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What skin tone suits chestnut brown hair?

With its rich and warm brown hues, chestnut brown hair is a beautiful and versatile hair color that can complement a variety of skin tones. When choosing the right skin tone for chestnut brown hair, it’s important to consider your complexion’s undertones as well as the depth and dimension of the chestnut shade you’ve selected. By thoughtfully pairing your chestnut tresses with a skin tone that enhances its multi-dimensional color, you can create a very flattering and harmonious look.

Skin Tones for Light Chestnut Brown Hair

If your chestnut brown hair is on the lighter end of the spectrum with warm golden highlights, you’ll want to choose a skin tone that picks up on those sunny tones. Light chestnut brown hair with golden tones will look best with skin that has peach, yellow, or golden undertones. Skin tones that lean very pink or very olive may clash with the warmth of light chestnut locks.

Fair skin with warm golden undertones is perfectly complemented by light chestnut brown hair. The richness of the chestnut and gold pairs beautifully with fair skin that has a luminous glow. Light chestnut brown can also look very pretty with light beige skin tones that have a warm golden hue. This creates a harmonious pairing where the chestnut brown and golden highlights interplay with the warm peach and yellow tones of the beige skin.

Medium warm skin tones like light tan or light olive skin can also be quite flattering with golden light chestnut hair. The warmth of the skin tone brings out the sunny chestnut and gold highlights for a vibrant look. An overall harmony is created between the golden chestnut locks and the warm glow of the medium tan or olive skin.

Skin Tones for Medium Chestnut Brown Hair

Medium chestnut brown hair with red and bronze highlights calls for skin tones that can pick up on those spicy undertones. Skin with rosy or terra-cotta tones will bring out the dimensional colors of medium chestnut hair for a truly complementary pairing.

Fair and medium skin with pink, rosy, or ruddy undertones looks beautiful with medium chestnut brown hair. The red tones in the chestnut hair are accentuated against the rosy glow of the fair skin. Medium skin with terra-cotta undertones also complements and enhances the red and bronze highlights of medium chestnut brown locks. The earthy hue of the terra-cotta skin really makes those dimensional chestnut tones pop.

Skin tones on the medium tan to brown spectrum also pair well with medium chestnut hair if they have warm rosy or terra-cotta undertones. The redness or earthiness in the skin keeps the combination from looking too high-contrast while still bringing out the red and bronze notes in the chestnut shade.

Skin Tones for Dark Chestnut Brown Hair

For dark chestnut brown hair with espresso, cocoa, and blackish-brown tones, skin that offers some contrast is ideal. Pairing rich dark chestnut hair with very fair or very deep skin can create a striking and elegant color contrast.

Porcelain skin with cool pinkish undertones makes an absolutely stunning match for dark chestnut brown hair. The luminosity and coolness of the fair skin plays beautifully against the dark espresso tones of the hair. Dark chestnut against porcelain skin creates an eye-catching yet classy color pairing.

On the other end of the spectrum, women with deeply saturated warm brown skin tones can also look very striking with dark chestnut locks. The vividness and darkness of the brown skin forms an elegant contrast against the multidimensional tones of dark chestnut hair. This is a very sophisticated color combination.

Skin tones in the light to medium range are not the most ideal matches for dark chestnut hair. The colors end up looking somewhat muddled together. But if you have your heart set on dark chestnut hair with a light to medium skin tone, look for skin with cooler pink undertones rather than warm yellow tones for the most harmony.

How to Find Your Skin’s Undertone

Determining whether your skin leans warm, cool, or neutral can help you identify which category of skin tones will pair best with your chestnut hair. Here are some ways to tell if your skin is warm, cool, or neutral-toned:

  • Warm skin: Yellow, peach, golden undertones. Tans easily. Veins look green.
  • Cool skin: Pink, red, bluish undertones. Burns easily. Veins look blue.
  • Neutral skin: No strong undertones. Tans moderately. Veins are blue and green.

You can also drape different colored fabrics against your face in natural lighting and see which most enhances your complexion – jewel tones for cool skin, earth tones for warm skin, or both for neutral.

Complementary Makeup and Clothing Colors

Choosing flattering makeup and clothing colors is an important way to create color synergy with your chestnut brown hair. Here are some recommended colors for different skin tone pairings:

Skin Tone Complementary Makeup Colors Complementary Clothing Colors
Fair, Pink Plums, roses, berries Emerald, sapphire, magenta
Fair, Warm Golden Peaches, golds, terracotta Coral, olive, mustard
Medium, Terra-cotta Reds, coppers, browns Teal, eggplant, rust
Medium-Dark, Olive Bronze, mocha, chestnut Turquoise, violet, forest green
Dark, Cool Berry, plum, wine Emerald, royal blue, fuchsia
Dark, Warm Gold, cocoa, espresso Camel, burnt orange, crimson

Hair Care for Different Chestnut Brown Shades

Caring for your chestnut brown locks will help keep them looking glossy and vibrant. Use hair products formulated for your particular shade of brown hair. Here are some tips:

  • Light chestnut brown: Use gold or honey-toned shampoos and conditioners to maintain vibrancy. Chestnut brown can fade brassy, so use purple toning products as needed.
  • Medium chestnut brown: Look for color-protecting shampoos for brunettes that have red or auburn tones. Use weekly conditioning masks to boost shine.
  • Dark chestnut brown: Choose shampoos and conditioners that are sulfate-free and made for dark brown to black hair. Deep condition weekly to prevent dryness.

Regardless of your specific chestnut shade, limit heat styling to keep your hair healthy and avoid fading. Always use heat protectant sprays when heat styling.


With its rich, dimensional brown hues, chestnut hair offers a versatile palette that can be beautifully paired with a wide variety of skin tones. Light chestnut brown hair looks stunning with fair, peach and golden skin or medium warm complexions. Medium chestnut pairs perfectly with rosy fair skin or terra-cotta toned medium skin. Dark chestnut creates an elegant contrast on very fair or very deep skin. Consider your skin’s undertones, enhance your chestnut color with complementary makeup and clothing, and care for your chestnut strands. With the right skin tone match, your chestnut hair is sure to wow.