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Do people sell their coloring pages?

In recent years, adult coloring has become a popular hobby and form of relaxation. As demand for coloring pages has grown, some creative entrepreneurs have started selling their original coloring designs. In this article, we’ll look at the trend of people selling their own coloring pages and answer the question: Can you make money selling coloring pages?

The Rise in Popularity of Adult Coloring

Coloring used to be seen as an activity just for children, but in the last decade that perception has changed. According to research, adult coloring books were one of the biggest book trends in the 2010s. By 2015, over 12 million adult coloring books had been sold.

Experts attribute the rising popularity of adult coloring to it being a calming and meditative activity. The repetitive motion of coloring has been found to reduce stress and anxiety. As life becomes increasingly busy and filled with digital screens, coloring provides a quiet analog activity to help people relax and focus. For many adults, coloring is a fun, nostalgic throwback to childhood.

The most popular types of coloring pages for adults include:

  • Mandala designs
  • Flora and fauna
  • Geometric patterns
  • Scenes from nature

While some prefer simpler designs, others enjoy intricate and complex pages. Coloring book publishers have put out a wide selection to suit different tastes.

The Emergence of Coloring Page Artists

With more adults coloring, a number of independent artists have started designing and selling their own coloring pages. These pages are often more detailed and sophisticated than traditional children’s coloring books. The artists aim to provide pages that are relaxing yet creatively fulfilling for adults to color.

Some of the first artists to sell adult coloring pages online in the early 2010s started making thousands of dollars from digital downloads. Seeing this new market, more artists tried their hand at creating pages to sell. Etsy soon became a popular platform for coloring page artists to open their digital shops. Social media also helped them gain followers and promote their work.

These independent creators fill an important role by producing pages that are more tailored to adults’ preferences. Large publishers tend to stick with safe, generic designs. The artists experiment with more diverse themes and richer detail to keep their work interesting.

How Artists Sell Digital Coloring Pages

For coloring page artists, most sales nowadays come from selling downloads online. Here are some of the main ways artists sell their coloring pages digitally:

Etsy Shop

Etsy has become the top marketplace for independent artists and crafters. Setting up a shop there provides instant access to Etsy’s built-in audience. Coloring page sellers can list their pages individually or in bundled packs. Etsy collects a small fee but handles all the payment processing and order fulfillment. Sellers also gain visibility when their items appear in search results.

Personal Website

More established coloring page artists often create their own websites to sell downloads directly to customers. This requires handling payments and delivery systems but gives the artist greater control. Websites allow them to brand their work and connect more deeply with fans. Artists can also build email lists to send out new releases and promotions.

Social Media Sales

Platforms like Instagram and Facebook make it easy for artists to show their latest coloring pages to followers. The post captions can include a Shop Now button that links to the product for instant checkout. Social media selling is convenient but the platforms take a cut of each sale.

Online Marketplaces

There are various large online marketplaces coloring page artists can use to expand their reach. These include Amazon Handmade, Creative Market and Design Bundles. Each has pros and cons in terms of fees, audience size and seller requirements. These platforms involve more competition but provide greater exposure.

Factors That Affect Coloring Page Sales

For artists venturing into selling coloring pages online, there are several factors that can determine success:

Uniqueness of Designs

Coloring page buyers want images that feel fresh and original. Repeating the same generic motifs gets boring quickly. Artists who put thought into their concepts and avoid copying others’ work gain a competitive edge.

Artistic Skill

The most talented artists who master techniques like shading and perspective tend to sell the most. Buyers want pages that are aesthetically pleasing and almost mesmerizing to color. Great art translates into strong sales.


Both simple and complex designs appeal to different audiences. Some prefer easy shapes while others enjoy intricately detailed pages. Sellers get the best response when they offer a range. geometric patterns and nature scenes tend to have broad appeal.

Media Attention

Every so often a coloring book or artist will go viral online, leading to a spike in sales. Media coverage in national publications also helps boost sellers’ visibility. But most artists rely on word of mouth and social media.


Positive customer reviews lend social proof and credibility for coloring page creators. Ratings and feedback on Etsy, Amazon and social media influence potential buyers’ purchasing decisions. More sales enable sellers to get more reviews and improve their standing.


An understanding of search engine optimization helps artists rank higher in keywords related to “adult coloring pages.” Optimizing titles, tags and page descriptions increases visibility and discovery in Google search.

Social Media Following

Building an engaged social media audience generates a built-in customer base. Artists with larger followings on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest have an advantage. Promoting new releases to followers helps drive immediate sales. Giveaways and promotions also help expand an artist’s reach and convert new fans.

Pricing Digital Coloring Pages

One important factor artists control is how they price their coloring pages. Common pricing strategies include:

Low Volume Sales

Some artists price pages at just $1 to $3 and aim for a high volume of sales. The low prices attract impulse buyers and those wanting to sample different pages. Making just pennies per sale can add up over time.

Bundled Packs

Bundling pages together in packs of 5, 10 or 25 pages allows sellers to charge more. A 25-page pack at $10 comes out to $0.40 per page but feels like a good value. Bundles also appeal to buyers looking for variety.

Premium Pages

Sellers can price specialty pages with extra detailing or size at a premium. These $5 to $10 pages cater to the top end of the market. The goal is fewer but higher-dollar transactions.

Membership Sites

Some artists offer subscriptions plans like $5 or $10 per month for access to all new pages. This creates steady recurring revenue. Subscribers get hooked on the constant new designs.

Multi-tiered Pricing

A flexible mixed approach combines individual pages, bundles and premium pages to hit different price points. This maximizes overall sales across the spectrum of buyers.

Keys to Making Coloring Pages Profitable

Here are some tips coloring page artists recommend to turn this hobby into a successful business:

  • Find your personal style. Create a consistent look and themes that become your signature. This helps build your brand.
  • Draw inspiration from trends but put your own spin on them. Use trending themes like mandalas or florals but in an original way.
  • Study the market and competitors to see what’s working. Find gaps you can fill but avoid copying.
  • Work in batches and build up inventory so you always have new designs ready to release.
  • Interact with your audience and ask for feedback to improve. Build relationships with loyal followers.
  • Reinvest profits into advertising and outsourcing so you can keep growing. Hire assistants to help produce more pages faster.
  • Offer free samples or giveaways to get people hooked on your style. Email subscribers specials and promotions.

The Future for Coloring Page Artists

Looking ahead, the adult coloring trend seems likely to continue growing. While traditional book publishers still dominate, the opportunities for independent artists are increasing. Selling coloring pages can become a lucrative business for creative and motivated artists.

As technology improves print quality, more sellers may offer physical shipped pages. But digital will still rule for its convenience and efficiency. Tablets and apps may become popular ways to color pages on-screen. There is also room for coloring page services to help customers turn photos into personalized coloring templates.

The choices for where and how to sell pages will also evolve with new platforms popping up. But Etsy and social media are sure to remain important sales channels. Overall, the outlook is bright for coloring page artists able to build an audience for their unique designs. Passion combined with an entrepreneurial spirit can make coloring a very colorful career.


The adult coloring craze has created new opportunities for artists to sell their coloring page designs online. Leveraging platforms like Etsy and social media allows them to turn this hobby into a business. While not everyone makes big profits, some talented artists have built sizable earnings over time. By catering to adult preferences and experimenting with sales strategies, artists can maximize their income potential. For creative minds, converting coloring into cash provides both fulfillment and funds. The growing popularity of adult coloring ensures there will continue to be an appetite for original, high-quality pages.