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Why Gigi and Bella have different hair color?

Gigi and Bella Hadid are two of the most famous supermodels in the world. The sisters have graced runways and magazine covers galore, becoming household names in the process. One key difference between the two is their hair color – Gigi is a blonde while Bella is a brunette.

Genetics Plays a Role

Genetics certainly comes into play when it comes to Gigi and Bella’s different hair colors. The sisters have a Palestinian father, Mohamed Hadid, who has dark hair. Their mother, Yolanda Hadid, is Dutch and has blonde hair. Gigi seems to take after her mother with golden blonde locks while Bella’s dark tresses mirror her father’s.

It’s not uncommon for siblings, even twins, to have varying hair colors and textures. Genes carry information that determines traits like hair color. Gigi inherited genes for lighter hair from her mother while Bella got genes for darker hair from her father. Their other siblings, Anwar and Marielle, are also a blonde and brunette respectively.

Hair Color Can Change Over Time

Interestingly, Gigi and Bella’s hair colors weren’t always so starkly different. When they were younger, their hair tones were much more similar. So what gives?

Hair color can change quite a bit from childhood to adulthood due to a variety of factors:

  • Melanin levels can fluctuate with age, often resulting in darker pigmentation
  • Sun exposure can lighten some people’s hair over time
  • Changes in diet and nutrients can impact hair color
  • As hormone levels shift, so can hair pigment production

So while Bella’s hair has darkened from a light brunette to nearly black, Gigi’s has remained on the lighter end. Even if genetics are in play, there are other influences that impact how those genes are expressed.

Hair Dye Plays a Role

Here’s another element that contributes to the sisters’ different hair colors – hair dye! Although they have natural color differences, both Gigi and Bella augment their hair with professional coloring treatments.

Gigi is not a natural platinum blonde – she lightens her base golden shade to achieve that ultra light tone. Her colorist Jenna Perry utilizes bleaching and toning to lift Gigi’s hair to the perfect shade of white-blonde.

As for Bella, her nearly-black hue is also dye-assisted. Her natural hair is a medium brown but she opts for a richer, darker color instead. Celebrity hairstylist Daniel Moon uses semi-permanent glossing products to bump up Bella’s natural shade.

So while genetics and other factors have given them contrasting base colors, salon sessions take them the extra mile to their signature looks.

They Suit Different Color Palettes

You may be wondering – if Bella started out blonde like her sister, why did she go darker? Quite simply, the different colors suit the sisters’ individual looks and skin tones.

Gigi’s fair skin and light eyes pop against golden hair. The tone brings warmth to her complexion and enhances her blue/green eyes. It also complements her eyebrows and eyelashes which are naturally on the darker side.

For Bella, her olive complexion and striking eyes stand out more next to deeper brunette locks. The color provides lovely contrast against her skin and makes her eye color vibrant. Having darker hair also makes her facial features seem more defined.

So in part, preference comes down to choosing a shade that flatters their respective coloring best. The styles become part of their signature looks that fans recognize instantly.

Hair Impacted Their Careers

It’s fair to say that Gigi and Bella’s hair colors have impacted their careers in the fashion/beauty world. Their contrasting styles have served to distinguish them from each other in the public eye.

Gigi’s all-American, girl-next-door blonde looks have led to partnerships with brands like Maybelline, Tommy Hilfiger, and Michael Kors. Bella’s edgier, exotic brunette beauty has appealed to labels like Dior, Miu Miu, and Marc Jacobs.

When clients book one Hadid sister for campaigns or shows, they likely have a certain image in mind – heavily influenced by their famous hair! Few other models have such distinctive beauty profiles tied so closely to their hair color.

Some figures suggest the sisters command up to $20,000 more for bookings when wearing their signature hair colors. So not only are the shades part of their brand – but highly profitable as well!

They’ve Inspired Beauty Trends

It’s inevitable that beauty icons like Gigi and Bella would inspire hair color trends. There has been a noticeable uptick in requests for blonde and brunette shades similar to the models’ locks.

“Expensive blonde” tones like Gigi’s are hugely popular at salons. To achieve this multi-dimensional look, stylists mix highlights and lowlights to emulate the sun-kissed dimension of Gigi’s hair.

Bella’s ultra-dark chocolate and espresso hues are also coveted. Brunette clients ask colorists for richer tones with blue undertones to mimic Bella’s nearly-black shade. The look has sparked a trend toward the deepest brunette imaginable.

Hair pros have coined descriptive names for these celebrity-inspired colors like “Bella brown” and “Gigi gold.” It’s clear their manes have major influence as beauty trends!

Hair Care Is Crucial

Achieving such eye-catching hair hues requires exceptional care for Gigi and Bella. Bleached blonde hair can become dry and damaged without the right products. Likewise, chemically-treated brunette shades need maintenance to retain vibrancy.

Gigi relies on Olaplex bonding treatments and hydrating hair masks to nourish her hair from root to tip. She opts for sulfate-free shampoos and heat protectant sprays while styling to prevent breakage.

Bella’s dark hair would fade quickly without weekly glossing treatments. She uses color-safe, moisturizing shampoos and masks for shine. Protective styling like braids preserves her lengths between dye jobs.

Having long, healthy hair in such bold colors requires diligent at-home and in-salon care. The models take great care to prevent dryness, frizz, and fading.


Gigi and Bella Hadid have risen to supermodel status in part thanks to their signature blonde and brunette hair. Their natural genetic differences in hair color have been enhanced by careful dye techniques. These looks complement their features, fuel beauty trends, and set them apart in the fashion world. However, maintaining such eye-catching, photo-ready hair requires intensive professional treatments and careful at-home products. Their covetable manes are a testament to the power of thoughtful hair color choices and dedicated hair care. In the end, Gigi and Bella’s different hair hues contribute to their success – helping distinguish them while showcasing their gorgeousness!