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What things are blue for kids?

Blue is a popular color for kids. Many toys, books, clothes, and other items made for children come in shades of blue. This bright, cheerful color stimulates the mind and encourages creativity. Here are some of the many things that are often blue for kids:


Many classic toys come in blue. Building blocks, balls, toy cars, and stuffed animals are commonly found in various shades of blue. Here are some examples of popular blue toys for kids:

Toy Shade of Blue
Legos Bright blue
Play-Doh Azure blue
Balls All shades of blue
Hot Wheels cars Bold blue
Stuffed bears Baby blue

The bright, primary colors of classic toys often include shades of blue. Children are drawn to the vibrancy of blue Legos, Play-Doh, and balls. Boys often favor bold blues for toy cars and action figures. Soft baby blues are soothing and sweet for stuffed animals and plush dolls.


From board books to young adult novels, blue is a very popular color for children’s book covers and illustrations. Here are some examples of beloved children’s book characters and elements that are blue:

Book Character or Element Shade of Blue
Pigeon from Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus! Slate blue
Crayons from Harold and the Purple Crayon Cerulean blue
Fish from One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish Azure blue
The Little Blue Truck Bold blue
Blue’s Clues from Blue’s Clues Vivid blue

Blue is soothing and inviting on book covers that catch children’s eyes in the library or bookstore. Blue characters like Pigeon and Blue from Blue’s Clues spark kids’ imaginations. Vibrant blues throughout picture book illustrations keep young readers engaged.


Blue is a very common color choice for kids’ clothing and accessories. Here are some examples of the types of clothes and shades of blue that kids enjoy wearing:

Clothing Item Shade of Blue
Jeans Denim blue
T-shirts Cobalt blue, royal blue
Dresses Baby blue, sky blue
Hoodies Navy blue
Sneakers Bold blue

Kids love the range of blues when it comes to clothes. Soft pastel blues for dresses compliment girls’ complexions. Navy blue hoodies and cobalt blue T-shirts are staples for boys. And vibrant blues for sneakers allow kids to show their personality through their footwear.

Movies and TV

Blue is a color that shows up frequently in kids’ movies and television shows. Blue is used to create soothing, fantastical worlds for kids’ imaginations. Here are some examples of the use of blue in popular children’s media:

Movie or TV Show Notable Uses of Blue
Blue’s Clues Blue the puppy, Blue’s Room, clues
Dora the Explorer Backpack, Swiper the fox
Paw Patrol Rubble the bulldog
Finding Nemo The ocean
Avatar The Na’vi people

Vibrant blues help create the whimsical worlds of kids’ media. Blue characters like Dora’s Backpack and Rubble capture kids’ imaginations. Tranquil blues depict soothing underwater scenes and fantastical planets.

Art Supplies

From crayons to paint, blue is a prerequisite color for kids’ art supplies. Here are some of the shades of blue found in art materials for children:

Art Supply Shades of Blue
Crayons Navy blue, sky blue, baby blue
Markers Royal blue, cobalt blue, azure blue
Play-Doh Vivid blue
Paint Cerulean blue, turquoise blue
Construction paper Primary blue

Kids need access to a variety of blues for open-ended art exploration. From serene sky blues to regal royal blues, blue art supplies fuel children’s creativity and self-expression.


Here are some additional examples of beloved blue characters and elements from children’s books:

Book Character or Element Shade of Blue
The Very Hungry Caterpillar Vivid blue
Franklin the Turtle Sea green blue
Little Blue Truck Bold blue
Curious George Azure blue
Madeline Cobalt blue

Whether it’s the bright blue of The Very Hungry Caterpillar, the aqua tones of Franklin, or Madeline’s Parisian blue, blue evokes cheerful, uplifting feelings for kids reading or being read to. Blue characters feel friendly and approachable to young children.


While not the most common food color, blue does show up occasionally in kids’ snacks and meals. Here are a few examples of blue foods that kids enjoy:

Food Item Shade of Blue
Popsicles Vibrant blue
Jell-O Bright blue
Cotton candy Powder blue
Candy Royal blue, baby blue
Pancakes Sky blue

Treats like popsicles, cotton candy, and brightly colored candy provide bursts of blue that excite kids’ taste buds. Even everyday foods can become more fun with a dash of blue food coloring, like sky blue pancakes.


Kids can discover beautiful shades of natural blue all around them. Here are some examples of blue found in nature:

Element of Nature Shade of Blue
Sky Azure blue
Lakes Crystal blue, cobalt blue
Blueberries Indigo blue
Bluebirds Cobalt blue
Butterflies Powder blue, turquoise blue

From powder blue butterflies to indigo-hued blueberries, nature provides a rainbow of blues for kids to appreciate. Gazing at the sky, lakes, and other blue wonders helps nurture children’s sense of awe and admiration for the beauty around them.


Blue is an important color in kids’ science discoveries about the natural world. Here are some key examples:

Science Topic Role of Blue
Oceans Water appears blue
Blood Veins look blue
Sky Looks blue due to light scattering
Butterflies Have blue wings for camouflage
Neptune Appears deep blue

Understanding concepts from why the sky is blue to what makes blood vessels appear blue sparks kids’ early interest in science. Blue creates visual connections that pique children’s curiosity about the natural and physical world.


From uniforms to equipment, blue has a strong presence across kids’ sports. Here are some examples of how blue is part of children’s athletics:

Sport Use of Blue
Soccer Blue uniforms, cones
Baseball Bats, gloves, hats
Hockey Ice, uniforms
Football Flags, uniforms, equipment
Basketball Uniforms, balls

No matter the sport, blue makes its way onto the field through uniforms, balls, gear, and other equipment. Bright blue cones guide soccer practice while blue foam marks boundaries in football. The visual stimulation keeps young athletes engaged.

School Supplies

Blue is a trusted color for school supplies kids use every day. Some examples include:

School Supply Shades of Blue
Notebooks Navy, royal, sky blue
Backpacks Turquoise, cobalt, primary blue
Binders Powder blue, baby blue
Pencil cases Vivid blue, azure blue
Folders Robin’s egg blue, cerulean blue

No school supply ensemble is complete without at least a pop of blue. From calming pastel folders to durable navy backpacks, blue is a classroom staple. The color helps keep students focused and engaged in learning.


Blue is clearly an integral part of any child’s world. Its prevalence across toys, clothes, media, nature, and more demonstrates its universal appeal. Blue conjures feelings of tranquility and imagination. It stimulates young minds while providing visual interest. No color elicits cheerful childhood nostalgia quite like timeless, youthful shades of blue.