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What is the green dude from Cars?

The beloved Pixar film Cars featured a colorful cast of characters living in the small town of Radiator Springs. One of these characters was a small, green forklift named Guido who worked at Luigi’s Casa Della Tires. With his energetic personality, unique look, and Italian phrases, Guido left a lasting impression on audiences. But who exactly is this little green dude? Let’s take a closer look at Guido’s origins and role in the Cars universe.

Guido’s Background

Guido hails from Italy and speaks only Italian when he first arrives in Radiator Springs. He is very passionate about racing and becomes Luigi’s assistant at Casa Della Tires. Though Guido doesn’t actually speak English in the first Cars movie, he manages to communicate through energetic gestures and facial expressions.

Name Guido
Species Forklift
Gender Male
Color Green
Occupation Tire Changer
Place of Residence Radiator Springs

Some key facts about Guido:

  • He is a 1959 Vespa 400 forklift.
  • Originally from Italy.
  • Works as a tire changer for Luigi.
  • Very energetic and enthusiastic personality.
  • Catchphrase is “Pit stop!” in Italian.

Guido’s Role in Cars

When hotshot race car Lightning McQueen first blows into Radiator Springs, Guido is captivated by him and his racing stories. He eagerly sets to work changing Lightning’s tires, showing off his incredible tire-changing skills. In fact, Guido can change all four of Lightning’s tires in seconds flat – a valuable talent when Lightning is racing.

Throughout the film, Guido provides comic relief with his exaggerated expressions and boundless energy. He only speaks Italian, so he communicates through mime and gestures. Guido forms a close bond with Lightning and helps him realize there’s more to life than just racing. By the end of the film, Lightning considers Guido one of his best friends.

Some key moments featuring Guido:

  • Meets Lightning for the first time and rapidly changes his tires
  • Watches Lightning compete in the Radiator Springs Grand Prix
  • Helps Lightning change tires during the Piston Cup race
  • Celebrates Lightning’s Piston Cup victory

Guido in Other Cars Media

Guido appears in other Cars-related media beyond just the first film. Here’s a look at some of his other roles and appearances over the years:

Cars Video Game

Guido is featured as a playable character in the 2006 Cars video game. In the game, he competes in minigames using his tire-changing skills.

Cars Toons: Mater’s Tall Tales

Guido appears in several episodes of the Pixar Cars Toons computer animated shorts. The shorts follow Tow Mater on his wild adventures around Radiator Springs.

Cars 2

In the 2011 sequel Cars 2, Guido joins Lightning and Mater on their overseas adventure. He finally learns to speak English in this film!

Cars 3

Guido returns in 2017’s Cars 3, though in a smaller role. He attends Lightning’s races and is part of the Radiator Springs crew.

Disney Parks

Guido appears as a costumed meet-and-greet character at various Disney theme parks. Guests can meet him in Cars Land at Disney’s California Adventure.

So even though he’s a side character, Guido has remained an integral part of the Cars world across multiple mediums.

Guido’s Impact and Legacy

Though he has limited dialogue, Guido left a big impression on Cars fans. Here are some of the reasons this energetic little forklift became so beloved:

  • His hilarious Italian phrases and distinctive voice
  • Expressive facial expressions and body language
  • Infectious enthusiasm and excitement
  • Quick and masterful tire-changing skills
  • Loyal friendship with Lightning McQueen

Guido also represents Italian culture in the diverse world of Cars. He speaks Italian, loves racing, and works at an Italian tire shop. For many fans, Guido epitomizes the charms of Italy.

The creative team behind Cars clearly recognized Guido’s popularity. That’s likely why he continued appearing in sequels and spinoffs after the first film. Guido is now an iconic Cars character right up there with Lightning, Mater, and Doc Hudson.

For a small forklift with few lines, Guido made an absolutely huge impact. He’ll be remembered for generations as the lovable little green dude from Cars.


Guido is the energetic Italian forklift from the beloved Pixar film Cars. Originally only speaking Italian, Guido communicates through hilarious gestures and expressions. He bonds with hotshot race car Lightning McQueen over their shared love of racing. Guido wows with his lightning-fast tire-changing skills and infectious enthusiasm. He provides lots of laughs and heart throughout the first Cars movie.

Appearing in video games, shorts, and Cars sequels, Guido became a fan favorite character. Though he started as a side character, Guido earned an enduring place in Cars lore. His signature excited phrases, unmistakable look, and Italian charm made him incredibly memorable. For Pixar fans everywhere, Guido will always be the charismatic little green dude from Cars.