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What software does Corsair use?

Corsair is a leading manufacturer of high-performance gaming peripherals and components. They are known for their innovative gaming keyboards, mice, headsets, PC cases and other accessories. Corsair utilizes a variety of proprietary software to enhance the functionality of their devices and provide a seamless user experience.

Corsair Utility Engine (CUE)

The Corsair Utility Engine (CUE) is Corsair’s unified software hub that allows users to customize and control their Corsair peripherals. CUE enables advanced macro programming, dynamic RGB lighting control and more for compatible Corsair mice, keyboards, headsets and other devices.

CUE allows users to:

  • Customize RGB lighting effects and colors
  • Create sophisticated macros for games or productivity
  • Adjust sensitivity, bindings and other settings for gaming mice
  • Manage audio settings and equalizer presets for headsets
  • Monitor system stats like CPU temperature and fan speeds (with Corsair peripherals)
  • Sync settings between Corsair devices and game profiles

CUE is regularly updated by Corsair to add new features and support newly released products. It offers deep integration with popular games to enable dynamic lighting effects and in-game macros. CUE allows Corsair users to get the most out of their gear.

Corsair iCUE

Corsair iCUE is the latest version of Corsair’s software platform intended to replace CUE. iCUE offers similar features but with a redesigned interface and enhanced functionality. Key features of iCUE include:

  • Unified control of Corsair RGB devices from one app
  • Ability to synchronize RGB lighting across all compatible Corsair products
  • Hundreds of RGB profiles to choose from or create your own
  • Monitor system health metrics when using Corsair components
  • Integrated game integrations for dynamic in-game lighting
  • Sync macros and key remaps between keyboard and mouse

iCUE aims to provide a more streamlined experience versus having multiple Corsair apps installed. It supports the latest Corsair gear and will continue adding support for new products. iCUE is backwards compatible so users can still control older Corsair hardware.

Corsair Link

Corsair Link is software used for monitoring and customizing Corsair components like CPU coolers, power supplies, PC cases and more. Users can:

  • Monitor temperatures and adjust cooling performance
  • Customize fan speeds and curves
  • Control case lighting
  • Track power supply efficiency and voltage

Corsair Link provides granular control over hardware settings. It uses a desktop app to let users dial in settings exactly how they want. Corsair Link also works with CUE to enable system-wide lighting synchronization.

Corsair Software for Specific Products

In addition to their core software platforms, Corsair offers some product-specific apps including:

  • Corsair Audio: For controlling audio settings on select Corsair headsets
  • Dark Core Settings: For customizing the Dark Core RGB gaming mouse
  • HARPOON RGB Software: For programming the lighting on the HARPOON RGB mouse
  • Polaris Software: For managing settings on Polaris RGB mouse pads

These let users tweak specialized functionality that isn’t handled by iCUE. This supplements the main Corsair software for a comprehensive experience.

Corsair Software Highlights

Here are some key highlights of Corsair’s gaming software:

  • Powerful macro programming for games, streaming, content creation and more
  • Predefined RGB lighting effects or customize your own
  • Control fan speeds, pump performance, voltages and other system metrics
  • Unified control of all compatible Corsair gear from one intuitive app
  • Sync lighting or macros between different Corsair devices
  • Monitor CPU and GPU temperatures while gaming
  • Dynamic in-game lighting integrations that react to gameplay

Corsair’s software brings their gaming gear to life and allows for deeper customization. It enables users to build their dream gaming setup with synchronized dynamic lighting effects and game-enhancing macros.


Corsair utilizes a suite of software including CUE, iCUE, Corsair Link and device-specific apps to power their gaming peripherals and components. This software unlocks deep customization from RGB lighting to performance monitoring and macro programming. While the apps are being consolidated under the iCUE banner, Corsair still offers product-specific software for greater control. Their gaming software is designed to enhance the experience and allow users to get the most out of Corsair gear.

Software Function
CUE Unified app for RGB lighting, macros and settings on Corsair mice, keyboards and headsets
iCUE Next generation unified software to replace CUE
Corsair Link Advanced monitoring and customization for Corsair components and cases
Product-specific apps Enables tweaking specialized functionality on certain products that iCUE doesn’t cover