tones as the shirt can also look very stylish. Ultimately comfort is key – pick whatever bra makes you feel confident and sexy!

Choosing Bra Colors and Styles for Sheer Shirts

See-through and sheer shirts have become a staple in many women’s wardrobes. They can add sexiness and flair to an outfit. However, these tops often require some thoughtful bra considerations. You want supportive undergarments that won’t distract or clash with the sheer fabric. Here are some tips on picking bras for see-through shirts:

Match the Bra Color to the Shirt

Selecting a bra in a similar color family as your top is one foolproof option. For example, pair a purple bra under a lavender blouse. Or try a navy bra under a light blue sheer shirt. This creates a seamless look under the translucent fabric. The bra blends into the shirt, almost like an undershirt.

Go for Neutral Shades Like Nude, White and Black

You can never go wrong matching a see-through top with a nude, white or black bra. These flesh-toned and neutral shades work with just about anything. Nude bras come in a wide variety of “skin” colors, so you can find an exact match to pair with sheer white or light colored shirts. White and black bras give you crisp contrast under darker translucent tops.

Consider Subtle Color Contrasts

Sometimes matching the bra color exactly to the shirt can look a bit dull. Have fun by intentionally pairing colors that complement each other. Try a vivid pink bra under a red dress or combine orange and yellow for a bright citrus vibe. Blue and green are tranquil shades that work well together. Just be sure the colors you choose are in the same color family for a cohesive look.

Pay Attention to Bra Style and Lines

The style of undergarment you choose also impacts its look under a sheer blouse or dress. Look for bras with seamless cups and minimal lines for the smoothest silhouette. Contour and t-shirt bras are ideal options. Avoid bras with a lot of lace, mesh or cut-out details that could show through your see-through top.

Factors that Affect Bra Choice

When shopping for the perfect bra to wear under sheer clothing, keep these factors in mind:

The Fabric of the Sheer Top

– Sheer chiffon or lace fabrics are the most delicate and revealing. They require nude or tonal bras to avoid visibility.
– Lightweight crepe fabrics still require a nude or matching bra but can hide lines a bit better.
– Sheer knit tops made of linen, cotton voile, etc. can disguise bra lines more easily.

The Color of the Sheer Top

– Soft pastels and bright whites necessitate nude bras that closely match your skin tone.
– Deeper colors like black, navy or jewel tones can pair well with black or white bras.
– Bright and vivid colored shirts allow you to get creative with similarly colored bras or vibrant contrasts.

Coverage Level of the Sheer Top

– Tops with small sheer cutout panels can handle a wider variety of bra choices.
– Fully sheer shirts that expose your whole upper body require seamless, tonal bras.
– Partially sheer fabrics still disguise bras better than entirely transparent materials.

Your Bra Size and Fit Needs

– Larger bust sizes may require bras with more coverage and support, limiting sheer-friendly options.
– Get professionally fitted so you buy bras offering your ideal lift, shape and cup fit.
– Prioritize comfort so you feel good in the bra all day under a see-through top.

Bra Recommendations for Common Sheer Shirt Styles

Lace Sheer Blouses

– Nude bra with minimal lines – Try a contour or t-shirt bra.
– White or black bra for dark colored lace blouses.
– Adhesive stick-on bras can avoid lines under lace.

Chiffon High-Neck Sheer Tops

– Nude convertible bras, great for racerbacks and adjustable straps.
– Lightly lined bralettes provide support without bulk.
– Wireless bras prevent strap lines at the neck.

Sheer Cut-Out Shoulder Dresses

– Colored bras that match or contrast the dress.
– Multi-way bras allow customizable strap positioning.
– Plunge bra shapes work well with lower cut necklines.

Mesh Sheer Panel Tops

– Patterned colorful bras under dark mesh panelling.
– Strapless longline bras if mesh exposes the midriff.
– Reusable silicone nipple covers offer discreet coverage.

How to Test Bra Visibility Under Sheer Shirts

The best way to check if your bra shows through a new sheer top is to test it at home:

– Hold the sheer garment up to your body as if wearing it.

– Have a friend take photos from the front and back to see the bra’s visibility.

– Pose with your arms raised which pulls the fabric taut across your bra.

– Check the photos and videos to see if your bra is detectable. Zoom in for a close up view.

– Try on the sheer shirt with different bra colors and styles to compare.

– Examine the bra lines across the cup area and extending over the shoulders.

– Look for any lace, embellishments or seams peeking through the flimsy fabric.

– Evaluate how see-through the top appears overall when worn over each bra option.

– Choose the bra that remains discreet even when stretching and moving around.

Conducting a visibility test will take the guesswork out of choosing undergarments for delicate sheers. Take photos with your phone each time you try a new bra with the sheer shirt. Compare to find your best match.

Find the Right Bra for YOU

The key is finding a bra that makes you look and feel attractive in your favorite sheer top. The “right” bra depends on your body type, shirt style and comfort preferences. It may take some trial and error. If you have a smaller bust size, you likely have more options for colors, fabrics and shapes. Those with larger cup sizes may need to prioritize support and coverage. Grab your favorite see-through blouses and have fun trying different bras during at-home fashion shows. The confidence boost from that perfect bra will radiate through any sheer top!


Sheer and see-through tops make a bold fashion statement, but choosing the right bra is key. Look for tonal colors that match or seamless nude bras that blend with your skin. Prioritize smooth fabrics and muted patterns without lines that show through. Contrasting colors can also look very stylish if done intentionally. Comfort is critical, so find wireless, convertible and multi-way bras if needed. Use at-home bra tests before wearing your sheer shirts out. With the right knowledge and preparation, you can rock sheer tops with confidence and class. Your dream bra is out there waiting to be found!

Bra Color Best Suited For
Nude Sheer white or light colored tops
White Bold dark sheer fabrics
Black Dramatic black or jewel tone sheers
Matching color Tops in same color family as bra
Contrasting color Making a vibrant color statement
Patterned Sheer shirts with opaque panels
Bra Style Benefits
Contour Seamless, smooth look
T-shirt Molded cups, minimal lines
Bralette No wires, comfortable
Convertible/Multi-way Customizable for any top
Adhesive Invisible look
Wireless No straps or bands