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How do you make the white text sign in Minecraft?


Making signs with white text in Minecraft can allow players to leave hidden messages or create striking displays. There are a couple different methods players can use to make these white text signs in survival or creative mode. The basic requirements are having access to signs and a way to apply formatting codes to the sign text.

What are Formatting Codes?

Formatting codes are used to modify the appearance of text in Minecraft. They are inserted into text by starting with a section symbol § followed by a letter or number code.

For example:

§f White text
§0 Black text
§4 Dark red text

Adding these codes before text will change its color or formatting. The §f code is the one that can make white text on signs.

Using Item Frames and Glow Ink

One way to make white text signs in survival Minecraft is by using item frames and glow ink sacs. This is how it’s done:

  1. Craft a sign and place it where you want.
  2. Type out the text you want to appear white using the §f code before each line.
  3. Place item frames on the front of the sign over each line of text.
  4. Put a glow ink sac in each item frame – this will make the text behind it appear invisible.

The glow ink sacs essentially create transparent blocks that hide the colored text behind them, leaving only the white text visible. This method allows making hidden messages or text displays.

Using Commands to Format Signs

In creative mode or on servers where commands are enabled, you can use commands to instantly format sign text.

The /data merge block command can be used to apply formatting or custom text.

For example:

/data merge block x y z {Text1:'{"text":"§fHello"}'}

This would place a sign at the coordinates x y z with white text “Hello” on the first line.

To make an entire sign have white text, you’d need 4 commands – one for each line:

/data merge block x y z {Text1:'{"text":"§fLine 1"}'}

/data merge block x y z {Text2:'{"text":"§fLine 2"}'}

/data merge block x y z {Text3:'{"text":"§fLine 3"}'}

/data merge block x y z {Text4:'{"text":"§fLine 4"}'}

This allows easily creating elaborate white text signs without needing glow ink or item frames.

Tips for Using White Text Signs

Here are some tips to use white text signs effectively in your Minecraft builds:

– Place signs on darker blocks like obsidian so the white text pops out

– Use glowstone or sea lanterns behind signs to make the text glow

– Experiment with different text sizes and positions for unique effects

– Add item frames with items to just portions of the sign to selectively hide text

– Use commands to quickly duplicate white text signs for displays

– Hide secret messages in walls or floors using this trick


Making white text signs in Minecraft is easy once you know how to apply formatting codes or hide text with glow ink. Item frames and commands give you a couple different options to try out. Use your newfound knowledge to leave hidden messages around your world or liven up text displays with bold white text. A little creativity can go a long way when experimenting with Minecraft’s sign and text options.

Whether you’re building in survival or using commands in creative mode, white text signs can add a touch of mystery and style to any Minecraft project. Now you know the methods – time to start experimenting and show off your sign making skills! Dazzle other players with your impressive white text displays.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions about making white text signs in Minecraft:

How do you type in different colors on Minecraft signs?

You can type in different colors by using formatting codes that start with § followed by a number or letter. For example: §f for white, §4 for dark red, §b for blue. Add the code before the text to change its color.

What is the code for white text in Minecraft?

The formatting code to make white text is §f. Simply put §f before any text to change it to white. For example: §fHello would display white text of Hello.

Can you put color codes on signs in Minecraft Bedrock Edition?

Yes, color codes work the same way on signs in Bedrock Edition. Add a § symbol and code like §f before text to change its color. Bedrock supports the same formatting codes for colors, styles, etc.

How do you make invisible text on signs?

There are a couple ways to make invisible text:

1. Use item frames with glow ink sacs to hide the text behind them.

2. Use the §k code to completely remove text. For example: §kHello would make the text disappear.

Can you use RGB codes on Minecraft signs?

Unfortunately RGB color codes are only supported for text in books and character names. They do not work on text for signs, chat, etc. You need to use the predefined color codes with the § symbol for those.

Other Creative Uses for Formatting Codes

Beyond white text, formatting codes open lots of creative options for customizing text in Minecraft. Here are some other fun uses:

  • §k for invisible text on signs
  • §l and §o for bold and italic text
  • §n for underlined text
  • §m for strikethrough text
  • §d §e for gradient text fading from green to yellow
  • §g §h §i for rainbow gradient text

Take some time to experiment with all the different formatting codes and see what kinds of unique text effects you can put on signs, in books, chat messages, and custom player names. The possibilities are endless!

Downloading Custom Fonts and Textures

Beyond the default options, there are also custom fonts and text textures you can download to further customize signs and other text in Minecraft.

Some options include:

– Beautiful Handwriting font for fancy script text

– Cursive and Calligraphy fonts for elegant flowing text

– Glyphs and Symbols packs for special characters

– Pixel art textures for text bubbles, pop art words, etc

With add-ons and texture packs, you can give your text all sorts of interesting styles. Go wild with colorful bubble letters, retro gaming fonts, handwritten notes, and more. Give your signs some extra panache!

Displaying Images and Art on Signs

Using commands, add-ons, and resource packs, you can also import custom images or artwork into your Minecraft world for signs and banners. Options include:

  • Custom crafted paintings
  • Imported skin files for player portraits
  • Pixel art converters to generate schematics
  • Programs to design custom textures

With the right tools, you can turn any image into a Minecraft creation. Make pixel perfect replicas of real world art and photography. Create mosaics and sprites. The artistic possibilities are wide open.

Animating Signs with Redstone

For more advanced players, you can even animate sign text by hooking up redstone circuits to quickly switch between different messages.

Create scrolling marquees, flashing alerts, slot machine displays, and mini games. The redstone options are nearly limitless.

Connecting signs to command blocks also opens more possibilities like randomly generated or interactive messages.

Let your imagination run wild and use redstone circuits to really bring your text displays to life!


Minecraft offers so many options for creative and advanced text displays. Formatting codes give simple control over text colors. While add-ons, commands, and redstone open the door to fully customized fonts, images, and animations.

So go try out some white text signs in your next build. And explore all the other text possibilities Minecraft has to offer. The world is your canvas to paint with words and images. Show off your style with fun and vibrant in-game text creations.