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Why won’t Color Dungeon open?

If you’re having trouble opening the Color Dungeon in The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening, there are a few potential reasons why it may not be working.

Make Sure You Have the Color Dungeon Item

The first thing to check is whether you have obtained the Color Dungeon item – the Pegasus Boots. This item is required to open the dungeon. Here’s how to get the Pegasus Boots:

  • Complete the Key Cavern dungeon and obtain the Angler Key.
  • Go to the upper right part of the map, use the Angler Key to open the gate, and enter the hole.
  • Defeat the mini-boss to receive the Pegasus Boots.

If you don’t have the Pegasus Boots in your inventory, you won’t be able to open the Color Dungeon door.

Check That You Are at the Correct Location

The Color Dungeon entrance is located in the upper left area of the map, north of the Catfish Maw dungeon. Go up the steps and walk left until you see a brown spiked dungeon door.

Use the Pegasus Boots in front of the door by pressing and holding the B Button. Link will dash into the door three times until the spikes retract and the door opens.

If you don’t see the brown spiked door, you may be in the wrong location. Refer to a map online or in the game’s manual to find the correct Color Dungeon entrance.

Make Sure the Game is Not Glitched

In rare cases, the Color Dungeon may fail to open due to a glitch or bug in the game. Here are some things to try if you think the game is glitched:

  • Reset the game by saving, powering off the Game Boy, and restarting.
  • Try entering and exiting another dungeon, then return to the Color Dungeon door.
  • Start a new game file and see if the dungeon opens properly at the start.

If none of those fix it, the cartridge itself may have a defect that is preventing the Color Dungeon from working as intended.

Make Sure You Have the Latest Game Version

When The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening first released on the Game Boy in 1993, the Color Dungeon was not present. It was added later in a re-release.

Check which version you have:

  • Original 1993 release – Color Dungeon is not included
  • DX version (1998) – Color Dungeon is included
  • Switch remake (2019) – Color Dungeon is included

If you only have the original 1993 Link’s Awakening, you won’t have access to the Color Dungeon at all unfortunately.

Try the Dungeon Again Later

If you’re sure you meet the requirements to open Color Dungeon, try coming back to the door a bit later. Sometimes glitches resolve themselves after playing longer.

Continue progressing through the game, completing other dungeons and quests for now.

After a few more hours of playtime, return to the Color Dungeon entrance and attempt to open it again with the Pegasus Boots.

Taking a break and making progress elsewhere may fix the issue if it is related to a temporary glitch.

Check for Physical Damage to the Game Cartridge

In some cases, the game cartridge itself could be damaged, resulting in certain parts of the game being inaccessible.

Examine the Link’s Awakening cartridge for any physical signs of damage such as:

  • Corrosion around the pins or contacts
  • Cracks or pieces broken off of the plastic cart
  • Dirty cartridge pins

Carefully clean the cartridge pins with isopropyl alcohol and insert it into the Game Boy firmly. Try accessing the Color Dungeon again.

If the cart appears clearly damaged or still doesn’t work, the hardware itself may be faulty and need replacing.


The Color Dungeon in Link’s Awakening is a unique challenge, but sometimes tricky to access. By checking you have the Pegasus Boots, finding the right dungeon entrance, ruling out glitches, and examining your game cartridge, you should be able to get the dungeon open.

If all else fails, obtaining a replacement Link’s Awakening cartridge is recommended to experience the full game.

Potential Issue Solution
Missing Pegasus Boots item Complete Key Cavern dungeon to obtain it
Wrong location Go to upper left area, north of Catfish Maw
Game glitch Reset console, re-enter dungeon
Outdated game version Obtain DX or Switch remake with Color Dungeon
Temporary glitch Progress further, return later
Damaged cartridge Clean pins, repair/replace if needed

We hope these tips help get you into the Color Dungeon to enjoy its unique challenges! Let us know if you have any other questions.

Related Questions

How do I get the Pegasus Boots in Link’s Awakening?

To obtain the Pegasus Boots, you must first complete the Key Cavern dungeon and acquire the Angler Key. Take the Angler Key to the upper right area of the map and unlock the gate. Enter the hole and defeat the mini-boss inside to receive the Pegasus Boots item.

Where is the Color Dungeon located?

The Color Dungeon entrance is situated in the upper left region of the Link’s Awakening map. Go up the steps north of the Catfish Maw dungeon and head left. You’ll come across a brown spiked door – this is the Color Dungeon.

What do I need to enter Color Dungeon?

The only mandatory item needed to open the Color Dungeon door is the Pegasus Boots. However, having the Level 2 Power Bracelet and Roc’s Feather can help significantly with navigating the dungeon’s puzzles and obstacles once inside.

Why can’t I get into the Color Dungeon?

Common reasons you may not be able to access Color Dungeon include not having the Pegasus Boots item, being at the wrong location, game glitches, having an outdated version without the dungeon, or physical damage to the game cartridge.

How do I fix Color Dungeon not opening?

Solutions include obtaining the Pegasus Boots, verifying you are at the correct location, resetting the game, upgrading to DX or Switch version, trying again later if glitched, cleaning cartridge pins, or acquiring a new working game cartridge.

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