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What time is the World of Color show at Disney?

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The World of Color is one of the most popular nighttime shows at Disney California Adventure in Anaheim, California. This magnificent water and lights show takes place on the Paradise Bay lagoon and uses over 1,200 fountains, lasers, lighting, and a musical score to bring Disney animation to life. Audiences are immersed in the wonderful world of Disney as scenes from classic films are projected onto water screens. It’s a truly magical experience for Disney fans of all ages.

In this article, we’ll provide details on the show times for World of Color to help you plan your visit. Having the show schedule ahead of time allows you to coordinate dining reservations, ride FastPasses, and stake out a good viewing spot for the show.

World of Color Show Schedule

World of Color currently has two showings per night at Disney’s California Adventure. The show times are:

Show Time
1st Show 9:00 pm
2nd Show 10:15 pm

The first show is at 9:00 pm and the second show is at 10:15 pm. During slower periods, only one World of Color show may be presented each night at 9:00 pm.

It’s always a good idea to check the park hours and entertainment schedule when planning your visit to confirm the show times for World of Color. The schedule can vary seasonally.

Tips for Viewing World of Color

World of Color is immensely popular and prime viewing areas fill up early. Here are some tips to get a good spot:

– Arrive at least 60-90 minutes before the show start time to claim your place along the lagoon. The best views are centered in front of the big water screens.

– Be prepared to stand for the duration of the show. Bring small folding stools or seats if you need them.

– Grab a FastPass ticket for World of Color starting at park opening. FastPass holders enter a reserved viewing section.

– If you have a dining package at Carthay Circle Restaurant or Wine Country Trattoria, you’ll have access to preferred viewing. Book your meal early.

– Upper level areas like the Golden Zephyr and Silly Symphony Swings rides have great bird’s-eye views. Hop on before showtime.

– Ask a Disney Cast Member about disability access if needed. There are limited sections for wheelchairs and others who can’t stand for long periods.

Best Places to Watch World of Color

Certain areas around Paradise Bay provide better vantage points for World of Color. Here are some of the top spots to watch:

– **Center Stage** – The central plaza right across from the water screens is where the main action happens. It fills up fastest.

– **Paradise Park** – Areas along the lagoon in front of Paradise Gardens offer excellent views of the projections.

– **Golden Zephyr** – This rocket ride inside the park gives an overhead view from its spinning rockets.

– **Little Mermaid Ride** – The outdoor queue and ride area provides interesting side angle views.

– **Silly Symphony Swings** – Swing above the lagoon on this thrill ride for unique aerial perspectives.

– **Covign Terrace** – A standing section at the west end of the lagoon near Disney Animation building.

– **Sonoma Terrace** – For dining package holders, with tiered viewing and tables. Book early for best view.

– **Mendocino Terrace** – Another dining section along the west side of Paradise Bay. Great atmosphere.

Best Times for Shorter Wait

If you want to minimize your wait time for World of Color, aim to view the late 10:15 pm show. Fewer guests stay in the park that late, especially families with young kids. The standby queue also tends to be shorter on weekdays when crowds are lower.

Wednesday and Thursday evenings generally have the lowest wait times for World of Color. Aim to arrive about 45-60 minutes prior to the show start instead of 90 minutes.

Early May and mid-August through September are lighter crowd periods before kids are out of school. Summer, weekends, and holidays are busiest for the show. Prime viewing spots fill up earliest on peak dates.

Dining Packages for Reserved Viewing

Booking a special dining package is the best way to guarantee your seats for World of Color without a long wait. You’ll enjoy a wonderful meal along with access to a reserved viewing area.

There are two options for World of Color dining packages:

Carthay Circle Restaurant

– Upscale table service dining with California cuisine
– Lunch or dinner packages available
– Tier 1 Viewing Section access
– Book up to 60 days in advance

Wine Country Trattoria

– Casual table service Italian restaurant
– Dinner packages only
– Tier 2 Viewing Section access
– Book up to 60 days in advance

Booking FastPasses for World of Color

FastPasses are needed to enter the prime standing viewing areas for World of Color. Here are some tips for reserving FastPasses:

– FastPasses are distributed near Grizzly River Run first thing when the park opens.

– Only one FastPass is given per person and the whole party must be present.

– FastPass ticket identifies which showtime it’s valid for (9pm or 10:15pm).

– FastPass viewing areas are standing only.

– FastPass queue begins pre-show entertainment 30-45 mins before.

– FastPasses often run out early on peak days.

Having a FastPass ensures you’ll have space to stand in front of the lagoon rather than side areas. It’s highly recommended to get one if you want the full immersive show experience.

What to Expect During the Show

World of Color combines fountains, lights, lasers, projections, fire effects and music for an incredible nighttime extravaganza. Here’s a rundown of what to expect:

– Over 1,200 programmable fountains shooting water up to 200 feet high

– Nearly 30 high-definition projectors creating vivid animation on water screens

– Dazzling lighting effects, lasers, and flashlights synchronizing with the visuals

– Pyrotechnics and flame effects for rushes of heat and excitement

– Soaring, sweeping musical score with Disney songs and instrumental medleys

– Familiar Disney characters and movie scenes projected on mist screens

– Towering walls of water, cascading waterfalls, streaming jets and more

The show is about 22-25 minutes long. You’ll be dazzled by the kaleidoscope of color, light and music over the lake. It’s an emotional journey celebrating Disney’s imagination through animation.

Show Content and Scenes

World of Color follows a fluid sequence of scenes highlighting magic in Disney films. The visuals shine a spotlight on key characters, locations, and moods from these movies:

– The Little Mermaid – Under the Sea scene with floats and fountains.

– Pocahontas – Colors of the Wind with leaves and nature.

– The Lion King – Circle of Life with iconic Pride Rock imagery.

– Finding Nemo – Big aquatic scenes and Crush the sea turtle.

– Frozen – Let It Go sequence with Elsa’s ice magic.

– Toy Story – Buzz Lightyear flying with fireworks.

– Beauty and the Beast – Ballroom dance scene.

– The Jungle Book – Wondrous nature imagery.

– Fantasia – Abstract colors and dancing fountains with music.

– Pirates of the Caribbean – Fog screens with pirate ships.

– Aladdin – A Whole New World magic carpet ride scene.

The show culminates in a big frenzy of fountains, lights and music, ending with soaring fireworks for an unforgettable grand finale!

Finding Parking for World of Color

If you’re driving to Disney California Adventure, parking for World of Color can get crowded in the evenings when the shows are taking place. Here are some tips:

– Arrive at least 90 minutes early to allow time to park and walk to Paradise Park.

– The Simba parking lot usually has more availability than the Aladdin lot near park entrances.

– Be prepared to possibly park farther out in Toy Story lots if close-in parking is full.

– Keep your parking receipt! You’ll need to show it again when exiting the lot.

– Re-entry to the parking lot is allowed with your receipt and ticket.

– Use smartphone apps like Disneyland to check parking availability in real time.

– Consider using Uber/Lyft to avoid parking hassles if staying offsite.

Allow enough buffer time for parking and security on busy evenings. The key is getting to the park with time to spare before World of Color starts. Proper planning prevents parking problems!


World of Color is truly a magical nighttime extravaganza at Disney California Adventure Park. This 22-minute water and lights show immerses audiences in the wonderful world of Disney animation through stunning visual effects. With a combination of fountains, projections, lasers, fire, and music, it brings iconic Disney films to life right before your eyes.

We provided an overview of the World of Color show schedule and tips to experience it fully. The two show times per night are at 9:00pm and 10:15pm, though times vary seasonally. Arrive early, get a FastPass, book a dining package, or scope out prime viewing spots around Paradise Bay to secure seats. Watching World of Color is a highlight for any trip to Disneyland Resort. Don’t miss out on this spectacular nighttime entertainment!