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Where can I go to print something off my phone?

In today’s digital world, we often need to print documents, photos, or other files from our smartphones. While home printers are common, you may not always have access to one. Fortunately, there are many convenient options for printing on the go from your mobile device.

Printing Options

Here are some of the main ways you can print from your phone when you’re out and about:

  • Print shops – Standalone print shops like FedEx Office offer printing services where you can send files for printing.
  • Library printers – Many public libraries have printers you can use for a small fee.
  • Office supply stores – Stores like Staples and Office Depot offer printing services.
  • University printers – If you’re a student, your university likely has computer labs with printers you can use.
  • Photo printing kiosks – Kiosks at drugstores and other retailers let you print photos from your device.
  • Mailboxes stores – Stores like UPS and Mailboxes Etc. provide printing services.
  • Wireless printers – Some universities, hotels and airports have public wireless printers you can connect your phone to.
  • Retail store printing – Some retailers like Walmart, Target and Rite Aid offer printing services.
  • Hotel business centers – Many hotels have printing capabilities in their business centers or lobbies.

Print Shops

Dedicated print shops like FedEx Office and The UPS Store are a reliable option for on-the-go printing. They offer several ways to print from your smartphone:

  • Email – Email your document to the store’s print center email address from your phone.
  • Cloud storage – Upload files to a cloud service like Google Drive or Dropbox and have them printed from there.
  • Flash drive – Save files to a flash drive and plug into the store’s computer to print.
  • Apps – Use the store’s official app to upload and print files.
  • In-store computers – Insert a memory card or connect your phone to the store’s computer with a USB cable.

Print shops are well-equipped for mobile printing and many locations are open extended hours. Expect per page printing fees in the range of 10 to 25 cents for black and white, and 50 cents to $1 for color pages.

Library Printers

Public libraries provide printing services using computer workstations and standalone printers/copiers. To print from your smartphone:

  • Email – If your library offers it, email attachments to a dedicated print email address.
  • Mobile apps – Some library systems have mobile apps that allow you to submit print jobs.
  • Cloud storage – Upload files to a cloud service and access them from the library computer to print.
  • USB cable – Connect your smartphone to the library computer with a USB cable.

Libraries typically charge 10 to 15 cents per black and white page printed and up to 25 cents for color. Many libraries require you to have an active account to use printing services.

Office Supply Stores

Major office supply stores like Staples and Office Depot provide printing solutions. Options for printing from your mobile device include:

  • Email
  • Cloud storage
  • Flash drive
  • Mobile apps
  • In-store computers

Black and white copies tend to cost around 10 to 20 cents per page and color copies 50 cents to $1 per page. Store printers are compatible with most file formats.

University Printers

If you’re a college student, printing is likely available on campus. Most university libraries and computer labs have printers students can use. Methods for printing from a smartphone include:

  • Campus app – Upload documents through the school’s mobile app.
  • Email – Email files to yourself or the campus print system.
  • Cloud storage – Upload to cloud storage and access on lab computers.
  • USB – Transfer files to a flash drive or connect phone with a USB cord.

Pages typically cost 5 to 10 cents for black and white and up to 25 cents for color. You’ll need to present your student ID card and have credits on your account. Print limits may apply.

Photo Kiosks

Retailer Cost per print
Walgreens 25 cents (4×6)
CVS 27 cents (4×6)
Walmart 9 cents (4×6)

Drugstores and big box stores have self-service photo printing kiosks. You can connect your smartphone to the kiosk via USB cable or Bluetooth to access your photos. Some kiosks have mobile apps to wirelessly send the photos you want to print. Print sizes and paper types vary by location.

Mailbox Stores

UPS Stores and other mailbox services like PostNet and Mailboxes Etc. offer printing from mobile devices using:

  • Email
  • Apps
  • Cloud storage
  • Flash drive
  • In-store computers

Pricing is similar to other print shops with black and white copies around 10 to 20 cents per page and color copies 50 cents to $1. Helpful for printing documents, presentations, reports and more.

Wireless Printers

Some universities, hotels, airports, and other locations provide wireless printers you can send jobs to from your device. Steps vary, but may include:

  1. Connecting to the business’ WiFi network
  2. Downloading the printer company’s app
  3. Selecting the nearby printer and file to print
  4. Paying through the app or online

Great for printing boarding passes, tickets, maps or other documents when traveling and on the go. Cost is usually comparable to local print shops.

Retail Store Printing

Everyday retailers like Walmart, Target, and Rite Aid also offer printing services. You can print from a smartphone through:

  • In-store computers
  • Kiosks
  • Some mobile apps
  • Cloud storage

Pages start at around 10 cents for black and white and 50 cents for color. Useful in a pinch if you’re already shopping at that retailer.

Hotel Business Centers

Many hotels have a business center with computer workstations and printers for guests to use. Options for printing from a mobile device:

  • Email files to the business center email address
  • Upload files to cloud storage and access on hotel computers
  • Bring a flash drive to plug into hotel computers
  • Connect your phone with a USB cord

Great if you need to print tickets, documents, or boarding passes when traveling. Costs vary by hotel but are typically comparable to local print shops.

Choosing the Best Option

When deciding where to print from your smartphone, consider:

  • Cost – Print shops tend to offer the lowest rates for bulk printing.
  • Quality – Office stores, print shops, and photo kiosks provide high print quality.
  • Convenience – Retail stores or university printers can be quick and easy if you’re already there.
  • Files types – Make sure the printer can handle your document or photo file format.
  • Mobile apps – Apps can make printing easier at some locations.
  • Security – For sensitive documents, a print shop may be more secure than a public location.


Printing on the go is convenient with the multitude of options available. The best choice depends on your specific printing needs and what locations are easily accessible to you. A bit of planning can save time and money. With the right app or mobile printing process, you can easily print from your smartphone wherever your day takes you.