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What color goes with grey wash furniture?

Grey wash furniture is a popular decorating trend that adds a light, weathered look to wooden pieces. The muted grey tones create a relaxed, casual vibe and work well in many design styles. But pairing the right colors with grey wash furniture can sometimes be tricky. You want hues that enhance the light gray without clashing or looking too monochromatic. Here’s an in-depth look at the best color combinations to use with grey washed furniture.

Go Light With Whisper White, Soft Gray & Cream

Some of the most foolproof color matches for grey wash furniture are pale, neutral hues like soft whites, light grays, or cream. These colors have a similar tonal value to distressed gray wood, so they blend beautifully without competing. Try pairing your driftwood dining set with whisper white walls or opt for a cream upholstered sofa to complement a grey washed coffee table. Linens like pillows, throws and curtains also look elegant and soothing in creamy ivories or very light grays.

Light Neutral Colors Where to Use
Whisper White Walls, large upholstered pieces
Soft Gray Walls, accessories
Cream Upholstery, pillows, curtains

Try Soothing Blue Tones

From pale sky blue to stormy navy, blue is an adaptable color that complements grey washed furniture beautifully. Soft powder blues can evoke a beachy, coastal vibe against driftwood while bolder blues like navy or cobalt punch up the look in a more dramatic way. Use calming blue hues in accent pieces like side chairs or try navy blue walls as a sophisticated backdrop to weathered wood furnishings. Blue-green shades like aqua and teal also integrate nicely with grey washed pieces for a relaxing, spa-like atmosphere.

Blue Tones Where to Use
Powder Blue Walls, accent chairs
Navy Blue Walls, accent pillows
Aqua Accent furniture, decorative objects

Soft Greens Complement and Refresh

Analogous colors like soft sage greens, mossy greens and seafoam blend seamlessly with grey washed wood. These relaxing greens add life and vibrancy to muted gray tones in a harmonious way. Use pale celadon green on walls or upholstery to provide an earthy contrast to weathered wood furnishings. Deep emerald greens also pop beautifully against grey as accent colors. Add emerald decorative pillows, green pottery or lush plants to provide an energizing lift to the neutral wood palette.

Green Tones Where to Use
Sage Green Walls, larger upholstered pieces
Moss Green Pillows, blankets, accessories
Seafoam Accent chairs or furniture

Warm Tones of Sand, Terracotta and Brick

Earth tones like sand, terracotta and brick red add a sense of warmth and coziness to grey washed furniture. Mustard yellow, ochre and burnt orange can also provide a vibrant accent pop. Use these warmer desert tones in touches like pillows, candles, flower arrangements, ceramics or area rugs to create heat and contrast against the cool weathered grays.

Earth Tones Where to Use
Sand Walls, larger upholstered pieces
Terracotta Planters, vases, ceramic objects
Brick Red Pillows, blankets, area rugs

Bold Black and White for Dramatic Contrast

Nothing intensifies the weathered beauty of grey wash more than bold black and white accents. Try a striking black end table or coffee table against your faded gray wood dining set. White molding, trimwork or bookshelves will also pop beautifully against the muted gray backdrop. Use crisp white linens mixed with solid black pillows or add black and white photography, ceramics and decorative prints. The contrast looks chic, modern and showcases the texture of the wood.

Black and White Tones Where to Use
Solid Black Furniture, pillows, accessories
Crisp White Trimwork, molding, bookshelves

Metallic Accents for Glamour

Metallic furniture, accessories and decor add a glamorous, sophisticated look when paired with grey washed pieces. Silver, gold, copper and bronze all complement the weathered wood beautifully. Try metallic end tables or a striking gold floor lamp to accentuate the gray. Use metallic accents in moderation against the neutral backdrop for optimal sophistication.

Metallic Tones Where to Use
Gold Lamps, mirrored furniture, frames
Silver Candle holders, vases, chairs
Copper Table bases, light fixtures, bowls

Pastels for a Soft Look

Pretty pastel colors like lilac, blush and seafoam blend seamlessly with grey wash furniture in a light, ethereal way. These candy-colored hues keep things soft and feminine. Use pastels in your textiles like pillows, rugs and window treatments. Paint or upholster accent furniture in pastel tones against the weathered wood. The muted color harmony is youthful and vintage-inspired.

Pastel Tones Where to Use
Lilac Pillows, blankets, accent chairs
Blush Wall color, curtains, upholstered bench
Mint Area rug, candles, decorative objects

Vibrant Pops of Color

Grey wash furniture provides the perfect neutral backdrop for bold punches of color. Vibrant hues like emerald green, sapphire blue and magenta add lively contrast when used judiciously. Try colorful artwork, patterned area rugs or vividly painted accent walls. You can also mix in brightly colored furniture like orange side chairs or a teal storage ottoman. Just be sure to stick to one vibrant accent color at a time against the grey wood.

Vibrant Colors Where to Use
Sapphire Blue Accent chairs or furniture
Emerald Green Throw pillows, artwork
Sunshine Yellow Area rugs, decorative objects


Grey washed furniture provides a flexible, easygoing foundation for all different color schemes. Light neutrals like white, cream and soft gray create a calm serene look. Blues and greens provide a refreshing, nature-inspired atmosphere. Earth tones like brick red and terracotta add cozy warmth. Black and white make a bold graphic statement. Metallics, pastels and bright colors all liven up the look in different ways. Always sample colors in your space before fully committing to make sure you love the combination with your grey wash pieces. Thoughtfully blending colors with weathered wood furniture will help create a collected, curated look you’ll enjoy for years to come.