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Which ps5 controller color is best?

Welcome to my in-depth guide on choosing the best PS5 controller color for you! As a PlayStation enthusiast, I’ve tested out all the different color options for the DualSense wireless controller and have strong opinions on which ones look and feel the best. Keep reading for tips, comparisons, and recommendations on picking your ideal PS5 controller hue.

The PS5 Controller Color Options

Sony currently offers the DualSense controller in 6 different color schemes:

  • White
  • Black
  • Red
  • Pink
  • Blue
  • Purple

The classic white controller comes bundled with PS5 consoles. The other colors are sold separately, either individually or in a 2-tone combo pack. There are also limited editions like the Grey Camouflage controller.

Comparing the PS5 Controller Colors

Here’s an overview of each color option and what makes them stand out:


The white DualSense has clean, futuristic styling that perfectly matches the PS5’s outer white casing. The light grey accents and black controls provide nice contrast. White won’t clash with any game’s color scheme.


Sleek and understated, the black DualSense has a classic, timeless look. The matte black finish resists fingerprints too. Black complements darker game settings really well.


Vibrant red makes the controller pop. It’s eye-catching and energetic. Red works great for action games involving heat or intensity. A flashy color for flashy players.


Pretty in pink, this controller adds a playful, bubbly vibe. The soft pink tone with white accents has an elegant, chic quality too. Ideal for casual gaming sessions.


Cool and collected, blue is a soothing neutral that works with any game genre. The light blue shade almost has a icy, aquatic feel. Great for going with cooler color schemes.


Regal and mysterious, purple stands out in an intriguing way. The dark eggplant purple makes a bold styling statement. Fits darker, more serious games really well.

How the Colors Compare Visually

Here’s a visual overview of how the PS5 controller colors differ:

Color Style
White Clean, futuristic
Black Classic, subtle
Red Vibrant, energetic
Pink Bubbly, playful
Blue Soothing, cool
Purple Mysterious, bold

The Best PS5 Controller Colors By Usage

Certain colors may work better depending on how and where you primarily use your PS5 controller:

Casual Gaming

For relaxed gaming on the couch, try the white, blue or pink controllers. Their lighter tones complement a laidback environment.

Competitive Gaming

For intense gaming sessions, the black, red or purple DualSense controllers add a serious, focused vibe. Their darker shades minimize visual distractions.


When broadcasting or recording gameplay, go for the white or black controllers. Their neutral colors will blend in cleanly with any setup.

Couch Co-Op

For local multiplayer with friends, mix and match colors to assign controllers. Try pairing contrasting hues like white + black or red + blue.

Most Popular PS5 Controller Colors

In general, the white and black DualSense controllers tend to be the most popular choices among PS5 gamers.

According to Sony’s official sales data from 2021, here were the best-selling colors:

  1. White – 45%
  2. Black – 30%
  3. Red – 12%
  4. Blue – 8%
  5. Pink – 3%
  6. Purple – 2%

As you can see, the classic white controller dominates almost half of all sales. Sleek black follows up in second place. Vibrant red takes third for most popular accent color.

Best Value PS5 Controller Colors

For budget-minded buyers, consider these affordable color options:


The white DualSense included with PS5 consoles is your most cost-effective choice. No need to buy another controller.


Black is consistently priced low. Routinely found on sale for $10-$20 off standard MSRP of $74.99.


Red sees frequent discounts too, making it one of the cheaper standalone color options at around $64-$69 normally.


Hopefully this guide has helped showcase the aesthetic pros and cons of each PS5 controller color option. The “right” choice ultimately comes down to your visual taste and intended use-cases.

For a traditional look, the bundled white DualSense is hard to beat. But the black, red and blue offerings all provide cooler, more stylistic alternatives. More vibrant colors like purple and pink up the visual excitement too.

No matter which hue you choose, you really can’t go wrong design-wise. The PS5 controller looks fantastic in all its colorways. Your preference may simply boil down to which shade best matches your gaming setup and style sensibilities.

So go with the color option that bringing you the most joy. That way your PS5 gameplay experience can deliver the maximum fun too. Game on!