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What does as Colour sell?

As Colour is an Australian fashion brand that sells a wide range of clothing and accessories for women. The company was founded in 2005 in Sydney, Australia and has grown to become one of the most popular fashion labels Down Under. As Colour focuses on providing high quality wardrobe essentials at an affordable price point. Their range includes items like t-shirts, dresses, jeans, sweaters, skirts, shorts, jackets and more. The brand is known for its casual, relaxed aesthetic with a focus on wearability and versatility.

Women’s Clothing

The core of As Colour’s offerings is women’s clothing across a variety of categories. Their t-shirts are one of their most popular items, made from soft cotton in crew neck, v-neck and scoop neck styles. They come in a rainbow of different colors from neutrals like black, white and grey to bright shades like yellow, pink and blue. The t-shirts feature a flattering fit and clean silhouette. Beyond t-shirts, As Colour has a wide selection of other tops like long sleeve tees, sweatshirts, sweaters, blouses and tank tops. The brand’s dresses and jumpsuits are also best-sellers, offered in casual day styles as well as more polished silhouettes for events and going out. Their jeans and shorts come in classic washes and cuts like high waisted, boyfriend, distressed and mom jeans. Other key categories for women’s apparel include outerwear like jackets, cardigans and kimonos, loungewear like joggers and hoodies, activewear like leggings and sports bras, swimwear and intimates.

Women’s Clothing Category Sample Products
Tops T-shirts, long sleeve tees, sweatshirts, sweaters, tanks
Dresses Day dresses, maxis, minis, midi, shirt dresses, skater dresses
Bottoms Jeans, shorts, joggers, leggings
Outerwear Jackets, cardigans, kimonos
Loungewear Hoodies, joggers, sweatpants
Intimates Bras, underwear, socks
Swimwear Bikinis, one-pieces, cover ups
Activewear Sports bras, leggings, shorts


In addition to clothing, As Colour also offers a selection of accessories to complement their apparel offerings. These include basics like socks, underwear and bras in an array of colors and styles. Hats and scarves are also available, like baseball caps, beanies and lightweight scarves. Bags are another key accessory category, with totes, backpacks, crossbody bags and pouches to choose from. Other accessories include belts, sunglasses, hair accessories and jewelry. The accessories focus on high quality materials and craftsmanship with an understated, versatile aesthetic.


While As Colour is primarily known for their apparel and accessories, they do also offer a small selection of footwear. Their shoe range includes sandals, sneakers and slip-ons. The sandal collection features silhouettes like slides, thongs and wide strap sandals in materials like leather and suede. Sneakers come in classic white or black leather styles, along with sporty canvas options. Slip-on options include simple flats and mules. The shoes complement the laidback As Colour aesthetic with neutral hues and minimalist styling.


When it comes to materials, As Colour focuses on high quality natural fibers and fabrics that are crafted for longevity. Cotton is a staple material, used in many of their t-shirts, dresses and other staples. These cottons are pre-washed for softness and to minimize shrinking. Beyond cotton, other key materials include rayon, linen, silk and Tencel. Many of their button-down shirts and blouses are made from lightweight, breathable Tencel that resists wrinkling. Silks, linens and rayon are blended into certain dresses, jumpsuits and other apparel for a luxurious drape and feel. Wool and cashmere are also used in their sweater offerings. The vast majority of their materials are natural, breathable fibers known for their comfort and durability.

Cuts & Sizing

As Colour is designed for a wide range of body types with an emphasis on wearability. Their apparel comes in numeric sizing ranging from XXS-XXL. Tops, bottoms and outerwear generally run true to size while dresses may vary slightly by style. The overall fit can be described as classic and flattering with enough room through the shoulder, bust, hips and length to accommodate different figures. Their clothing aims to feel like “your favorite t-shirt” with laidback silhouettes designed for everyday wear. In terms of sizing information, the As Colour website has detailed measurement charts and guides for each category.

Price Range

One of the things that sets As Colour apart is their reasonable price point, especially given the quality of materials and construction. Their t-shirts can be purchased for $20-40, dresses $50-120, pants and shorts $40-90 and outerwear $60-150. Accessories are very affordable, like scarves under $40 and hats around $25. While prices may be slightly higher for specialty fabrics like silk or cashmere, overall As Colour manages to keep things under $200 for individual pieces. This makes them an approachable everyday brand compared to higher end designers. Sales and promotions also run frequently to make the products even more affordable.

Brand Values

As Colour was founded on the principles of quality, ethical production and sustainability. All of their pieces are designed and manufactured in safe working conditions, the majority right in Australia. They aim for full supply chain transparency and partner with like-minded suppliers. As Colour utilizes eco-friendly materials like Tencel and organic cotton whenever possible. They believe deeply in fair labor practices and work diligently to reduce their environmental impact. Overall, they strive to produce quality, feel-good fashion that you can feel good about wearing.


In summary, As Colour is a popular Australian fashion label selling casual, comfortable clothing and accessories for women. Their range centers around high quality wardrobe basics like t-shirts, jeans, dresses and sweaters in soft natural fabrics. Silhouettes are designed for wearability and versatility at an affordable mid-range price point. As Colour differentiates itself through ethical production methods and eco-conscious materials. Their laidback, feel-good fashion embodies the relaxed Aussie lifestyle. So next time you’re looking for reliable wardrobe staples, quality materials and hassle-free style, As Colour is a great brand to check out.