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What is the power of blue candles?

What is the power of blue candles?

Blue candles have long been associated with spirituality, intuition, and healing. The blue color is thought to represent wisdom, calmness, and truth. When burned, blue candles are believed by some to have mystical properties that can be harnessed for a variety of purposes. In this article, we will explore the meaning and purported powers of blue candles.

The Symbolism of Blue

Blue is a cool, calming color that has often been associated with spiritual matters. In many cultures and traditions, the color blue represents:

  • Wisdom
  • Truth
  • Tranquility
  • Loyalty
  • Peace
  • Protection

It makes sense then that blue candles specifically would be connected to meditation, intuition, and psychic abilities. The blue color is thought to bring these qualities into our energy fields and enhance our connection with spiritual realms.

Blue Candle Uses and Meaning

Here are some of the common uses and symbolic meanings for blue candles:

Meditation and Intuition

Blue candles can be lit during meditation, intuition exercises, or psychic work to amplify these capabilities. The blue light has a peaceful, centering effect on the mind and spirit. You can gaze into the blue flame as you reflect internally or focus on a question you need answered. The blue magnifies your third eye vision.

Wisdom and Truth

When you have an important decision to make or need clarity on a situation, blue candles can help invoke inner wisdom, insight, and truth. The blue vibration helps cut through any mental fog and brings an honest perspective. Light a blue candle as you contemplate an issue to gain clear-minded understanding.

Protection and Peace

In magical practices, blue candles are burned to foster protection and peace. The blue light is soothing and protective energy. You can light blue candles in your home to ward off negative energy and restore peaceful vibrations. It also protects against nightmares when burned in the bedroom.


The blue color ray enhances communication between our higher intuitive self and earthly knowledge. Blue candles can be used when you want to strengthen communication, especially with spirit guides or angels.


Blue’s soothing energy has a healing effect on body and mind. Blue candles are commonly used in healing rituals, to cleanse auras, open energy pathways, and bring positive energy to medical procedures. The blue vibration supports healing on all levels.

Calm Emotions

If you are feeling anxious, overwhelmed, or emotionally charged, a blue candle can restore calm and clarity. The peaceful flame has a centering effect on tumultuous emotions and allows a more rational perspective to emerge. Use a blue candle when you need to unwind and release stress.

Burning Blue Candles in Spiritual Practice

Here are some tips for effectively using blue candles in your spiritual rituals and intentions:

  • Choose a natural wax candle to enhance energetic resonance.
  • Carve symbols, words, or intentions into the wax to focus energy.
  • Dress the candle with oils to amplify specific goals.
  • Light the candle at the same time each day to build a ritual.
  • Intone prayers, chants, or affirmations while the candle burns.
  • Let the candle burn completely to fully release the intention.
  • Use candle holders that amplify the blue color.

Pair blue candles with complementary stones like lapis lazuli, blue calcite or sapphire to enhance the candle magic. You can also use blue candles together with white candles to creates a powerful combination.

Examples of Blue Candle Magic

Here are some examples of specific goals that can be supported with blue candle magic:

Success Candle Spell

Carve symbols for success like a star or dollar sign into a blue candle. Dress it with cinnamon oil. Light the candle daily while visualizing your success and saying affirmations.

Wisdom and Clarity Candle Ritual

Write your confusing situation or question on paper. Place the paper beneath a blue candle dressed with eucalyptus oil. Meditate on the flame for clarity.

Psychic Enhancement Spell

Anoint a blue candle with third eye oil before meditation or divination work. Light the candle to amplify your psychic abilities.

Protection Candle Magic

Carve protection runes into a blue candle. Burn it in each room of your home to cleanse the space and ward off negativity. Say a prayer of protection while it burns.

Peaceful Sleep Ritual

Light a blue candle dressed with chamomile oil in your bedroom before sleep. Let it burn for 10 minutes while envisioning a tranquil blue light surrounding your space.

Grief Healing Spell

Write your grief intentions on paper, fold it toward you, and place under a blue candle dressed with healing oil. Light the candle daily until it burns down, releasing the grief with the smoke.


Blue candles have an energetic resonance and mystical symbolism that makes them ideal for spiritual work. The blue color vibration enhances wisdom, calm, communication, protection, healing, and intuition when harnessed through focused intention and ritual. Burning blue candles can amplify your access to higher guidance, restore inner peace, support magical goals, and deepen your metaphysical practices. With an understanding of the meaning behind blue and focused intention, blue candle magic can be a powerful ally.