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Which Lindor chocolate is dark?

Lindor chocolates by Lindt are a popular brand of truffle-like chocolate candies with smooth melting centers. They come in a variety of flavors and chocolate types, including milk chocolate, dark chocolate, and white chocolate. For chocolate lovers, one of the key questions is: which Lindor chocolates are the darkest? This article will examine the different Lindor dark chocolate options to help you find the richest, most indulgent Lindor dark chocolate.

Overview of Lindor Chocolate Types

Lindor chocolates come in three main chocolate types:

Milk Chocolate Lindor

These are made with milk chocolate, containing around 30% cocoa solids. Popular flavors include milk chocolate, milk chocolate caramel, milk chocolate stracciatella, and milk chocolate orange.

Dark Chocolate Lindor

These contain dark chocolate with 50-60% cocoa solids, providing a richer chocolate taste. Flavors include dark chocolate, dark chocolate chili, dark chocolate salted caramel, and dark chocolate strawberry.

White Chocolate Lindor

White chocolate Lindor chocolates have a mellow, creamy white chocolate taste. Flavors include white chocolate, white chocolate coconut, and white chocolate strawberry.

Ingredients in Lindor Dark Chocolate

The main ingredients in Lindor dark chocolate are:

  • Dark chocolate – This provides the cocoa solids and cocoa butter which give dark chocolate its rich taste and smooth texture.
  • Sugar – Added to balance and enhance the natural bitterness of the dark chocolate.
  • Cocoa butter – Extra cocoa butter is added to improve the smooth, melting texture inside the truffles.
  • Flavorings – Natural and artificial flavorings are added to produce the different Lindor dark chocolate flavors.
  • Emulsifier – An emulsifier like soy lecithin helps bind the ingredients together.
  • Milk fat (in some varieties) – Some Lindor dark chocolates also contain a small amount of milkfat.

The higher cocoa solid content gives Lindor dark chocolate a more intense chocolate flavor than milk chocolate.

Cocoa Percentage of Lindor Dark Chocolates

The main factor that determines how dark and rich a Lindor dark chocolate will taste is the cocoa percentage. This refers to the percentage of non-fat cocoa solids present in the chocolate.

Here are the cocoa percentages of the different Lindor dark chocolate products:

Lindor Dark Chocolate Type Cocoa Percentage
Lindor Dark Chocolate 60%
Lindor Dark Chocolate Chili 60%
Lindor Dark Chocolate Salted Caramel 50%
Lindor Dark Chocolate Strawberry 50%

As you can see, the plain Lindor Dark Chocolate has the highest cocoa percentage at 60%, making it the darkest and richest tasting among the Lindor dark chocolate range.

The flavored varieties like Salted Caramel and Strawberry contain 50% cocoa. The lower cocoa content provides a more mellow dark chocolate base that complements the flavors without overpowering them.

Appearance and Texture

In addition to cocoa percentage, the appearance and texture of the different Lindor dark chocolates also provide clues about their richness and intensity.

Here is an overview:

Lindor Dark Chocolate Type Appearance Texture
Lindor Dark Chocolate Very dark brown color Intense chocolate flavor, smooth
Lindor Dark Chocolate Chili Dark brown with red specks Rich chocolate with mild chili spice, smooth
Lindor Dark Chocolate Salted Caramel Dark brown Salted caramel flavored chocolate, smooth
Lindor Dark Chocolate Strawberry Dark brown with pink streaks Chocolate with sweet strawberry swirl, smooth

The plain Lindor Dark Chocolate is very dark brown, reflecting its high cocoa percentage. It has an intense chocolate flavor and exceptionally smooth texture.

The chili and strawberry varieties have specks of color from their flavorings, while maintaining a predominately dark appearance. Their chocolate flavor remains rich but balanced with secondary flavors.

Overall the darkness of the chocolate visually signals the cocoa intensity you can expect. The higher percentage chocolates like plain dark chocolate will look darker than the 50% cocoa options.

Taste Test Comparisons

To really determine which Lindor dark chocolate is the most indulgent and rich-tasting, we need to do side-by-side taste tests.

Here I will do taste tests between:

  • Lindor 60% Dark Chocolate vs Lindor Dark Chocolate Salted Caramel
  • Lindor Dark Chocolate vs Lindor Dark Chocolate Strawberry

Lindor 60% Dark Chocolate vs Lindor Dark Chocolate Salted Caramel

First tasting the 60% cocoa Lindor plain dark chocolate, the flavor is very deep and complex, with notes of roasted cocoa beans, cinnamon, dried fruit, and subtle earthiness. It has a semisweet flavor offset by the pleasant bitterness of high-percentage dark chocolate.

In comparison, the Lindor Dark Chocolate Salted Caramel has the recognizable buttery caramel flavor, with noticeable flecks of sea salt. The chocolate flavor is much sweeter and milky than the plain dark chocolate. You can really sense the 10% lower cocoa content. The caramel dominates the overall flavor rather than the chocolate.

Winner: Lindor 60% Dark Chocolate for a much richer, darker chocolate taste.

Lindor Dark Chocolate vs Lindor Dark Chocolate Strawberry

The Lindor Dark Chocolate Strawberry has a milkier chocolate base compared to the plain dark chocolate. Small bits of dried strawberry provide occasional fruity sweet bursts. The jammy strawberry flavor lightens and brightens the chocolate rather than enhancing its inherent richness.

Meanwhile, the plain Lindor 60% Dark Chocolate lets you fully savor the complex bittersweet cocoa flavor, with better mouth-coating texture. Its darker profile has more contrasting notes of coffee and prunes.

Winner: Lindor 60% Dark Chocolate has a purer, unadulterated intense chocolate flavor.


So in summary, when searching for the ultimate in rich, decadent dark chocolate taste among Lindor chocolates, go for the original 60% Cocoa Lindor Dark Chocolate. Its higher percentage cocoa content, very dark appearance, and unflavored chocolate flavor profile make it the darkest, most indulgent Lindor dark chocolate type you can buy.

The flavored dark chocolate Lindors with 50% cocoa are still a great dark chocolate treat. But for pure chocolate intensity, the plain 60% cocoa Lindor dark chocolate truffles can’t be beat on richness and mouthwatering chocolate decadence. Their deep chocolate notes will satisfy even the most discerning chocolate connoisseurs.


Lindor makes high-quality chocolate truffles in a variety of tempting flavors and chocolate types. When evaluating which Lindor offering is the darkest and most luxuriously rich dark chocolate, the key factors are cocoa percentage, appearance, texture, and taste. By comparing their cocoa content, visual color, mouthfeel, and most importantly flavor, the 60% Cocoa Lindor Dark Chocolate stands out as the deepest, most intensely chocolatey. Its smooth 60% cocoa content melts to reveal marvelous complexity without any diluting flavors. So for hardcore dark chocolate fans wanting the ultimate rich cocoa experience, reach for a box of Lindor’s sublime 60% Dark Chocolate.