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What color was the Chiefs Gatorade shower?

The Gatorade shower has become a tradition in American sports for championship-winning teams. As soon as the final whistle blows and victory is secured, the head coach often gets doused in a rainbow tidal wave of icy sports drink by his jubilant players. It’s a moment of celebration that fans have come to expect and look forward to.

In the NFL, no team has perfected the art of the Gatorade shower more than the Kansas City Chiefs. Under head coach Andy Reid, the Chiefs have made a habit of drenching their coach in Gatorade after big wins. But what color Gatorade do the Chiefs use for their showers? Let’s take a look back and find out.

Andy Reid’s First Super Bowl Win – Super Bowl LIV

The first Super Bowl win in Chiefs history came in Super Bowl LIV on February 2, 2020. After 50 years of waiting, the Chiefs defeated the San Francisco 49ers 31-20, finally giving Andy Reid his first ring as a head coach. The Gatorade shower was orange – a nod to the Chiefs’ colors. Defensive tackle Chris Jones did the honors, dumping the entire cooler over a beaming Andy Reid.

AFC Championship Victories

On the path to their Super Bowl win, the Chiefs doused Reid in orange Gatorade two weeks earlier after winning the AFC Championship over the Tennessee Titans 35-24. The year before in the 2019 AFC Championship, it was blue Gatorade being poured on Reid after the Chiefs beat the New England Patriots 37-31 in overtime. Blue was an interesting choice considering the Patriots’ colors.

Year Game Result Gatorade Color
2020 Super Bowl LIV Win vs. 49ers Orange
2020 AFC Championship Win vs. Titans Orange
2019 AFC Championship Win vs. Patriots Blue

Super Bowl LV Win

The Chiefs returned to the Super Bowl the very next season in 2021, facing off against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Super Bowl LV. This time Reid got the orange Gatorade shower as the final seconds ticked off the clock. The Chiefs may have lost 31-9, but the Gatorade tradition carried on.

2022 AFC Championship

Most recently, in the 2022 AFC Championship, Reid got doused in orange Gatorade yet again after the Chiefs dramatic 23-20 comeback win over the Cincinnati Bengals. The Chiefs punched their ticket to Super Bowl LVII where they will face the Philadelphia Eagles.

Gatorade Flavor Breakdown

Let’s summarize the key Gatorade shower moments for Andy Reid and the Chiefs:

Orange Blue
  • Super Bowl LIV
  • 2020 AFC Championship
  • Super Bowl LV
  • 2022 AFC Championship
  • 2019 AFC Championship

As you can see, orange Gatorade has clearly been the flavor of choice for the Chiefs’ championship celebrations under Andy Reid. They’ve used it for all of their AFC Championship wins and both Super Bowl appearances during Reid’s tenure. The only exception was the 2019 AFC Championship when they curiously chose blue Gatorade instead.

Why Orange?

So why do the Chiefs overwhelmingly prefer orange Gatorade for their cooler dumps? There’s likely a few reasons:

  • Orange is one of the Chiefs’ main team colors along with red. It’s a natural fit.
  • Orange Gatorade is one of the original and most popular flavors. It’s a classic choice.
  • The vibrant orange color shows up great on TV and photographs well.
  • Pouring orange liquid over Reid’s bright red Chiefs headset creates a colorful visual.

While other teams may mix up the Gatorade flavor, the Chiefs clearly found their staple with orange. And Andy Reid doesn’t seem to mind one bit, often reveling in the moment with a huge smile.

Will History Repeat Itself?

Super Bowl LVII is right around the corner as the Chiefs get set to face off against the Eagles. If Kansas City wins their second championship in four years, will it be another orange shower for Andy Reid?

Based on the history, orange Gatorade is the heavy favorite. But perhaps they’ll mix it up this time and go with red instead. The red colorrush uniforms are making a comeback for the big game, so why not red Gatorade to match?

One thing is fairly certain – if the Chiefs win it all, Reid is getting doused in something. An orange shower would cement the tradition, but a new color would create a fresh memory.

Andy Reid has already expressed his intention to coach beyond his current contract which runs through 2025. So win or lose, there will likely be more Gatorade showers in his future. Chiefs Kingdom eagerly awaits each one.


The Gatorade shower is the ultimate symbol of championship euphoria. For Andy Reid and the Kansas City Chiefs, orange has been the flavor that keeps the good times flowing. Whether or not they stick with the orange tradition, you can bet the Chiefs will be spraying their coach with some type of sports drink if they hoist the Lombardi Trophy again soon. Reid wouldn’t have it any other way.