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What strain is space sauce?

Space sauce is a mysterious and intriguing new cannabis strain that has recently emerged on the scene. Not much is known about its origins or lineage, but it has quickly developed a cult following among cannabis connoisseurs. This sativa-dominant hybrid strain is renowned for its out-of-this-world cerebral effects and unique terpene profile that smells and tastes like no other weed.

In this article, we’ll explore everything we know so far about the space sauce strain – its likely genetics, reported effects, aroma, appearance, and more. We’ll also look at why it has earned the cosmic “space sauce” name and review some of the best space sauce strain reviews from real users.

Origins and Genetics

The true genetics and parent strains of space sauce remain unknown. This is not particularly surprising given how new and rare this strain still is. Breeders and cultivators tend to keep their proprietary strain genetics closely guarded secrets, especially when initially launching exciting new varieties.

However, there are some educated guesses within the cannabis community about what may have gone into creating space sauce. Many believe it is likely a cross between two Sativa-dominant hybrids that are known for their intense cerebral highs – Sour Diesel and Super Silver Haze. The influence of these twostrains might help explain the intensely trippy, energizing head high Space Sauce is said to deliver.

Plausible as this theory may be, the true parent strains could involve other genetics entirely. More will be revealed about Space Sauce’s background as it becomes more prevalent and breeders disclose more info. For now, its origins remain shrouded in mystery, much like the distant galaxies it is named after.

Effects and High

According to reviewers, Space Sauce lives up to its cosmic name with stratospherically potent effects. Users say this strain delivers a strong initial head rush followed by a euphoric, mood-elevating cerebral high. The turbo-charged Sativa effects offer intense creativity and mental stimulation perfect for problem solving, socializing, or sensory activities like listening to music.

However, the soaring mental journey is nicely balanced with the relaxing body effects typical of hybrid strains. This means users often feel more focused and clear-headed than anxious or overwhelmed. The experience is further enhanced by Space Sauce’s sweet and pungent aroma profile.

Here are some of the effects most commonly reported by Space Sauce strain users:

Positive Effects Negative Effects
  • Cerebral head high
  • Euphoric
  • Uplifting
  • Relaxed
  • Focused
  • Creative
  • Dry mouth
  • Dry eyes
  • Paranoia (rare)
  • Anxiety (in high doses)

The intensely trippy and creative effects make Space Sauce a good choice for activities like:

  • Hanging out or social gatherings
  • Seeing live music or art
  • Brainstorming new ideas
  • Problem-solving
  • Laughing and conversation

Medical cannabis patients also enjoy Space Sauce for relieving symptoms like:

  • Depression
  • Stress
  • Fatigue
  • Chronic pain
  • Headaches
  • Nausea

With its potent and multi-faceted effects, it’s easy to see why Space Sauce already has a stellar reputation and devoted fan base.

Aroma and Flavor

The flavor and aroma profile of Space Sauce sets it apart from all other strains. This exceptional hybrid has a complex mix of sweet fruity scents and tangy, diesel-like notes.

When combusted, the most noticeable aroma is a sharp gassy scent reminiscent of Sour Diesel. There are also more subtle background notes of citrus and tropical fruit. Flavor-wise, it tastes sweet and tangy on the inhale and thentransitions to a diesel spiciness on the exhale.

The smell and taste both have an interesting “saucy” characteristic that likely gives the strain its epic moniker. There are also hints of pine and herbs that round out the alien aroma profile. Overall, smokers agree Space Sauce’s flavor and scent are intriguing and unique while also being very pleasant and appetizing.


Visually, Space Sauce has a classic look reminiscent of many other Sativa-leaning strains. The buds are spear-shaped with a slightly conical structure. The dense, sticky flowers are covered in a visible layer of milky-white trichomes and golden pistils.

Space Sauce’s calyxes have an interesting oblong, pointy shape somewhat reminiscent of chili peppers. The colors are typically light green mixed with copper brown shades, although hues can vary somewhat between phenotypes. Overall the visual appearance is pretty standard, but the colorful pistils and resinous trichomes make for nice bag appeal.

Grow Info

Not much information is available yet about growing the Space Sauce strain. However, based on its probable genetics and Sativa-leaning characteristics, some predictions can be made about its ideal growing conditions. This strain likely thrives best in a warm, sunny outdoor environment or indoor under HPS lights.

Space Sauce’s partial Sativa heritage probably makes it tall in stature with lanky stems and narrow leaves. For indoor cultivation, pruning and training techniques may be needed to control height and maximize yield. The flowering period is likely 9 to 11 weeks indoors. Outdoors, Space Sauce is expected to be ready for harvest sometime in October in the northern hemisphere.

Yields are likely above average thanks to this strain’s rapid growth and Sativa structure. Indoors, growers can expect around 16 to 18 ounces per square meter. Outdoors, plants may yield 20 ounces or more depending on their environment and size. This bountiful strain delivers an ample harvest of cosmic buds with its special flavor and effects.

Overall, Space Sauce’s excellent yield potential and intriguing effects make it a great strain for growers to try out if they can obtain clippings. There will surely be more cultivation info available soon as this unusual strain gains prominence in the cannabis world.

Where to Find Space Sauce Strain

For the time being, Space Sauce remains somewhat hard to come by. As a newly emerged strain, it has yet to proliferate widely across dispensaries, retailers, or online sources. So far there are just a handful of places carrying these out-of-this world buds:

  • West Coast Cannabis Clubs – limited supplies available at select locations
  • Hidden Leaf 4:20 – delivered to Los Angeles area
  • Kushmart – some NorCal and SoCal locations
  • Sticky Guide – arrange delivery in CO, CA, MI, NV regions

Supply is extremely limited, but should increase over time if the strain continues gaining notoriety. Dispensaries and delivery services in legal states across the West Coast will likely be the first to carry Space Sauce if it lives up to the hype.

For those on the East Coast or in prohibition states, it may take some time before Space Sauce migration from west to east. Hopefully breeders ramp up production of seeds and clones to share these celestial buds nationwide. With its outstanding bag appeal and rapport, demand is sky high for this intriguing strain.

Reviews from Users

While scarce, Space Sauce has already garnered impressive user reviews highlighting its novelty and potency. Early adopters and cannabis reviewers praise its aesthetic appeal as well as knockout effects. Here’s a sampling of positive Space Sauce strain reviews:

Reviewer Comment
StonerGirl420 “Space Sauce gave me the wildest trip! It blasted me to outer space before bringing me back down to a calm, relaxed vibe. And it smelled and tasted like nothing else with a weird fruity, saucy scent. 10/10 will buy again!”
WeedBro18 “I’ve tried a lot of strains but Space Sauce is definitely one of the most unique. Crazy complex aroma and the high is just insane. Expensive but worth splurging for a special cosmic flight.”
KushKween “Absolute fire! I can’t get enough of this Space Sauce. Perfect mood enhancer strain with a long-lasting euphoric high. The taste reminds me of gassy oranges or something – wild!”

These glowing reviews highlight why so many cannabis connoisseurs are eager to try Space Sauce. It offers an extraterrestrial experience in both flavor and effects that users say is a cut above the rest. As stocks become more available, this could easily become a legendary staple strain.


As an exceptionally rare new strain, Space Sauce commands premium prices from the select retailers able to offer it. Expect to pay between $50 and $60USD per eighth ounce. Quarters may go for $90 to $120, and ounces around $180 to $240.

These high prices reflect both the strain’s novelty and the low supply currently circulating. However, if availability expands over time as expected, costs could gradually come down. For now, sample Space Sauce only if your budget allows – it’s probably worth the splurge for a special occasion!


Space Sauce is an intriguing new Sativa-leaning hybrid bursting onto the cannabis scene in recent months. Its origins are unknown but likely involve crossing elite Sativa strains like Sour Diesel and Super Silver Haze. The out-of-this-world flavor and effects profile live up to its cosmic name according to early reviews. Users praise Space Sauce for its sharp gassy citrus scent and dreamy, euphoric mental high perfect for creativity and sensory activities.

While rare for now, Space Sauce has the potential to blast off and become a staple strain if supplies continue growing to meet demand. Novice and veteran cannabis lovers alike may want to sample these special buds straight from the stars, as long as the sky-high price isn’t an issue. Just be ready to get launched into orbit!