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What starts with S and is yellow?

What starts with S and is yellow?

There are a number of things that start with the letter S and are yellow in color. To answer this question fully, we need to consider common objects, foods, animals, and other things that meet these criteria. In this article, we will explore various possibilities and provide examples to illustrate the range of things starting with S that can be yellow.

Common Yellow S Things

Here are some everyday objects, foods, and other items that start with S and are yellow:


One of the most common examples is the sunflower. Sunflowers are bright yellow flowers that thrive in full sun exposure. They are identifiable by their large flower heads containing hundreds of small flowers and their broad, coarse leaves that can grow over 1 foot long. Sunflower seeds and sunflower oil are popular food products derived from these cheery yellow blooms.

School Bus

School buses in many parts of the world are painted a distinctive yellow color. This vibrant yellow helps increase visibility and safety for school children being transported on these buses. School bus yellow is specially formulated to be noticed in daylight conditions.


While sponges come in many colors, a common kitchen sponge color is yellow. The porous yellow sponge soaks up water easily to help with washing and cleaning tasks.


Starfruit is an exotic yellow fruit that grows in tropical regions. When sliced, this sweet and sour fruit reveals a star-shaped pattern. It is also known as carambola. The skin of ripe starfruit ranges from bright yellow to pale yellow.


Summer squash varieties like yellow crookneck squash and straightneck squash turn vibrant yellow when ripe and ready to eat. Yellow squash has a tender texture and mild sweet flavor.

School Bus

Many school buses servicing schools and school districts are painted a bright golden yellow color to make them highly visible. This yellow helps keep children safer as they commute to school.


Sponges are commonly seen in a bright yellow color. Kitchen sponges in particular often come in a yellow hue to brighten sinks and countertops.


A popular clothing item, sweatshirts come in all colors. A bright yellow sweatshirt is an energetic style choice.


The sun, being the closest star to earth appears yellow. This yellow sunlight helps plants grow through photosynthesis.


While white sand is more common, some beaches around the world have yellow sand. This comes from a higher iron content in the sand.

School Bus

In North America, school buses are painted a specific shade of yellow called “school bus yellow”. This bright color helps increase visibility of the buses carrying school children.


Kitchen sponges are often available in a bright, golden yellow color. This yellow sponge is useful for many cleaning tasks.

Sticky Note

A staple of office supplies, sticky notes come in bright colors like yellow for easy visibility. The yellow sticky note is the original sticky note first introduced in 1980.


Many popular sunglass styles and brands come in yellow lens or frame options. Yellow sunglass lenses can enhance contrast while reducing glare.


Yellow sweatshirts are a comfortable and casual fashion choice. Colleges, brands, and sports teams often use yellow sweatshirts for their spiritwear.

Sunflower Seeds

The edible seeds found in the center of sunflowers are green on the inside but have a yellow/beige shell. Sunflower seeds are popular for snacking and in trail mixes.

School Bus

In order to be easily spotted, school buses servicing schools are painted a bright golden yellow. This helps keep students safer as they commute.


Kitchen and cleaning sponges commonly come in bright yellow. This color helps them stand out when cleaning dishes and surfaces.

Sticky Notes

Sticky notes are available in a variety of neon colors like yellow for high visibility. Yellow sticky notes help organize tasks and notes.


A cozy garment, sweatshirts are produced in many color options including yellow. Yellow sweatshirts pair well with jeans.


The bright yellow sunflower is native to North America and known for its large flower heads. Sunflower oil and seeds are popular food products.

School Bus

In order to increase visibility, school buses in most countries are painted a specific yellow. This helps keep students safe as they commute.


Kitchen sponges commonly come in a bright golden yellow color. The yellow sponge is useful for washing dishes.

Sticky Notes

Sticky notes come in neon colors like yellow for high visibility. Yellow sticky notes are effective for jotting down reminders.


A comfortable casual garment, sweatshirts come in many colors including yellow. Yellow sweatshirts pair well with denim.

Sunflower Seeds

The edible seeds found in sunflower heads have a yellow/beige shell. Sunflower seeds are popular snack foods.

Animals with Yellow fur/skin that start with S

In the animal kingdom, several species with yellow as a primary fur or skin color also have names starting with S. Here are some examples:

Animal Description
Sun Bear The sun bear is a small bear species found in tropical forests in Southeast Asia. They have short, smooth yellow/orange fur.
Sulphur-crested Cockatoo This cockatoo species has predominantly white plumage with bright yellow crest feathers on top of head.
Snake – Yellow Anaconda One of the largest snake species, yellow anacondas have a yellowish-green body color with black oval spots.
Spider – Golden Silk Orb-weaver This spider species spins large golden-yellow colored webs up to 2 meters wide.
Snail – Amber Snail A land snail species with a translucent amber-yellow shell found in woodland habitats.

Sports Teams & Brand Mascots that are Yellow & Start with S

Several pro sports franchises and popular brands use yellow in their team colors and mascots starting with S:

Team/Brand Mascot Description
Pittsburgh Steelers (NFL) Logo and merchandise feature bright yellow helmets.
Boston Bruins (NHL) Jerseys feature yellow spokes on front. Mascot is yellow bear named Blades.
St. Louis Blues (NHL) Logo includes a yellow music note and yellow represents the blue note music history of the city.
Snapchat Popular app icon is a white ghost on yellow background.
Subway Logo and branding uses vibrant yellow paired with green.

Other Miscellaneous Examples

Beyond the categories above, there are a few other interesting examples of things starting with S that can be yellow:


Traffic signs and safety signs like pedestrian crossing signs and construction warning signs use yellow background colors paired with black text/symbols to grab attention.

School Supplies

Pencils, highlighters, folders, glue sticks, and other school supplies commonly come in yellow shades. Brands like Crayola feature yellow prominently.


Sailboats can have yellow sails or yellow hulls. Yellow sails tend to stand out boldly.

Superhero – Yellowjacket

In Marvel comics, Yellowjacket is the superhero alias used by Hank Pym. The costume is black and yellow.


Many military submarines use a yellow exterior color for visibility when surfaced. This yellow also provides camouflage in some ocean environments.


In summary, many common objects, animals, brands, and miscellaneous things begin with the letter S and feature the color yellow prominently. Yellow is a bright, cheerful color that stands out and attracts attention. Things like school buses, sunflowers, sports franchises, signs, and even submarines utilize yellow in their design to be easily seen. So next time you come across something yellow, take note if its name also starts with S!