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What shade of blue is Chicago Bears?

What shade of blue is Chicago Bears?

The Chicago Bears are one of the oldest franchises in the National Football League (NFL). Founded in 1920, the Bears have a long and storied history in professional football. They are known for their distinctive uniforms which feature dark navy blue jerseys and helmets with orange accents. But what exact shade of blue makes up the Bears’ iconic colors? Here we will explore the history behind the Chicago Bears’ uniforms, examine the specific Pantone colors used, and compare them to other popular shades of blue.

History of the Chicago Bears Uniform

The Chicago Bears, originally called the Decatur Staleys, first adopted dark navy blue jerseys back in the 1930s when the team moved to Chicago. Their uniforms evolved over the decades, switching between darker and lighter shades of blue at times. It wasn’t until 1962 that the Bears settled on the now-classic navy blue jerseys paired with white pants. These uniforms came to define the Monsters of the Midway through their dominant years in the 1980s.

While the jersey colors have remained relatively consistent, the accents and sleeve striping have changed periodically. The Bears flirted with orange jerseys for a few seasons in the 2000s before returning to their traditional navy blue. Through it all, the navy blue has become synonymous with the Chicago Bears’ identity and brand.

Pantone Matching System Colors

So what are the exact Pantone colors that make up the Chicago Bears uniforms? According to the team’s official 2022 style guide, the main navy blue jersey color is identified as Pantone 289 C. The numbers and letters on the jerseys are white, simply specified as White.

The classic orange accents on the jerseys and helmets are Pantone 165 C, also known as Bears Orange. This vibrant orange hue contrasts against the deep navy blue for a distinctive color combination.

Uniform Element Pantone Color
Jersey Pantone 289 C
Numbers/Letters White
Accents Pantone 165 C

So in summary, the primary shade of blue for the Chicago Bears uniforms is Pantone 289 C. This deep navy blue has defined the team’s look for decades.

Comparing Pantone 289 C

How does Pantone 289 C compare to other popular shades of blue? Here is a look at some key similarities and differences:

– Darker than primary blue (Pantone Blue 072). The Bears’ navy is a much deeper, richer blue.

– Slightly darker than classic navy (Pantone 279 C). The Bears blue has more intensity and saturation.

– Not as dark as midnight blue (Pantone 282 C). Midnight blue is the deepest shade in the spectrum.

– More muted than bright blues like azure (Pantone 279 C) or Process Blue (Pantone 3005 C). The Bears blue is a dark, cool tone.

– Distinct from other professional team blues like Colts Blue (Pantone 282 C) or Cowboys Navy (Pantone 289 C), which have their own identities.

So while Pantone 289 C is recognizable as a navy blue, it stands out with its own unique depth and vibrancy. This makes it the perfect shade to represent the spirit of the Monsters of the Midway.

Use in Marketing and Merchandise

The Chicago Bears heavily leverage Pantone 289 C and other team colors in their marketing, merchandise, and collateral. Some examples include:

– Jerseys, hats, shirts, jackets, and other apparel use the Bears navy blue and orange.

– Signage and graphics at Soldier Field incorporate the Bears’ Pantone colors.

– Promotional items like flags, banners, giveaways all use the exact team Pantones.

– Digital design from webpages to mobile apps prominently feature the Bears navy blue.

– Printed assets like media guides, schedules, programs utilize the colors.

Careful color management ensures the Bears’ signature colors remain consistent across all applications. This strengthens the team’s brand identity among fans. When fans see that distinct Pantone 289 C blue, they instantly think of the Chicago Bears.


The Chicago Bears’ navy blue uniforms represent an iconic look in professional sports. While the jerseys have evolved over the past century, that deep navy blue has endured as a core part of the Bears’ image. The specific Pantone 289 C shade stands apart with its dark, saturated profile. It’s the perfect color to capture the tough, gritty spirit of the franchise. For both the players and fans, that navy blue inspires pride, passion, and a competitive drive that fuels the Bears. When coated in that Pantone 289 C blue, the Bears truly embody their “Monsters of the Midway” persona.