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What color of shoes should I wear with a purple dress to a wedding?

What color of shoes should I wear with a purple dress to a wedding?

Choosing the right shoe color to complement a purple dress for a wedding can seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be! With some key considerations around the shade of purple, the formality of the wedding, and current fashion trends, you can confidently select footwear that will perfectly pull your wedding guest outfit together.

When deciding on a shoe color for your purple dress, first look at the specific shade of the dress. Is it a light lilac purple or a deep amethyst? Is it more blue-toned or pink-toned? The hue of the purple will steer you towards shoes in certain color families.

Next, think about the formality of the wedding. A formal evening wedding will call for more elegant shoe choices than a daytime or casual wedding. The time of day also impacts the footwear options.

Finally, think about what’s on-trend for the current season. Some hues naturally pair well with purple dresses, but shoe colors often come in and out of fashion. Looking at recent runway trends can provide inspiration if you feel stuck on shoe color.

With the right strategic approach, you’ll be able to choose wedding-worthy shoes to complement your purple dress beautifully. Read on for an in-depth look at expert-recommended shoe colors for every shade of purple dress under the sun.

Shoe Colors for Light Purple Dresses

Light shades of purple like lavender, lilac, and wisteria offer flexibility when selecting coordinating shoes. Here are some of the best shoe color options for light purple dresses:

Shoe Color Why It Works
Nude Nude shoes elongate the leg and work with light purple dresses across the formality spectrum.
Silver Metallic silver adds shine and sophistication to a light purple dress.
Blush Blush pink is feminine and compliments the blue undertones in light purples.

Nude shoes are a versatile choice that creates a leg-lengthening effect and won’t clash with a lighter purple dress. Metallic shoes like silver will elevate a casual or formal light purple dress with some added glamour. Blush pink shoes complement the subtle cool tones found in many light purple hues.

For a daytime wedding, consider open-toed shoe styles like heels, wedges or flats in nude, silver or blush colors. For an evening wedding, opt for closed-toe pumps or heels in similar tonal shades. Stay away from brights or stark whites, which could look harsh next to a pale purple dress.

Shoe Colors for Medium Purple Dresses

Medium purple dress shades like eggplant, mulberry and plum offer rich depth while still remaining neutral enough to pair with many colors. Top shoe colors include:

Shoe Color Why It Works
Navy Navy has a sophisticated, complementary effect next to deeper jewel-toned purples.
Gold Warm metallics like gold and copper make medium purples pop.
Red Bold reds contrast and accentuate the richness of a medium purple.

Navy shoes are a versatile choice that are both classic and modern looking next to a medium purple dress. Gold metallic shoes add glamorous warmth and make the purple jewel tones shine. An of-the-moment vibrant red heel or pump makes a fashion-forward style statement and highlights the richness of a medium purple hue.

For a daytime wedding, try an open-toed block heel sandal in navy, gold or red. For an evening affair, choose among closed-toe pumps, strappy sandal heels or metallic gold shoes in dressier silhouettes. Stay away from pairing medium purple with pastels or black, which can look harsh or dull beside the complex purple tones.

Shoe Colors for Dark Purple Dresses

Deep, dark purple dress shades like amethyst, bordeaux and purple majesty require shoes that won’t get lost next to such bold tones. Ideal shoe colors include:

Shoe Color Why It Works
Black Classic black heels anchor the drama of a dark purple dress.
Nude Nude elongates the legs and lets the purple shade take center stage.
Gray Gray creates an elegant, monochromatic effect that highlights the richness of the purple.

Black shoes are a timeless choice with a deep purple dress, letting the bold purple speak for itself. Nude shoes create a leg-lengthening effect, which balances the drama of a dark purple hue. Gray shoes in suede, satin or metallic finishes complement the lushness of the purple tones.

For a daytime dark purple dress, try classic black pumps, nude wedges or metallic gray flats. For a formal evening affair, choose black pointed-toe heels or stilettos, strappy nude sandals, or satin gray closed-toe pumps. Stay away from pairing with pastels, which can get washed out next to a commanding dark purple shade.

Tips for Choosing Complimentary Shoe Colors

When in doubt about shoe color pairings for purple dresses, keep these tips in mind:

– Lighter purples look best with nude, silver, blush and pewter shoes

– Medium purples pair well with navy, gold, red and charcoal shoes

– Darker purples stand out with black, nude, gray and metallic shoes

– For summer daytime weddings, choose open-toed styles like wedges, sandals and block heels

– For formal evening weddings, opt for closed-toe pumps, strappier heels or metallic shoes

– Stay away from harsh contrasts like bright whites or in-your-face color pairings

– Consider a metallic shoe for added glamour and interest

By keeping the purple dress shade, wedding formality, and current shoe trends in mind, you’re sure to choose footwear that flawlessly complements that purple dress for a wedding.

Putting Together Full Outfits

Now that you’ve selected perfect shoe colors to match a purple dress, how do you pull together a complete wedding guest outfit? Here are some examples of full purple dress and shoe pairings for weddings:

For a light purple dress:
– Lilac chiffon knee length dress + Nude pointy toe pumps
– Wisteria gray silk cocktail dress + Silver strappy heeled sandals
– Pastel purple A-line midi dress + Blush pink ballet flats

For a medium purple dress:
– Eggplant bodycon midi dress + Navy blue block heel sandals
– Plum purple satin cocktail dress + Metallic gold stilettos
– Mulberry wrap dress + Patterned red wedges

For a dark purple dress:
– Deep purple ballgown + Black closed toe heels
– Bordeaux mermaid gown + Satin nude pumps
– Amethyst sheath dress + Shimmery gray strappy sandals

Accessorize these dress and shoe pairings with a purple handbag or metallic clutch, delicate jewelry like gemstone earrings or a necklace, and a neutral shawl or coverup as needed. With the shoes pulling the whole outfit together, you’ll be perfectly dressed for that wedding in your purple ensemble.