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Which eye Colour is most attractive and rare?

Which eye Colour is most attractive and rare?

Eye color is one of the most striking physical features that can determine someone’s attractiveness. The eyes are often said to be windows into the soul, and eye color adds an intriguing element. Certain eye colors like blue, green and hazel are perceived as more attractive and rare compared to common brown eyes. However, the attractiveness and rarity of an eye color are subjective. Let’s explore which eye colors are considered the most attractive and rarest.

Blue Eyes

Blue is perhaps the most iconic and coveted eye color. Icy blue or deep ocean blue eyes have an exotic and mystical charm about them. The cool tone makes blue eyes stand out and gives off an air of mystery. Here are some quick facts about blue eyes:

  • Caused by low melanin and a clear stroma that disperses light to show the blue pigment underlying.
  • Rarest naturally occurring eye color, found in only 8% of the global population.
  • More common in fair-skinned people in Northern and Eastern Europe.
  • Bright vivid blue considered very striking and attractive.

Famous celebrities like Paul Newman, Mila Kunis, and Alexandra Daddario have stunning blue eyes that captivate. Their blue eyes are part of their sex appeal and allure. Research also indicates both men and women perceive blue to be the most attractive eye color. The cool, brilliant tone of blue makes it a standout color.

Green Eyes

Green eyes are another rare eye color that people find very alluring. They range from light minty green to a deep emerald green. Some quick facts on green eyes:

  • Caused by moderate amounts of melanin combined with a yellowish stroma.
  • Rarest natural eye color, occurring in only 2% of the world’s population.
  • Most common in Northern and Central Europe.
  • Vibrant green eyes considered very beautiful and attractive.

Many celebrities like Angelina Jolie, Amanda Seyfried, and Vanessa Hudgens have stunning green eyes that enchant people. The cool green tone conveys nature, life, and renewal. Studies show that people perceive green as the second most attractive eye color after blue. The mossy green tone has an earthy beauty to it.

Gray Eyes

Gray eyes appear to shift between blue and green, often confused with both. They are incredibly rare and have an understated attractiveness. Here are some quick facts on gray eyes:

  • Caused by very low melanin in the iris with a blue/gray stroma.
  • Rarest of all eye colors, occurring in less than 1% of the global population.
  • Most common in Northern and Eastern Europe.
  • Subtle, smokey gray tone considered quietly beautiful.

Celebrities like Megan Fox, Meredith Grey, and Henry Cavill sport unique gray eyes. The weathered gray tone conveys maturity and wisdom. While less vibrant than blue/green eyes, gray eyes have a sophisticated magnetism. People find the smokey gray iris alluring in its rarity.

Amber and Golden Eyes

Amber and golden eyes are often lumped together for their warm, honey-like tone. Quick facts include:

  • Caused by a yellowish/golden stroma with low melanin content.
  • Rare, occurring in less than 3% of the global population.
  • Most common in Southern Europe and Asia.
  • Rich amber tone considered deeply sensual and attractive.

Famous golden-eyed celebrities include Kristen Stewart, Elizabeth Taylor, and Wentworth Miller. The burnished golden/amber hue conveys warmth sensuality. Studies indicate both men and women find amber/golden eyes extremely attractive for their warm, brilliant tone. They are beloved for their rarity and striking appearance.

Hazel Eyes

Hazel eyes have an intriguing multicolored pattern, often green-brown with specks of gold and blue. Here are some fast facts on hazel eyes:

  • Caused by a combination of melanin, low melanin and Rayleigh scattering.
  • Uncommon, occurring in about 5% of the global population
  • Most common in the Americas and Southern Europe.
  • Speckled pattern in warm earth tones considered beautiful.

Many celebrities like Shailene Woodley, Harry Styles, and Robert Pattinson have stunning hazel eyes. The blend of brown, green, gold and grey creates visual interest. Studies indicate both genders find hazel eyes highly attractive for their complex, speckled pattern and warm, earthy tones. They are considered rare compared to more common brown eyes.

Brown Eyes

Brown is the most common eye color but can still be very beautiful. Here are some quick brown eye facts:

  • Caused by high concentrations of melanin in the iris.
  • Most common eye color, over 55% of the global population.
  • Prevalent in Africa, Asia and the Americas.
  • Deep brown conveys warmth, friendliness and familiarity.

Many celebrities like Natalie Portman, Penelope Cruz, and Adriana Lima have beautiful, expressive brown eyes. Studies show people perceive brown eyes as dependable and committed, though less exotic than rarer colors. However, they have a comfortable, friendly allure. Dark brown eyes are especially striking against fair skin.

Which Eye Color is Most Attractive Statistically?

Here is a table summarizing perception of attractiveness by eye color, based on multiple studies:

Eye Color Percentage Finding Most Attractive
Blue 57%
Green 17%
Hazel 10%
Amber/Golden 7%
Gray 5%
Brown 4%

As seen above, blue ranks highest in perceived attractiveness, with over half finding it the most appealing eye color. Green follows as a distant second, with amber/golden, hazel and gray clustered together. Brown eyes are considered attractive by a small minority despite being very common.

Which Eye Color is Most Rare Statistically?

Here is a table summarizing the rarity of eye colors globally:

Eye Color Global Population Percentage
Brown 55%
Amber/Hazel 5-10%
Green 2%
Gray Less than 1%
Blue 8%

Brown eyes are by far the most common, with over half the global population having them. Meanwhile, amber/hazel eyes are relatively uncommon at 5-10%. Green, gray and blue eyes are rarest, with gray being the rarest eye color statistically.


In summary, blue and green eyes tend to be perceived as the most attractive based on their brilliant cool tones and exotic rarity. However, many find amber/hazel eyes beautiful too for their warm, complex patterns while gray eyes have an understated appeal. Brown eyes are considered commonly attractive for their familiar, earthy tones despite being the most common color. As for rarity, gray, green and blue eyes are statistically the rarest colors, with blue eyes being the most uncommon of natural eye colors overall. So while personal preference varies, blue and green tend to be viewed as the most appealing and rare eye colors. Their exotic beauty fascinates and captivates.