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Where do I find my GM color code?

If you own a GM vehicle, knowing your paint color code can be important for various reasons. The color code allows you to ensure any touch-ups or repairs match the factory finish, helps identify your car, and enables you to order accessories or replacements in a matching color. GM color codes can be found in several locations on your vehicle and from GM itself. Here’s a detailed guide on how to locate your GM paint color code.

Checking the Vehicle Information Sticker

The easiest way to find your GM color code is to check the vehicle information sticker. This sticker is located inside the driver’s side door jamb, on the rear edge. When you open the driver’s door, you’ll see the sticker on the side of the door opening.

The vehicle information sticker contains details like the VIN number, model, options, and paint information. Under the heading “Paint Information,” you’ll find a 2-digit code. This two-digit code is your GM color code.

For example, if the paint code reads “WA662M,” the “WA” part is the color code. This code will allow you to look up the specific name of your exterior paint color.

Locating the RPO Codes

Another place to find your car’s color code is in the Regular Production Options (RPO) codes. RPO codes are a list of all the options and features on your specific vehicle. This label is usually found in the glove box or trunk.

The RPO codes are a 3-digit code for each option. Look for codes starting with “WA” – these designate exterior paint colors. The digits after “WA” are your color code.

For example, if you see “WA662M” in your RPO codes, “662M” would be your color code.

Checking the Owners Manual

Many GM owners manuals contain paint code information. Check the first few pages of your manual or look in the “Service and Appearance Care” section.

GM typically lists the color name and 2-digit color code here. So you may see your color listed as “Summit White, Code WA998M” for example.

Contacting Your Dealership

If you bought your GM vehicle from a dealership, they should have your color code on file. You can call and provide your VIN number, and they can look up the code for you.

The dealership should have access to the original factory invoices and paperwork with your color information.

Using a Paint Code Lookup Tool

Once you have your 2-digit GM color code, you can use an online paint code lookup tool to get details on that specific color.

GM uses a common paint code format across all their brands like Chevrolet, Buick, Cadillac, etc. Sites like AutomotiveTouchup allow you to enter your brand and color code to see the exact name of your color.

This can be useful if you just have the code and want to confirm the color name.

Finding Color Swatches Online

Another helpful way to identify your color is to look for GM paint swatches online. Sites like TouchUpDirect provide actual images of color chips so you can visually match your paint.

Find the swatch that matches your GM paint code to see what the color looks like.

Third-Party Vin Decoders

There are many free VIN decoder websites and apps that provide detailed vehicle data based on the VIN number. These tools can decode the paint color information along with other options and specs.

Simply enter your full VIN and look for the section listing exterior color to find your GM color code. Sites like NHTSA and Carfax offer free VIN decoders.

Order Documents & Monroney Stickers

If you no longer have access to your vehicle information sticker, RPO codes, or manual, you can order replacement docs from GM.

The Monroney label or window sticker for your vehicle will also have the paint color listed. These can be obtained from third-party providers online for a fee.

Finding the Code on the Vehicle

In some cases, the color code may be stamped or printed directly on the vehicle body. Check the door jambs, trunk lid, front end, and under the hood for a small stamp with your color code.

This isn’t as common with newer GM vehicles, but older models sometimes had the paint code stamped on the body.

Compare to Color Charts

Without your code, you can still identify your GM paint color by comparing to color charts online or at a paint store. Brands like Dupli-Color and TouchUp Direct make GM color charts.

You can carefully match the color by eye or use a paint color scanner tool for the most accuracy.


Finding your exact GM paint code is straightforward once you know where to look. With the code, you can easily maintain your exterior finish, order accessories, and look up color details.

Always check your vehicle information sticker first, then look for RPO codes or manuals. Your dealership can also provide the code in many cases. Online resources like VIN decoders, paint code lookups, and color charts help identify the code when it’s not specifically labeled on your vehicle.

With the right GM color code, you’ll get perfect paint results and enjoy keeping your car looking its best.

Location Where to Find Code
Vehicle Information Sticker Inside driver’s door jamb, rear edge
RPO Codes Glove box or trunk
Owners Manual “Service and Appearance Care” section
Dealership Provide VIN to have code looked up
Online Resources Paint code lookup sites, VIN decoders
On Vehicle Body Stamped or printed on door jambs, hood, trunk
Color Charts Match visually using paint brand color charts