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Is there an app for nail polish color?

With the rise of smartphones and mobile apps, there are now apps for just about everything imaginable. From food delivery to ride sharing to fitness tracking, apps have become integral to our daily lives. But what about when it comes to beauty – specifically nail polish? Is there an app that can help you coordinate nail polish colors or even virtually “try on” different polishes before buying them? Let’s explore some of the options.

Apps to Coordinate Nail Polish Colors

One of the biggest challenges when it comes to painting your nails is figuring out which colors go well together. There are a few apps available to help with this:

  • Nail Polish Color Palette Helper – This app has a database of over 5,000 nail polish colors. You can search by brand or color family. It will then generate coordinated palettes based on the colors you select.
  • Nail Swag – Similar to the previous app, Nail Swag has a large database of polish colors. You can generate color palettes, browse popular combinations, and even generate matching outfit ideas.
  • Paint Pal – Instead of starting with polish colors, Paint Pal allows you to upload a photo and it will detect the prominent colors and suggest coordinating shades. This is helpful for matching your nails to your outfit.

These types of apps take the guesswork out of putting together attractive nail color combinations. They are great for inspiration and for when you want a coordinated, polished look.

Virtual Nail Polish Try-On Apps

In addition to color coordination apps, there are also now a few virtual try-on apps that let you see what different nail polish colors will look like on you before purchasing:

  • L’Oreal Nail Polish Try On – One of the most robust nail polish try-on apps, L’Oreal uses augmented reality and a hand-tracking algorithm to apply virtual nail polish. The app has the entire L’Oreal nail color catalogue.
  • Maybelline Nail Art Try On – Similar to L’Oreal’s app, Maybelline uses AR to let you try on colors from their brand. They also have some nail art designs you can virtually apply.
  • Sally Hansen Virtual Nail Polish Try On – Upload a photo of your hand and the Sally Hansen app will digitally paint your nails with your choice of over 300 colors. You can zoom in, rotate your hand, and even share your virtual manicure.

With these apps, you don’t have to wonder how a polish will look anymore. You can essentially “paint” your nails with different colors and finishes before going to the store. It takes the guesswork out of shade selection.

Nail Art Design Apps

Beyond color selection help, there are also apps focused on nail art and design:

  • Nail Art Ideas – This app provides tutorials and instructions for hundreds of nail art designs. Great for inspiration and step-by-step help.
  • Salon Nail Art Designs – Similar to the previous app, Salon Nail Art Designs has a large gallery of nail art with instructions. You can browse by occasion, color, or nail shape.
  • Nail Polish Art – In addition to art inspiration, Nail Polish Art also allows you to upload a photo of your nails orhands and virtually add different designs. Has overlays for flowers, glitter, rhinestones, and more.

These apps provide endless inspiration and instructions for taking your manicure to the next level. They make it easy to find beautiful designs you might not think of on your own.

Apps to Track Your Manicures

Lastly, there are a couple helpful apps for tracking your manicures and coordinating salon appointments:

  • Maniology – This app lets you log your manicures with info on colors and techniques used. You can also log salon appointments and get reminders when it’s time for your next visit.
  • NailSense – Great for keeping a history of your manicures and nail art. Also includes polish reviews and wishlists.
  • Lacquer Log – A simple app for logging your manicures. Has a calendar view to easily see past and upcoming appointments and colors.

These types of apps are handy for keeping track of what you’ve done and when you’re due for your next manicure. The logging features help prevent you from forgetting color combinations or techniques you want to recreate.


In summary, there are apps available to help with just about every aspect of nails from color coordination, to virtual try-on, nail art inspiration, and appointment tracking. Here’s a quick recap of some of the best apps in each category:

Category Top Apps
Color Coordination Nail Polish Color Palette Helper, Nail Swag, Paint Pal
Virtual Try-On L’Oreal Nail Polish Try On, Maybelline Nail Art Try On, Sally Hansen Virtual Nail Polish Try On
Nail Art Designs Nail Art Ideas, Salon Nail Art Designs, Nail Polish Art
Manicure Tracking Maniology, NailSense, Lacquer Log

While nothing can quite compare to trying on polishes in real life, these apps provide a lot of value. They make selecting and coordinating nail polish colors much easier. They also provide endless inspiration for nail art designs. So whether you’re a nail polish novice or pro, there is likely a handy app tool for you. With the swipe of a finger, you can find the perfect polish and manicure ideas.