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Which colour suits best with teal green?

Which colour suits best with teal green?

Teal green is a beautiful, calming shade that pairs nicely with a variety of colors. When trying to determine which colors go best with teal green, there are a few key factors to consider:

Complementary Colors

Colors that are opposite each other on the color wheel are considered complementary colors. They create a high contrast that draws attention. For teal green, excellent complementary color choices include:

– Orange – A vibrant, energetic shade of orange makes an exciting pairing with teal green. It creates a bold, summery look.

– Coral – Softer than orange, coral has a warm, welcoming vibe. It works well with teal green in casual, relaxed settings.

– Peach – Another softer option, peach gives a delicate, romantic feel alongside teal green. It’s ideal for weddings and special events.

Analogous Colors

Analogous colors sit next to each other on the color wheel, creating harmony through their shared undertones. For teal green, adjacent shades like:

– Aqua – With a similar cool blue undertone, aqua blends seamlessly with teal. The pairing has a refreshing, watery look.

– Sea green – Deeper than teal, sea green maintains the blue-green qualities. It allows teal to stand out when paired.

– Lime green – With its bright yellow-green tone, lime green pops beside teal. It prevents the pairing from feeling too heavy.

Triadic Colors

Triadic color schemes use three colors equally spaced around the color wheel. For teal green, potential triadic colors are:

– Magenta – Vibrant but not overpowering, magenta balances beautifully with teal. It introduces warmth and energy.

– Violet – Soft and romantic like magenta but cooler in tone, violet makes an elegant triad with teal.

– Chartreuse – The vivid yellow-green of chartreuse energizes the triad. It ensures teal remains the star.

Tetradic & Square Colors

Tetradic and square color schemes involve four colors spaced evenly around the wheel. Options for teal green include:

– Teal, orange, magenta, lime green – This lively tetradic set covers the whole spectrum. The contrast showcases teal nicely.

– Teal, violet, peach, mint green – More subtle than the first set, these soft squares let teal shine gently amidst pastels.

– Teal, red, yellow green, blue – Primary in nature, these squares have beautiful simplicity with teal as the connector.


While colors from the wheel make natural complements, neutrals like black, white, gray, tan, and brown can also pair attractively with teal green. Crisp white highlights teal’s clarity, while black underscores its richness. Soft tan and gray bring out teal’s versatility.


Metallic shades like silver, gold, copper, and bronze present yet another way to make teal green pop. Cool metallics emphasize the blue in teal, as warm metallics play up the green. Too much metallic can overpower teal’s natural calming vibe, so use it sparingly.


For a soft, dreamy look, pastels like lavender, buttercream, and seafoam green blend seamlessly with teal. Pastel blue echoes teal’s cool undertone, while pastel yellow highlights the green. Limit pastels to avoid a washed-out effect.

Jewel Tones

Deep, intense jewel tones provide contrast and drama against teal green. Ruby red, sapphire blue, emerald green, and amethyst purple lend richness when paired with teal. Keep the ratio more teal than jewel tones to retain a sense of tranquility.

Earth Tones

Natural earth tones like sand, moss, stone, and brown have an organic feel that works well with teal green. Mid-tone earth colors prevent teal from feeling too bold or too muted. Dark earth tones tend to overpower teal, so aim for soft, neutral earth tones.

Best Color Combinations with Teal Green

Based on all the complementary possibilities, here are some of the best color combinations to try with teal green:

Teal and Orange Vibrant and energetic
Teal and Coral Warm and welcoming
Teal and Peach Soft and romantic
Teal and Aqua Cool and refreshing
Teal and Lime Green Bright and cheerful
Teal and Violet Elegant and delicate
Teal and White Crisp and clean
Teal and Silver Sleek and modern
Teal and Buttercream Sweet and dreamy

Factors for Choosing Colors with Teal Green

When putting together a teal green color palette, keep the following factors in mind:

– **Purpose** – Consider the use. Bright colors for a fun kids’ room. Soft colors for a serene bedroom. Jewel tones for drama. Neutrals for versatility.

– **Personal Taste** – Do you prefer vibrant or subtle looks? Cool or warm tones? Select colors you find pleasing.

– **Mood** – Energizing orange or calming blue? Uplifting peach or romantic violet? Colors influence mood so choose accordingly.

– **Location** – Bold colors in a naturally bright atrium. Neutrals in a dim library. Location impacts color perception.

– **Time of Day** – Morning light is cooler, evening light is warmer. Colors appear different. Test your palette at all times of day.

– **Adjacent Colors** – Nearby colors impact the perception of a chosen color. View teal alongside planned companions.

– **Ratios** – Too much or too little of a secondary color affects the balance with teal. Try different ratios to find the ideal combination.


With its soothing blue-green vibe, teal green partners beautifully with many colors. Warm shades like orange, coral, and peach create excitement and vibrancy. Cool options like aqua, violet and seafoam produce a calmer, more relaxing feel. For fun and vibrancy, turn to complementary colors like chartreuse and magenta or metallics like silver and gold. Crisp neutrals provide versatility, while earth tones lend an organic vibe. Whatever your intended use and mood, teal green can be combined successfully with a wide range of colors. Trust your instincts and test out color palettes until you find the perfect match. Teal green’s stunning versatility means you are limited only by your imagination when it comes to finding the ideal color pairings.