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Is Cicapair Tiger Grass Cream for day or night?

Cicapair Tiger Grass Cream from Dr. Jart+ is a color-correcting treatment that can be used both day and night. The lightweight cream helps soothe skin and neutralize redness while providing moisture and SPF protection during the day. At night, it works to calm irritation and reduce redness. Here is a more in-depth look at how Cicapair Tiger Grass Cream can be incorporated into both daytime and nighttime skincare routines.

Key Features of Cicapair Tiger Grass Cream

Cicapair Tiger Grass Cream contains a blend of nourishing, protective ingredients to help improve the look of skin. Key features and benefits include:

  • Tiger grass (Centella Asiatica) extract – Soothes skin and minimizes redness
  • Mineral-based SPF 30 – Protects against UVA/UVB rays
  • Houttuynia cordata extract – Helps improve skin’s defenses
  • Heartleaf Houttuynia (Houttuynia cordata) extract – Has antioxidant properties
  • Green tea extract – Calms skin and provides antioxidants
  • Panthenol – Hydrates and moisturizes skin
  • Madecassic acid – Helps reduce irritation and redness
  • CentellaRx complex – Helps visibly improve skin texture and tone

With its blend of calming and antioxidant ingredients, Cicapair Tiger Grass Cream helps strengthen and defend skin while neutralizing redness. The cream has a green tint that adapts to skin tone to help color-correct redness.

Using Cicapair Tiger Grass Cream During the Day

Cicapair Tiger Grass Cream can be used as part of your daytime skincare routine for its color-correcting benefits and sun protection. Here are some tips for using it during the day:

  • Apply after serums or treatment products and before moisturizer and SPF. The cream can take the place of your regular SPF moisturizer.
  • Use a dime-sized amount and gently massage onto clean skin, blending well.
  • Reapply every 2 hours when outdoors as needed for continued SPF coverage.
  • The green tint will adjust to your skin tone to help neutralize redness.
  • Can be worn under makeup. Allow cream to fully absorb before applying makeup.
  • Avoid using harsh scrubs or exfoliants before applying the cream.

The SPF 30 in Cicapair Tiger Grass Cream makes it an ideal daytime product to protect against sun damage that can exacerbate redness. The cream also provides antioxidant benefits to further strengthen skin against environmental aggressors you may encounter during the day.

Cicapair Tiger Grass Cream Ingredients for Daytime Use

Some of the key ingredients that make Cicapair Tiger Grass Cream beneficial for daytime use include:

  • Mineral SPF 30 – Uses mineral UV filters zinc oxide and titanium dioxide to protect skin from UVA/UVB damage.
  • Houttuynia cordata extract – This medicinal herb has antioxidant properties to help neutralize free radicals from sun exposure.
  • Green tea extract – A potent antioxidant that helps defend skin from oxidative stress during the day.
  • Madecassic acid – Helps inhibit inflammation that can lead to redness when exposed to UV light.

Using Cicapair Tiger Grass Cream at Night

Cicapair Tiger Grass Cream can also be used as part of your evening skincare routine. Here are some benefits of using it at night:

  • Calms and soothes skin after a long day
  • Intensely moisturizes and hydrates skin while you sleep
  • Helps visibly diminish redness from the day
  • Strengthens skin’s moisture barrier overnight

Follow these tips when using Cicapair Tiger Grass Cream at night:

  • Apply after cleansing and any serum or treatment products.
  • Use a dime-sized amount and massage gently over face and neck.
  • No need to wash off in the morning, unless your skin tends to be oily.
  • Can be used as your final moisturizing step at night.
  • Wake up to skin that looks calmer and more replenished.

Cicapair Tiger Grass Cream Ingredients for Nighttime Use

Some key ingredients that make Cicapair Tiger Grass Cream beneficial for nighttime use include:

  • Tiger grass (Centella Asiatica) extract – Soothes and calms inflammation overnight.
  • Panthenol – Deeply hydrates and moisturizes skin as you sleep.
  • Madecassic acid – Reduces redness and helps repair skin overnight.
  • Heartleaf extract – Has antioxidant properties to continue protecting skin at night.

How to Use Cicapair Tiger Grass Cream Both Day and Night

For those seeking relief from redness and irritation around the clock, Cicapair Tiger Grass Cream can be used as part of both your day and night routines. Here are some tips for incorporating it into a complete daily skincare regimen:

  • Cleanse face in the morning and evening to remove impurities and prep skin.
  • Apply Cicapair Cream after any serums or treatment products in the morning.
  • Follow with an SPF moisturizer if needed for additional sun protection during day.
  • Reapply Cicapair Cream during the day as needed.
  • Cleanse face again in the evening to wash away the day.
  • Apply Cicapair Cream again after treatments and serums at night.
  • Use as your final moisturizing step before bed.

Using Cicapair Tiger Grass Cream both morning and night provides optimal relief from redness and irritation. The soothing, antioxidant-rich formula helps improve skin day and night.

Who Should Use Cicapair Tiger Grass Cream?

Cicapair Tiger Grass Cream is suitable for most skin types, including:

  • Sensitive skin – Soothes easily irritated complexions prone to redness.
  • Dry skin – Provides intense, long-lasting hydration.
  • Oily/combination skin – Controls oil and shine while minimizing redness.
  • All skin types – Color-correcting cream blends seamlessly to neutralize redness.
  • Mature skin – Anti-aging ingredients like antioxidants help combat signs of aging.

Those with very sensitive skin should always patch test new products first before full use.

Benefits of Cicapair Tiger Grass Cream

Here is a summary of the main benefits Cicapair Tiger Grass Cream provides:

  • Instantly neutralizes redness
  • Improves skin tone and texture
  • Provides broad spectrum SPF 30
  • Intensely hydrates and moisturizes skin
  • Soothes irritation and inflammation
  • Strengthens skin moisture barrier
  • Calms and protects sensitive complexions
  • Loaded with antioxidants

Both during the day and at night, Cicapair Tiger Grass Cream works to defend skin against aggressors while providing nourishing moisture. Over time, skin looks and feels healthier and more vibrant.

Cicapair Tiger Grass Cream Drawbacks

While Cicapair Tiger Grass Cream is suitable for most skin types, there are some potential drawbacks to consider:

  • Can cause breakouts for extremely acne-prone skin
  • Not enough hydration for very dry skin types
  • Green tint may not work for some darker complexions
  • Thick, heavy texture may be unappealing for oilier skin types
  • Strong herbal scent may be unpleasant for sensitive noses
  • Expensive compared to basic moisturizers

Always patch test a small amount first before fully incorporating Cicapair Cream into your routine. Make sure to take note of any irritation, breakouts, or lack of oil control.

Tips for Optimizing Results With Cicapair Tiger Grass Cream

To get the most out of Cicapair Tiger Grass Cream, follow these tips:

  • Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.
  • Use consistently morning and night for best redness relief.
  • Cleanse before applying to allow active ingredients to absorb.
  • Pair with a hydrating serum if your skin runs dry.
  • Avoid using harsh exfoliants which may compromise skin’s moisture barrier.
  • Reapply SPF during the day if going outdoors.
  • Use a small amount and blend thoroughly into skin.

Cicapair Tiger Grass Cream vs. Other Jart+ Creams

Here is a comparison of Cicapair Tiger Grass Cream to two other popular Dr. Jart+ face creams:

Cicapair Tiger Grass Cream Ceramidin Cream Cicapair Color Correcting Treatment
Key Purpose Color-correcting, redness relief Deep hydration Soothes and strengthens skin
Texture Medium thick cream Rich, nourishing cream Silky cream
Key Ingredients Tiger grass, madecassic acid, minerals Ceramides, panthenol Tiger grass, cica, niacinamide
Best For Red, irritated skin Very dry skin Sensitive, irritated skin
SPF Contains SPF 30 No SPF No SPF

While all provide hydration and soothing properties, Cicapair Tiger Grass Cream is the best choice for neutralizing redness and defending skin with antioxidants and SPF.

Is Cicapair Tiger Grass Cream Right for You?

Cicapair Tiger Grass Cream offers a host of benefits that make it a great option for most skin types struggling with redness and irritation. Its innovative green-tint formula instantly neutralizes redness upon application while the blend of tiger grass, antioxidants and minerals work to soothe inflammation and strengthen skin against environmental stressors. The added SPF provides critical protection against sun damage that can worsen red, irritated skin.

This color-correcting treatment can be seamlessly incorporated into both day and night routines making it easy to reap the rewards around the clock. While it may not be the ideal choice for very oily or dry complexions, it offers relief to most sensitive, redness-prone skin types. Regular use helps minimize flare-ups and improves overall skin texture and tone over time. The powerful ingredients continue working even after you wash it off to promote healthy, resilient skin.

Those struggling with persistent redness, sensitivity and inflammation can find relief with Cicapair Tiger Grass Cream. By using it consistently, morning and night, skin will start looking and feeling calmer, more balanced and protected.


Cicapair Tiger Grass Cream is a color-correcting treatment that can be used both day and night to soothe and defend skin against redness and irritation. Its green tint neutralizes redness while the blend of Tiger Grass, antioxidants and minerals strengthen skin against inflammation. During the day, it provides broad spectrum SPF 30 to shield skin from burning rays. At night, it deeply hydrates and calms skin while working to repair damage from the day. When used as part of a complete skincare routine, Cicapair Tiger Grass Cream helps reduce redness flare-ups and improve texture and tone for a healthier, more vibrant complexion.