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What shoes go best with orange?

What shoes go best with orange?

Orange is a bold, bright, and vibrant color that can make a statement in any outfit. Pairing the right shoes with orange clothing or accessories can pull a look together or create a stylish color-blocked aesthetic. However, picking shoes to match orange outfits can also go horribly wrong if the shades and styles don’t align properly. So what are the best shoe options for orange ensembles?

Go for complementary colors

A foolproof way to pick shoes for orange clothes is to use colors that naturally complement orange on the color wheel. These include shades of blue, green, brown, and neutrals like white, black, gray, and tan. For example, a rich teal or royal blue shoe would look fantastic with an orange top or dress. Forest green, olive, khaki, or nude shoes would also seamlessly match orange pieces.

Try metallics

Metallic shoes are a great way to elevate an orange outfit. The sheen of silver, gold, bronze, rose gold, or copper footwear pairs beautifully with bright orange hues. Metallics add shine and a touch of glam to casual orange looks. For dressier occasions, metallic heels, wedges, or flats can create an elegant finish for orange cocktail dresses and formalwear.

Go monochrome

Another easy option is to wear orange shoes in a similar or slightly different shade than your clothing. Monochrome orange outfits make a bold fashion statement. Try pairing a burnt orange sweater with bright pumpkin-colored shoes. Or match a coral top with muted terra cotta heels. Just be sure the orange tones complement each other rather than clashing.

Use neutrals

For a more understated look, neutral-colored shoes work well with orange outfits. White, black, beige, tan, or gray footwear combines easily with orange in both formal and casual settings. Neutrals create a clean, simple aesthetic that lets the orange clothing pop. Consider open-toed black heels with an orange cocktail dress or white sneakers with orange shorts and a t-shirt.

Play with patterns

vibrant patterns like florals, stripes, plaids, animal prints, and polka dots pair creatively with orange clothing or accessories. Patterned footwear adds visual interest and a clash of colors and textures. For example, floral print wedges, houndstooth loafers, striped heels, or leopard ballet flats can accent orange in edgy, eclectic ways.

Match shades properly

With orange, the shade and tone you choose for your shoes will impact the overall look. Lighter, softer oranges like peach, coral, melon, and apricot work best with equally soft-colored shoes. Pastel pinks, minty greens, light tans, and nudes create harmonious pairings. Bright blood orange, rust, pumpkin, and burnt orange shades look better with bold metallic, black, or white footwear.

Consider occasion and season

The occasion and season should steer your choice in orange shoe pairings. Warmer weather calls for open-toed heels, wedges, sandals, mules, or espadrilles in colors that pop against orange. During colder months, closed-toe oxfords, loafers, booties, and knee-high boots in darker neutrals and metallics balance out orange coats, sweaters, and accessories.

Dress codes matter

Dress codes provide guidance for shoe choices with orange outfits too. Black, brown, gray, and nude heels, oxfords, flats, and loafers align with formal office dress codes. Casual open-toed wedges, flatforms, and sneakers work for informal offices. Flashier metallic, bright, and pastel shoes suit after-work happy hours and weekends.

Try textured options

Textured shoes like snake print booties, suede wedges, patent leather flats, or metallic leather loafers create depth when paired with orange. Textures like leather, suede, canvas, mesh, and nubuck contrast beautifully with matte, smooth, or shiny orange fabrics. Texture adds tactile interest and brings out orange’s vibrancy.

Consider orange shoe colors

Here are some top shoe colors that work well with different shades of orange:

Orange Shade Complementary Shoe Colors
Peach Soft pink, cream, beige, white, silver
Coral Mint, tan, gold, yellow
Salmon Navy, black, gray, brown
Melon Denim blue, olive, khaki
Rust Purple, burgundy, red, nude
Terracotta Navy, forest green, metallic
Pumpkin Royal blue, teal, bronze
Burnt Orange Gray, charcoal, black


In summary, the most flattering and versatile shoe pairings with orange clothing include complementary colors like blue, green, brown, black, white, silver, and gold. Neutral nudes and metallics create versatile options for casual and formal orange looks. Patterned or textured shoes add depth, while proper color matching avoids clashing. Consider the occasion and dress code when finalizing shoe choices. With smart pairings, orange outfits and shoes can look incredibly chic.