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What wall colors go with yellow walls?

What wall colors go with yellow walls?

Yellow is a bright, cheerful color that can instantly liven up any space. However, pairing the right colors with yellow walls can be tricky. The wrong color choices can make the yellow walls look dated or even nauseating. The key is to find colors that complement yellow without being too overpowering.

When decorating a room with yellow walls, you’ll want to consider undertones in the yellow. Warmer yellows with orange undertones pair best with colors on the warm end of the spectrum. Meanwhile, cooler lemon yellows look better with cool undertones like blues and greens. You’ll also want to pay attention to the brightness of the yellow. Pastel yellows will look better with lighter color schemes, while bright golden yellows can handle deeper shades.

Here are some of the best wall color combinations to go with yellow walls in any room:


One fail-safe option that looks beautiful with any shade of yellow is greige. Greige is a versatile neutral hue that combines gray and beige. This muted, soothing shade allows the yellow walls to pop while providing a subtle and calming contrast.

Greige has a natural, organic feel that prevents yellow from feeling too overwhelming or synthetic. It also comes in a wide range of undertones, so you can select a greige with cool gray undertones or warm beige undertones to complement different types of yellow.

Some specific greige shades that pair well with yellow walls include:

– Benjamin Moore Silver Fox
– Sherwin Williams Accessible Beige
– Behr Cappuccino Foam
– Valspar Rock Candy

Greige provides a soft, effortless contrast against vibrant yellow walls in any style of room. Use it on all four walls or just one to let the yellow walls shine.


You can never go wrong pairing yellow walls with crisp, clean white. White has a light brightness that emphasizes the cheery vibe of yellow without competing with it. It makes the yellow walls pop while feeling fresh and airy.

White is also easy to decorate around and provides a neutral backdrop for any style. Try an antique white with a subtle warmth or a bright white for contrast. Off-whites like almond and linen also look beautiful with yellow.

Some recommended white paint colors to use with yellow walls:

– Benjamin Moore Simply White
– Sherwin Williams Pure White
– Behr Ultra Pure White
– Valspar Swiss Coffee

White trim is also an easy way to frame yellow walls and give the eye a break from all the color. White ceilings can make the room feel more open and airy.


Blue is the perfect color complement to yellow. Using blue accents and decor creates a vibrant, playful look. However, it’s important to choose the right undertone of blue.

Cooler shades of blue like cerulean, teal and robin’s egg blue are ideal for pairing with lemon and mustard yellow walls. These cooler blues bring out the bright vibrancy of the yellow.

Some pretty blue paint options include:

– Benjamin Moore Nebulous Blue
– Sherwin Williams Rainwashed
– Behr Icelandic Blue
– Valspar Seaglass

Deeper shades like navy and cobalt also pop against golden yellow walls. Just avoid “true blues” like primary blue, as they can sometimes clash with the yellow.

Try painting an accent wall blue in a bedroom with yellow walls for a cheery, relaxed feel. Or use blue and yellow together in a playroom or kids’ room.


Earthy greens are another excellent pairing for yellow walls. Green and yellow are opposite one another on the color wheel, creating a harmonious complementary balance.

Muted sage, mint and olive greens work well with paler yellow walls in bedrooms, offices and other relaxing spaces. Meanwhile, brighter lime green ups the energy against golden yellow walls. Just avoid darker forest greens, as they can feel too heavy and overwhelming.

Some green paint color options to try with yellow walls:

– Benjamin Moore Greenwood Green
– Sherwin Williams Grassy Meadow
– Behr Celery Sprig
– Valspar Lime Twist

You can also decorate with green accents like pillows, rugs and plants against yellow walls for a fresh, nature-inspired vibe.


For a bright and cheerful look, consider pairing yellow walls with the vibrant orange-pink hue of coral. This color combination evokes sunshine and tropical seashells.

Soft peach and melon corals create a delicate look alongside buttery yellow walls. Bolder tangerine or salmon coral makes for an energetic, fun combo with golden yellow walls. Just avoid orangey shades that are too pumpkin-like, as they can clash with the yellow.

Some coral paint color options for yellow walls:

– Benjamin Moore Peach Bliss
– Sherwin Williams Creative Peach
– Behr Radiant Orange
– Valspar Illuminating

Coral accents like pillows, art and fresh flowers will also give yellow walls a happy summery look. This color combo is perfect for kids’ rooms, offices and accent walls.


Purple and yellow are a surprising color combination that really pops. Purple balances out the warmth of yellow for an eclectic, artsy effect. Pale lilacs and lavenders work well with lighter yellow walls, while bold eggplants and plums complement deeper golden yellows.

Some purple paint choices to try with yellow walls:

– Benjamin Moore Wind Chime
– Sherwin Williams Lilac Blossoms
– Behr Lilac Chiffon
– Valspar Royal Lilac

Use purple as an accent wall or on furniture against yellow walls. Continue the color scheme with purple decor items like pillows and art. Purple and yellow create a fun, unexpected look for living rooms, bedrooms and more.


Pairing yellow walls with pretty pink creates a delicate, feminine aesthetic. Soft powder pinks complement pale yellow walls for a sweet nursery or little girl’s room. Meanwhile, bright fuchsias and magentas make for a fun, youthful combo with golden yellow walls.

Some pink paint options for pairing with yellow:

– Benjamin Moore First Blush
– Sherwin Williams Morning Blush
– Behr Ballet Slipper
– Valspar Ballet Pink

Try pink and yellow together in a bedroom, girl’s playroom or bathroom. Use pink to paint an accent wall or as an accent color on decor items. The two cheerful colors will play off each other beautifully.


Red can pump up the energy of any space, making it an ideal accent color against vibrant yellow walls. Bright true reds and deeper burgundies both work well with different shades of yellow. Just avoid rusty oranges and browns, as they can clash with yellow’s vibrancy.

Some red paint shades to try with yellow walls:

– Benjamin Moore Raspberry Truffle
– Sherwin Williams Chic Red
– Behr Dynamite Red
– Valspar Apple Red

Yellow and red is a classic color combination that’s ideal for kitchens, dining rooms and kids’ play areas. Use red and yellow together in moderation, as large amounts can feel overwhelming. Red accent walls, bar stools, vases and more are chic against yellow walls.


For a more muted, subtle look, soft gray is an excellent neutral option to pair with yellow walls. Cool-toned grays like ice blue-gray bring out the vibrancy of lemon yellow walls beautifully. Warm taupe-grays complement the richness of golden yellow walls.

Some gray paint color options for yellow walls include:

– Benjamin Moore Pale Oak
– Sherwin Williams Passive
– Behr Silver Screen
– Valspar Rock Salt

Gray provides a calm, neutral backdrop that lets cheerful yellow walls shine. Use it on accent walls, furniture, window frames and decor items against yellow walls. Gray also works well on all four walls to frame vibrant yellow accent walls.


For a dramatic, high-contrast look, try pairing yellow walls with sleek black accents. Deep charcoal or black trim, furniture and decor items make yellow walls pop. Black creates instant sophistication and elegance against the cheery brightness of yellow.

Just use black sparingly, like with black window frames, a black accent wall or black shelving against yellow walls. Too much black can feel dark and overwhelming with yellow. But the right black accents will create a bold, contemporary style.


Warm beige tones complement and blend seamlessly with yellow walls. Soft tans, camels and sand beiges work well with lighter yellows, while deeper ochres pair better with golden yellows. Beige creates a soothing, welcoming look that amplifies yellow’s welcoming vibe.

Some beige paint colors that go with yellow walls:

– Benjamin Moore Muslin
– Sherwin Williams Accessible Beige
– Behr Camelback
– Valspar Desert Planet

Try beige with yellow in bedrooms, living rooms and offices. Use beige on accent walls or furniture against vibrant yellow walls. The earthy beige neutralizes and grounds bright yellow for a relaxed feel.


Deep coffee browns offer a nice earthy contrast to light yellow walls. Milk chocolate or chestnut browns complement and ground golden yellow walls, creating a warm and welcoming look. Just avoid orangey terra cottas that can clash with yellow walls.

Some pretty browns to pair with yellow include:

– Benjamin Moore Coffee Bean
– Sherwin Williams Dark Roast
– Behr Mocha Brown HC-27
– Valspar Signature Brown

Incorporate brown through furniture, window treatments, decor accents and textiles against yellow walls. Brown offers a pleasantly warm, organic complement. Use it in living rooms, bedrooms and more for an earthy style.


Creamy off-whites pair beautifully with yellow walls for a soft, inviting style. Light creams like vanilla milk, coconut milk and rice milk complement paler yellow walls. Richer creams like hazelnut and chestnut work well with darker golden yellows.

Try some of these cream paint colors with yellow walls:

– Benjamin Moore Creamy
– Sherwin Williams Shoji White
– Behr Nougat
– Valspar Alabaster

Cream has the same neutral versatility as white, without being quite as stark. Use it on ceilings, trim, furniture and decor items to let vivid yellow walls stand out while providing a warm, welcoming contrast. Creamy yellow is also a pretty all-over wall color.

Wood Tones

Natural wood finishes offer an organic complement to yellow walls. Light bleached woods pair well with soft yellow hues, while darker walnut and mahogany suit richer golden yellows. Choose wood with warm undertones rather than cool gray woods, which can clash with yellow.

Incorporate wood through furniture, flooring, beams, built-ins and textiles. Wood paneling and trim also frame yellow walls beautifully. Wood’s natural elegance enhances yellow’s welcoming charm. Use it in dining rooms, living rooms, bedrooms and offices.


The key is finding colors that complement – not compete with – the shade of yellow on your walls. Cooler yellows with green and blue undertones pair best with lighter neutrals like white, cream, greige, blue and pale wood tones. Warmer golden yellows with orange undertones look beautiful with beiges, rich wood tones, red, black, navy and emerald.

Remember to also consider the brightness and saturation of your yellow walls. Soft pastels pair well with equally soft hues like powder pink and robin’s egg blue. Vibrant true yellows can handle deeper shades like burgundy, forest green and charcoal.

With the right color combinations, yellow walls can feel fresh and contemporary or warm and welcoming. Pair yellow walls with complementary colors to create a space that’s lively yet balanced and harmonious.

Yellow Wall Color Best Color Combinations
Soft Pastel Yellow Robin’s Egg Blue, Lavender, Powder Pink, Pale Wood Tones
Bright True Yellow Navy, Emerald Green, Charcoal, Rich Wood Tones
Warm Golden Yellow Terracotta, Deep Red, Mahogany, Black