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What are the spiritual properties of pink diamonds?

What are the spiritual properties of pink diamonds?

Pink diamonds have long been prized for their rarity and beauty. In recent years, some have also come to associate them with deeper spiritual meaning and properties. The soft pink color is believed by some to denote the energy of love, heart healing, and emotional balance. Let’s explore the origins, legends, and modern spiritual associations around these precious pink stones.

The Rarity and Value of Natural Pink Diamonds

Diamonds come in every color, but pink diamonds are one of the rarest diamond colors found in nature. They account for less than 0.1% of all naturally occurring diamonds. Their rarity greatly increases their value, making them among the most expensive diamonds in the world.

The pink color comes from crystal lattice defects in the stone caused by small amounts of the elements nickel, chromium, or hydrogen being present during formation. The more saturated the pink, the higher the price. Vivid pink and neon pink diamonds are the most sought after. Even light pink diamonds are cherished for their charm and femininity.

Where Pink Diamonds Are Found

The vast majority of the world’s natural pink diamonds have been found in just two places – the Argyle mine in Australia, and the Williamson mine in Tanzania.

The Argyle mine, located in remote Western Australia, was the world’s primary source of pink and red diamonds. During its 37 years of operation, the mine was estimated to produce 90% of the global supply of pink diamonds. The mine ceased operations in November 2020 when resources were exhausted. This has made pink diamonds even more scarce and valuable.

The Williamson mine in Tanzania has been another important source. Discovered in 1940, it continues to produce a small quantity of pink diamonds today. However, the supply is extremely limited.

With the closure of the Argyle mine, natural pink diamonds are now harder to source than ever. This had led to even greater interest in their unique beauty, mystique, and meaning.

Legends and Meaning in Ancient Times

The rarity of pink diamonds imbued them with legend and meaning even in ancient times. In India, pink diamonds were associated with the gods Lakshmi and Krishna. They symbolized prosperity, love, and divine quality. Ancient texts describe these precious pink stones as bringing good fortune, success, and protection to the wearer.

In ancient China, pink diamonds were believed to bring luck in marriage and relationships. They were thought to draw love and harmony when worn close to the heart. Pink diamond jewelry was traditionally given as bridal gifts in royal and high society marriages.

Healing Properties in Eastern Traditions

In Indian Ayurveda and ancient eastern medicine, pink diamonds were thought to provide healing properties:

– Boosting and balancing heart chakra energy. The soft pink color resonates with the heart chakra, associated with love, compassion, and interpersonal relationships. Wearing or meditating with pink diamonds was believed to activate, unblock, and bring balance to this energy center.

– Promoting emotional healing. Their gentle pink energy was thought to soothe anxiety, melt away negative emotions and trauma, and bring comfort to the wearer.

– Strengthening relationships. Due to their traditional association with love and marriage, pink diamonds were believed to infuse relationships with tenderness, harmony, loyalty and strength.

– Protecting against ill-wishing. Ancient traditions held that pink diamonds could shield the wearer against curses, envy, and harmful intentions directed toward relationships or emotional wellbeing.

Pink Diamonds in Feng Shui

In feng shui, pink is considered an especially fortunate color for attracting positive chi energy. Pink diamonds are believed to draw opportunities, helpful people, and good luck through their joyful and inviting energy.

Some specific feng shui properties associated with pink diamonds include:

– Promoting romance and relationships when placed in the southwest bagua area. The energy draws a loving partner.

– Boosting fame and reputation when displayed in the south area. The pink color catches the public eye and brings popularity.

– Enhancing wealth, prosperity and abundance in the southeast. The lush, prosperous meaning of pink activates this for the owner.

– Balancing and uniting family energy in the west. The loving aura brings harmony.

Meaning in Western Mysticism

In western esoteric traditions like alchemy, the color pink is associated with elevated states of love and spirituality. The pure pink ray is believed to activate the higher chakras and bring divine unconditional love into the soul.

In gemstone therapy and mysticism, pink diamonds carry a similar meaning. They are believed to:

– Open, activate and balance the heart chakra. This allows unconditional divine love to flow through you.

– Raise your vibration to one of spiritual love. This brings you into alignment with divine consciousness.

– Connect you to past-life love, such as soulmates or twin flames. Wearing a pink diamond can help invoke these spiritual connections.

– Attract admirers and romantic love. But the relationships called in will be ones of spiritual growth.

– Send healing energy to emotional wounds and trauma. The presence of angels and spirit guides is felt strongly.

Blue Fluorescence and Enhancement

Some pink diamonds exhibit blue fluorescence under UV light. This fluorescent glow is considered mystical and magical by some gem aficionados. However, strong blue fluorescence can cause a diamond to look hazy in daylight. So lower fluorescence is generally preferred for a crisper pink color.

The majority of pink diamonds today have also undergone enhancement processes to intensify the hue. Common methods include HPHT (high pressure high temperature) treatment and ion beam irradiation. Enhancement is used to deepen pale pinks to more desirable vivid pink shades. Buyers should be aware of whether a stone is enhanced or natural color.

Pink Diamond Metaphysical Properties

For those who believe in the spiritual energies and metaphysical properties of gemstones, pink diamonds are prized for their uplifting aura of tenderness, romance, and healing.

Some associated metaphysical properties include:

– Promoting self-love and heart healing. The gentle pink energy helps you embrace yourself fully, release past hurts, and make space for greater self-acceptance.

– Drawing in romance and passion. Pink diamonds encourage opening yourself to loving relationships. They help you cultivate intimacy and experience the magic of sensuality.

– Bringing in affection, closeness and rapport. They foster emotional connection and understanding between partners, friends, family members. Communication flows more easily.

– Soothing frayed nerves and emotional turmoil. The calming energy alleviates anxiety, sadness, grief, stress or depression.

– Inspiring creativity and imagination in children and artists. The mystical pink color stimulates creative flow, fantasy, and free self-expression.

Choosing a Pink Diamond

When selecting a pink diamond for its energy and meaning, here are some factors to consider:

– Carat – Larger pink diamonds above 1 carat display the color most richly. But any size can confer beautiful metaphysical properties.

– Cut quality – A well-cut diamond has exceptional brilliance. Opt for excellent or ideal cut grades.

– Color saturation – Vivid pinks have a stronger energy. But even pale shades carry the loving pink vibration.

– Fluorescence – Lower fluorescence gives a clearer stone. Medium to weak fluorescence is fine.

– Source – Look for ethical, conflict-free origins. Canadian pink diamonds offer traceability.

– Setting – Showcase the diamond’s aura in a delicate ring, pendant, or pair of earrings. Let it take center stage.


Pink diamonds captivate with their beauty, rarity, and inviting energy. For many throughout history, they have symbolized prosperity, relationships, healing, spirituality and good fortune. The meaning you ascribe to your pink diamond depends on your own feelings and beliefs. But their universally beloved soft pink color makes them special gems that speak directly to the heart. Let one grace your life and experience its mystical glow and energy for yourself.